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Myth TFL:
A Long Awaited Party
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Across the Gjol

THE ROAD NORTH This is level nineteen of
   Myth: The Fallen Lords.
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The only things of any interest on this level is that the blood trail has several possible paths, and the bow at it's end is relocated accordingly. These seem to be randomly chosen from when the level starts. The other thing is that there are several unimplemented sounds, such as "I think he crossed the river here," and "Grab the Bow!" which lead me to think this level used to be heavier on scripting, or was planned to be (perhaps one archer was to be your guide).

An interview with Jay Barry was held at Bungie Sightings on February 9th 2003. Jay was a level designer on Myth: The Fallen Lords but left Bungie before Myth II was shipped. Here's what he had to say about The Road North:

The idea I had originally mostly came through at the end - tracking a wounded guy via a blood trail. The darkness of the ground made it hard, and I actually got yelled at about it by a red-green colorblind beta tester. However, I thought it was an interesting idea. Of course, once you get the magic bow its not too hard.

I don't see why he didn't just make the blood a luminous yellow colour. I suppose the player might have then assumed the trail was the wake left by a troope of wight herders. Damn beta-testers, ruining all the best parts.

Myth TFL:
A Long Awaited Party
Index Myth TFL:
Across the Gjol

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