News Archive for July 2002

Tuesday July 30th

Bad news for The Mill { Gholsbane }

I just had a short two second chat with Randall "Frigidman" Shaw, the man behind the Fileball Network. As a result, I gathered from him that the Network will be back up soon.

However, he also told me that The Mill would not be an integral cog in the functioning whole. This is because the bandwidth feeding the soon to be reincarnated network will not allow for multiple downloads of large files for long periods of time.

This is a great loss to the Myth community but just be thankful that Fm provided the service for so long. Mr. Shaw, we salute you.

Sunday July 28th

Mythmaster Central Update { Zandervix }

This week 8 new films were added to the kitty. Check out Smasher's "OMG, you killed Kenny...Sweet!" on the level "The Deciever." In it, he does an excellent job at using the AI units against each other, and comes out of it with no damage!

Also, check out Darksword's "Slaughter at Covenant". He makes it through the level with all his units, then is able to kill them all and still registers as no casualties!

As for the other 6 films this week, 5 of them are mine from SB, and the last one is "Zandervix's Journey" from Myth III's "Journey to Llancarfan." Enjoy!

Pick of the Week... { Zandervix }

This week's pick is the Sons of Myrgard site. A glimpse of Myth long past, this site's last real update was April 1998. The site has some good walkthroughs and info about TFL, so go check it out, and relive the past!

Monday SB Maps on Marius { Zandervix }

Monday night is SB night on MariusNet. The featured maps this week are:


Shuffle (v1.0)

Play Nice, People! { Zandervix }

Yesterday, a post over at PlayMyth entitled "Should we just stop enforcing all rules?" was posted to the site's newspage. Here's the beef:

Considering recent events and such, maybe the admins should just stop enforcing the rules altogether, allow dummy accounts, boot anyone for whatever reason, cheat, speed hack, crash hosts/rooms.

Lord knows some of you guys are making this harder than it needs to be. You break the rules, then start flames in our forums about our actions. ***** about us "killing Myth" "being mariusnet" "nazis" and such.

Would you all be happier if we just didn't give a rat's ass if pinoys and cops were still around, the current celest had 6 dummy accounts to bash for points? Sure seems that way.

If you came here to post a flame or argue about being blammed, don't bother. Those posts are being moved out of public perusal. Use the appropriate email address and discuss it with us. or

Want to enjoy myth? play myth. heed the rule's spirit. don't do the crime if you can't do the time.
I just want to add to this rant a little bit. A lot of people put out a lot of time and money on servers, file archives, forums, etc... that you don't have to pay for. You get to use them for free. So then, why are there so many complaints about various things? Rules are set, and as long as somebody else is footing the bill and using their own time, then we should just be content. I would much rather have a PlayMyth and a MariusNet to play on than no server at all. If there's something that I don't like about it, maybe I'll make a SUGGESTION; But I'll never flame or excessively whine about it. I don't have the money or knowledge to set up my own, and I'm happy someone has provided this stuff for me. If you don't like it, you should make your own @$%#& server or whatnot. So "Quit yer' Bitchin,'" and let's just play nice. And to quote Forrest, "It's my forum, you just post on it." - Zan

Friday July 26th

Field Guide Addition { Gholsbane }

I've finally managed to add Pyro's easter egg to the Field Guide. Find it in the With Friends Like These entry.

Thursday July 25th

Fan Fiction Page Update { Gholsbane }

Seraph has written the first three parts of his Saga of Valour fan fiction piece and sent them in for addition to the site.

Chek them out in Journal Fiction.

Wednesday July 24th

Is 'The Mill' Teasing Us? { Zandervix }

Everyday, in a vain hope that the site is back up, I check on The Mill. And everday it says "Coming Soon." Almost two months go by, and the same thing. Add to that the rumors of The Mill's permanent shut-down, and it seems like it's never coming back.

Well sir, today, as I checked the site, only one thing has changed. Now the news says "T minus 5 Days." Does this mean The Mill is coming back? I guess we'll know in 5 days.

Another Server?!?! { Zandervix }

This came across the M.B.O. news-desk today:

Have the skills but not the money?

Here at ( until the domain name propagates in a few days) We have access to powerful dedicated servers. But we are in need of some people with mad skills, a love for all things myth and some free time.

We are looking for some people to join our team, whose goal is to put together a very nice myth II gaming server. Who ever joins is welcome to stay on the team as long as they like with the level of their commitment up to them. We can't pay anyone, but as jester of thanks we can even give some free hosting (from to whom ever helps out.

If you want to help out just drop me a line at Let me know about your self, your skills, and how much time you can give etc.

MOS Update... { Zandervix }

The Ministry of Security updated today with a kind of "Where are they now" story about the founder of the Dwarven Beer Brewery. It's some good readin,' so I suggest you check it out.

Pre-release page uncovered { Gholsbane }

After many an eon of sleepless nights searching by candle light, your fearless leaders have rediscovered the, I mean the Eidos Pre-release Myth Page. This contains all the info Forrest used for his post documented in Unimplemented Features.

Thanks to the wonders of the Wayback Machine, we managed to find this page stored in the web archive from 1996. I won't spoil any of it for you, you'll just have to explore the magic yourself.

Oh and a reminder: Forrest's birthday is on the 25th so feel free to drop him a line.

Monday July 22nd

MythMaster Central Guidelines { Zandervix }

Okay folks, I need your films. Quit slackin.' However, I must point out something. Mythmaster has guidelines that have to be met in order to qualify. There are seven laws. In order to qualify as a Mythmaster film, you must follow at least two of them, and one of them has to be law # 7. Here's a list of the laws:

1 Play in Co-op mode
2 No Veterans
3 Play on Legendary
4 Kill Everything
5 No Casualties
6 Explore Everywhere
7 Show Style

For a more in-depth description of each of the rules, check out Mythmaster Rules.
Now, let me discuss Law # 7 for a second. Style doesn't necessarily mean that you have to kill everything with just one dwarf or with a one legged warrior. But If I speed up a film to 16X, and I'm still bored to death, then you're not going to make it. You can't just stand back on top of a hill with a perfect set up and wait for three hours while the AI comes to you. Go get 'em! You can bring them to you if your viewer won't be bored in doing so. Basically, in all my ramblings here, I'm saying, "keep it interesting." You gotta have something going on. For those of you who want to see some films go to MythMaster Central. To send me a film, Please zip, stuff, or archive it in some way (Some ISP's will self-zip a file when being mailed) and send it to me. Thanks

Raid 2 vs 2 News... { Zandervix }

Here's the latest on the Raid 2 vs 2 Tournament:

Everything is set and ready. The Team sign up has been reseted and we are ready for competitors. We will play the tournament Saturday night July 27th and August 3rd starting at 10pm est. So get yer beer ready for this Saturday if yer 21 that is. The rest if yer under 21 better hope you are across the seas in Europe somewhere.:) sign up at!

SB Night on MariusNet { Zandervix }

Tonight is Myth II night on MariusNet. There are no special maps, tonight is all standard stuff. So you have no excuses.

Saturday July 20th

OMG { Forrest }

The Man leaves Bungie.

News this big is worth coming out of hiatus to break.

Wednesday July 17th gets new Forums { Gholsbane }

At long last, the Bungie online team have revealed their secret project.

Go check out the new Forums, The Underground and The Septagon, the latter of which is only for members of the Chapter Founders chapter.

Yours truly even gets a mention in the credits.

MythMaster Central Updated!! { Zandervix }

I know there were those of you with doubts; but yes, MythMaster Central has been updated! And furthermore, I plan on doing updates weekly! Of course, that all depends on you. I need your films! As far as the current update goes, here's what was added:

Myth TFL

Tommy......................3 Films
The Englishman........10 Films
Zandervix..................25 Films
Myth II SB

Torbjorn Anderson......1 Film
Shadowfax................1 Film
Zandervix...................2 Films
Myth II Chimera

Swordfist...................2 Films

Zandervix...................1 Film
So, there you have it. A total of 45 new films to enjoy. And as always, if you have films, send them to me!

Neverwinter Myth?!? { Zandervix }

The Myth Vault reported on this tidbit of news:

A few weeks ago, a longly awaited game released to Mac and PC. Can you name it? No, no, not Warcraft III. Neverwinter Nights. A hit D&D game with beautiful graphics, a touching storyline, and an extremely powerful world editor, basically Fear and Loathing packed into one. With this editor, you can create your own units, worlds, physics, objects, enviroments, name it, you can make it. Well, a very Myth-drugged clan known as Muirthemne Militia came up with an idea. Since NWN's multiplayer limit per game is 64, could you possibly imagine the carnage that 64 Myth-fanatics could wreck? So what we're going to do is basically taking pizza and putting cheese and all that good stuff on the top. In other words, changing Neverwinter Nights into Neverending Myth Nights. Interested? Drop by at Muirthemne Militia's forum at and give us a word.

Raid Tournament 2002 { Zandervix }

This was posted over at PlayMyth concerning the tourney:

So you all think your a bad a double s at raid do yea? Well some of us raid fanatics and uni mapers (ehem dieinc.) have extended a tournament just for you. If you think your big enough and bad enough to take on the series best, you are invited to sign up for the greates tournament yet. Just a word of advice, bring yer video cameras or in this case your save film button because this one is gonna get messy. Go to and select the tournament button. The info is at yer disposal.

Monday July 15th

MythMaps Redux { Zandervix }

MythMaps is planning a lengthy update to their site. Here's the scoop:

Over the next two months, the web site will be going through a complete overhaul with a new design, improved functionality, and several new features. All existing maps will be converted over to when it is finaly launched. If you have suggestions for features, please send them to:

Among the improvements are:

1 A map rating and review system that is fair and balanced.

2 A more functional and pleasing design

3 A new forum system

4 Map approval system. We've been avoiding this because of the maintenance involved. If anyone wants to volunteer to assist us with the maintenance and care of, drop me an email using the link above. The current site was set up to be a simple and maintenance free system for an administrator who hasn't had time to do administrative things.

5 Support for games beyond Myth.

A lot of these things have been on my development list for a long time. I will be splitting my time between the new and revisions to the Myth game server as we prepare it to handle Myth TFL and Myth 3. I hope to launch the site sometime in August. I'll have a more confirmed date within the next couple of weeks.

MythMaps is looking for people who want to serve as: Programmers (Perl, C, C++, SQL, HTML, Javascript), Administrators (maintaining content, helping users, checking map files), and Newsies. Send an email to the address above. Currently, it's just Webscreamer and I - and we can use some help!

Myth 3 + Board Game { Gholsbane }

I haven't quite got the eBay page up yet but there is an item of interest up there now.

The item in question is Myth 3 with a bonus mission disk plus the limited edition board game.. All for only $1.00. Get bidding

Sunday July 14th

Bungie Sightings Returns { Zandervix }

Bs.Bungie.Org (Bungie Sightings) has returned from the dead. Simply enough, go check it out and see what's new!

Sundry Updates { Gholsbane }

I have updated the Journal section with zeph's notes for the Spider God and Flight from the Dark levels.

I have also added zeph's Sorangath picture to the Fan Art section. Keep em coming lads.

Saturday July 13th

Pick of the Week... { Zandervix }

The pick this week is of the H'Pak order site. They have so much packed into their site. But here, I'll let Baak'lor explain:

We have an *extensive* section called "Game of the Week" which started roughly halfway through our 723 (so far and counting) "Official Games" that we've played over the past two years.

The Game of the Week Archives include thumbnails (click to get a popup of the full-sized image) which are our "Combat Photographer's Snapshots" that encapsulate the essence of the game in one image - as well as a brief write-up of the game. You can also download the film for each GOTW.

The "Battle Plan" is our rotating map standard that includes many 3rd party maps - I sent my buddies 6 CDs (so far) containing some 500+ maps and everything else you can imagine - so we get *lots* of variety in our games!

The downloads page (Baak's Downloads) contains a *brand new* app (Windows only right now) which is really sweet - the Server Swapper! Check out the download page:
or on MythMaps here:

In a nutshell: press one button and you can swap in Marius Net or PlayMyth server files (and the Bungie Patch) - swap 'em in and out - makes it *really easy* to play on both servers - also made it do Marius TFL (and soon PlayMyth TFL if they make a server) - PlayMyth's WA and v1.2 SB will follow! :)

Also the Film Renamer & Cataloger (I'm working on a M1, M2, & M3 cross-platform one now - this one is a Windows app for M2 only) - and a M2 Film AutoSaver - and even *more* goodies!
There's even more to see, so go check 'em out!

New Mapmaking Group { Zandervix }

This comes from Lucid:

So, Basicly I am trying to form a map group, and I need some help from everyone. IF your intrested in making a new grou, anything like what creation was with bnet, Please email me.

Include you strong points please (Loathing, Fear, Bryce, PS), and what you want to do (unit support, color maps, development, so on.).

Thx! -Lucid- Moo?

Friday July 12th

The "Rumor" Mill { Zandervix }

I don't usually like to post news unless it's fact, but, whatever. In a forum over at MythMaps there was a post today from Clem, one of the bosses over at The Mill, when asked about the future (?) of the site:

Based on email conversations I had this week I'd say I can safely say "no".

If would ever show back up it would likely only be as an example of what was built technically and would not include downloads.

Just to much of a hog of services and $$$$ for what was received back at this point.

Sad to see it go.
As a side note, the mainpage for Fileball still shows the last post from 4/30/02 stating that the network will be back soon.

COPS on the Run { Zandervix }

Why can't everyone just play fair? You'll understand more when you read this post from PlayMyth:

Security Alert

We have banned the entire "cops" order from due to use of a speed hack. Should you see any of these guys online under a different name, note the login and contact an admin asap. We have and will take every possible action to prevent this kind of cheating, including IP bans that may unfortunately affect other users. If you find you're unable to connect but haven't been locked, contact and we'll figure it out.

Halo For PC\Mac Announced { Zandervix }

Now, I know this isn't exactly Myth news, but it is significant Bungie news. So for all of you who are interested, you can check out the Full Story here.

Thursday July 11th

Server Swappin' { Zandervix }

Baak'lor of H'Pak has just released a server swapping application to make your life a little easier:

Want to play on Marius Net or and can't figure out how to install the files?

Want to play on *both* Marius Net and and swap between the two?

Are you wasting 500MB+ on a second Myth installation just to do this? :P

Maybe you already tried swapping between the two and your setup is so messed up that now you're not playing at all!! :P

*** Baak's Server Swapper is just what you need! :) ***

Baak's Myth Server Swapper lets you swap between Marius Net and so easily you're gonna wonder how you could ever live without it! :)

Swap between Marius Net,, and Other (TCP/IP,LAN) setup with the press of a *single button*!! OMG!

You can also swap in/out the Marius Net Myth TFL files!

... And as a *BONUS*, the Server Swapper will automatically install Bungie's version 1.3 Patches for *both* Myth TFL and Myth SB! OMG!!

Even if you don't want to swap between the servers (why the heck not?), you can use the Server Swapper for installing the right files for Myth! :)

The following are planned updates for the future:

(1) When PlayMyth does a TFL server, I'll include it
(2) When PlayMyth releases their v1.2 plugin, I'll update the Swapper
(3) When PlayMyth releases the Myth WA server, I'll update the Swapper as long as the files aren't so big that they make a download prohibitive! ;)

This will be *the* Myth Server Swapper! :) <

MariusNet News... { Zandervix }

Tonight is TFL night over at MariusNet. Go check out all the action!

PlayMyth News... { Zandervix }

This was plucked from the newspage at PlayMyth:

IOMS: The Inter Order Map Standard is a project which hopes push a standard set of plugins into the community so that everyone will finally have something new to play.

The current orders officially taking part in this project are: 18th, Bastards, Cadre, Demolition Squad, Iconoclasts & Ruind. Several other orders have given unofficial confirmation.

The most current information can be found here.

To officially confirm your order's participation in this project, please use this thread.

You can find the original discussion thread here.

Sunday July 7th

Happy Bungie Day { Gholsbane }

Today, the se7enth of the se7enth is Bungie Day. So celebrate and buy something from the Bungie Store. Here's to se7en or more years of Bungie goodness.

Thursday July 4th

New eBay Page { Gholsbane }

I've decided to make the eBay tracking an easier affair for myself by creating a separate page for it. This also has the advantage of uncluttering the front news and allowing "proper" news to be given it's due attention.

However, while I'm doing this, I won't be bringing you updates. I'm nearly there though and I think you'll be pleased with the result. Sorry for the delay.

Wednesday July 3rd

TFL Demo Maps Released { Zandervix }

Found this while digging around the community. The original maps from the TFL demo have been released and they are here! Get 'em now!

Tuesday July 2nd

PlayMyth News { Zandervix }

Two bits of noteworthy news from PlayMyth:

Scoring Fixes
We are currently rehashing the scoring sytem to better balance the types of games now that we've seen how the current setup has been working (we're not happy with it to say the least).

Look for things to change drasticaly over the next few days! And yes gfgg is getting the hardcore enema this time. Sorry guys we can't allow the gap between you and the regular mythers any longer. We have found the solution, we believe. More details soon.

Now Hiring
We're in need of someone who has experience in mac installers. If you have this contact me

thanks for your help in advance!

Monday July 1th

Recent Myth Items on eBay { Gholsbane }


End Date
Bid Price
Bid Price
Myth TFL - PC No Box Jun-30-02 1 US $1.00 US $1.00
Myth TFL - PC Like new Jun-30-02 0 US $5.00 US $5.00
Myth 2 - PC Like new, no box Jun-30-02 1 US $6.50 US $6.50
Myth 2 - Linux CD and manual Jun-30-02 1 US $7.99 US $7.99
Green Berets - PC Sealed box Jun-30-02 0 US $14.99 US $14.99
Myth 2 - PC New CD only Jun-30-02 0 US $2.99 US $2.99

More to come soon!