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The Seven Laws of the Myth Master

To master a level, you must beat it following at least two of the following laws - The Seventh, and one other. You must show style. As the opening quote on the front page says, many films are boring. To be a Myth Master, to master Myth, you must not only show skill by following some of the first six laws, but you must entertain the viewer. The point of any game is to have fun. Without fun, the game is pointless. So have fun, show skill, and be sure to do it with style!

  1. Law One: Start the game in cooperative mode. Number of players is irrelevant, one will do. This is so that you can't save your game, thus requiring that much more skill and style.

  2. Law Two: Veterans are not allowed. Uncheck the "Veterans Allowed" box in the Options screen of your co-op games, and start solo games from the level you are mastering.

  3. Law Three: Play on Legendary difficulty.

  4. Law Four: Kill everything (including villagers and wildlife). There are exceptions to this rule, such as enemies which disappear before you have a chance to kill them. For example, Soulblighter on "Flight From Covenant".

  5. Law Five: Take no casualties. There are exceptions to this rule, such as where some of your units are supposed to die in the game. For example, your scouting party on "Forest Heart".

  6. Law Six: Explore everywhere. Show any secrets or easter eggs, and every corner of the map.

  7. Law Seven: Show style. A Myth Master can't simply stand back and hide from the AI, boring the viewer. A Myth Master must entertain those who watch his or her films. However, this does not mean mindless kamikaze. Maneuvering the enemy into a helpless position and bombarding them with molotovs just as stylish as a colossal melee, or destroying several Trow with a small party of archers.

The Seventh Law must be adhered to to qualify as a Master film; the other six are bonus points. If you pull it off without breaking any rules, I'll be seriously impressed. Either way, follow the Seventh, then save the replay, and send it in for review and posting.


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