Mythmaster Central

An Introduction To Mythmastery

I've never been particularly impressed with Myth films. I used to save hundreds of them myself after winning a battle with 60% damage or something equally impressive. The problem was out of those hundreds of saved films I only got around to watching about two of them.


This site was devised to yield a set of excellent solo films that are fun to watch and demonstrate superior playing. The Mythmaster is the ultimate Myth solo player. The Seven Laws of the Mythmaster are derived from the Marathon Vidmasters' Challenge, an ongoing contest of skill for players of Bungie's previous series, Marathon.

In the manual of the first Marathon game, it is said that to be a truely great Marathon player you must learn to "vid", or to look up and down. (This ability was a new feature when Marathon was released). Thus, truely great Marathon players became known as "vid-masters". In 1995, Bungie co-founder Jason Jones issued the Vid-Masters' Challenge on the UseNet newsgroup This challenge was to complete all 25 solo levels using the command-option-New Game feature, which allowed you to start any level from scratch, but with only one pistol, three clips, 1x health, your fists, and whatever sparse tools of destruction you could find on the level. Thus, the Vidmasters' Challenge was born.

In the second Marathon game, the command-option-New Game screen gained a new list of rules which one had to follow in order to qualify as a Vidmaster. People began compiling film archives of them vidding various levels in both games. Soon after the third Marathon was released, the Marathon Vidmasters' Page went online, centralizing the efforts of Vidmasters around the world.

Now, ever since Myth first came out, I've been trying to get a Myth Vidmasters' Page going online. What you see here, Mythmaster Central, is the fruitition of my dream, and the continuation of a Bungie tradition. -Forrest