Saturday July 13th 2002

Pick of the Week... { Zandervix }

The pick this week is of the H'Pak order site. They have so much packed into their site. But here, I'll let Baak'lor explain:

We have an *extensive* section called "Game of the Week" which started roughly halfway through our 723 (so far and counting) "Official Games" that we've played over the past two years.

The Game of the Week Archives include thumbnails (click to get a popup of the full-sized image) which are our "Combat Photographer's Snapshots" that encapsulate the essence of the game in one image - as well as a brief write-up of the game. You can also download the film for each GOTW.

The "Battle Plan" is our rotating map standard that includes many 3rd party maps - I sent my buddies 6 CDs (so far) containing some 500+ maps and everything else you can imagine - so we get *lots* of variety in our games!

The downloads page (Baak's Downloads) contains a *brand new* app (Windows only right now) which is really sweet - the Server Swapper! Check out the download page:
or on MythMaps here:

In a nutshell: press one button and you can swap in Marius Net or PlayMyth server files (and the Bungie Patch) - swap 'em in and out - makes it *really easy* to play on both servers - also made it do Marius TFL (and soon PlayMyth TFL if they make a server) - PlayMyth's WA and v1.2 SB will follow! :)

Also the Film Renamer & Cataloger (I'm working on a M1, M2, & M3 cross-platform one now - this one is a Windows app for M2 only) - and a M2 Film AutoSaver - and even *more* goodies!
There's even more to see, so go check 'em out!