The Myth Masters

This section houses profiles of contributors to Myth Master Central. These profiles may include personal information, such as name and geographical location, as well as Myth-related information such as past accomplishments and such. Masters who have complete, compiled archives of Myth films will also have them linked from here. If you would like your profile added, just send us an email with your profile in the same format as those below, and it will be added at our next conveniance.

Profiles are sorted in alphabetical order by nickname, or first name if no nick is provided. If we wind up with too many Myth Masters to fit on one page, this section will be divided into letter-groupings.


  • Daniel "Asmodeus" Gentry resides in Chicago where he makes a daily pilgrimage to the caern on Ontario St. Born Daniel Gentry in Tennessee in 1976, Asmodeus' early life is of no consequence. He was introduced to Marathon in the Mac lab at New College in Sarasota, Florida where 8 player net games are not uncommon. After cutting his teeth slaughtering fellow students, Asmo turned to solo play where he eventually became the seventh person to vid the King of Levels, Acme Station doing so using only his fists and without getting hit. Not taking damage would turn out to be his trademark as he took up Myth in earnest in Nov '99. He has since completed all of TFL and most of Soulblighter and Chimera no damage, usually killing everything and exploring everywhere, but always on Legendary without vets.

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  • Forrest "Pfhorrest" Cameranesi

    ...was born in 1982 and lives in sunny southern California. He has been a member of the Bungie community since the Marathon days, and is the main man behind the Marathon scenario Eternal. In the Myth world he was an early participant in the Myth's Story Page and later the Journal of the Legion at Myth Nontoxic, eventually negotiating a merger between the two and winding up running the result, Legends and Lore. From there he has moved to running almost the entireity of (after introducing Joshstar of Nontoxic to Claude of, and has founded several new sections of it, including Mythmaster Central. He has also been an on-again, off-again member of the Creation mapmaking group since their early days, and worked with the Ancrick mapmaking group in writing and designing the Mill Contest Winner, "Under Myrkridian Standards".

  • Ryan "Smasher" Woodward

    ...was born in 1985 and lives the San Francisco Bay Area. He's in ninth grade, and is enjoying being in high school. He's been a Bungie fan since his brother got TFL (and wouldn't let him play it), and has been part of the community since three weeks after Myth II came out. Although he plays a variety of other games such as Unreal Tournament, Diablo 2, and Quake, Myth II is the only game that he's played continuously for a long period of time (almost two years without more than a few day's break). He's also started working on a couple maps, but a lack of time (combined with the fact that he doesn't have Photoshop and as to use GraphicConverter) has forced him to suspend them for a while. He eagerly awaits the release of Oni and Halo, and in the meantime is playing the Oni demo incessantly.

  • Wolfpack

    ...was formed in early 1999 by a group of regulars who enjoyed late-night marathon sessions of Myth II co-op and big team games, night after night.

    Now with about 35 members, Wolfpack has evolved into a gaming order with emphasis on fun and fair play, and with interests in a growing list of online titles beyond the current reach of Bungie's tentacles. Wolfpack's roots, however, remain true to Myth. Among the order's ranks are a number of devoted Myth II mapmakers and co-op enthusiasts, in addition to the competitive brand of player. There are a lot of different kinds of people in Wolfpack, and while its MWC team represents less than half the membership, the whole order is involved with tournament preparations.

    In the competitive arena, Wolfpack placed 16th in Myth World Cup 99, took second place in Major League Myth 2, and placed third in National Myth League. In individual contests, Dalron won the Masters Tournament in 1999.

    Wolfpack also recently won the Myth II division of's Myth Master Challenge. Being a co-op contest, MMC is not a traditional tournament, but it does speak to Wolfpack's focus on teamwork in games.

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