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There is more to the netmap name "Rest in Pieces" then you would think.


A very perceptive reader, Tribunal, [HEH! goes to show you how things change. Trib later joined up with us and took over the Legends section of the site for several months. Now he is off chopping down great red wood trees in Canada somewhere] sent in this shot captured from the RIP multiplayer map. Do you see the thrall lying down on the ridge outlined in red?

If you think about the name, Rest in Pieces, this easter egg makes a little more sense. Perhaps he is missing an arm and a leg and most likely has the rest of his body resting on another hill somewhere else on the map.

This makes you start to wonder what other treats are hidden on the image map that covers the mesh of each map. Keep your eyes open for more like this one.

Don't hurt yourself, but if you look hard and keep an open mind while scouring "Creep on the Borderland" you can see hephelumps and weazels (?).

In the north east quadrant of Creep you can see an elephant's head. His trunk is raised and if you look a bit closer at the top edge of the map it looks like he is spraying water.

Thanks to Connacht of the Fianna Warriors Clan for this interesting little piece of imagination.

The Netmap we never saw...

Here are two screenshots Bungie distributed with the early Myth press releases. Note the significant changes the status bar went through. I bet Bungie has other maps that didn't make it into the game either This particular one looks almost Mudpit massacre-ish.

Written and compiled by Joshstar and poena.dare.

Found anything we've missed? Got a theory that fits? Have a correction to make?
Please post it in The Asylum so others can add their ideas and thoughts.

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