Wednesday July 24th 2002

Another Server?!?! { Zandervix }

This came across the M.B.O. news-desk today:

Have the skills but not the money?

Here at ( until the domain name propagates in a few days) We have access to powerful dedicated servers. But we are in need of some people with mad skills, a love for all things myth and some free time.

We are looking for some people to join our team, whose goal is to put together a very nice myth II gaming server. Who ever joins is welcome to stay on the team as long as they like with the level of their commitment up to them. We can't pay anyone, but as jester of thanks we can even give some free hosting (from to whom ever helps out.

If you want to help out just drop me a line at Let me know about your self, your skills, and how much time you can give etc.