Wednesday July 17th 2002

Neverwinter Myth?!? { Zandervix }

The Myth Vault reported on this tidbit of news:

A few weeks ago, a longly awaited game released to Mac and PC. Can you name it? No, no, not Warcraft III. Neverwinter Nights. A hit D&D game with beautiful graphics, a touching storyline, and an extremely powerful world editor, basically Fear and Loathing packed into one. With this editor, you can create your own units, worlds, physics, objects, enviroments, name it, you can make it. Well, a very Myth-drugged clan known as Muirthemne Militia came up with an idea. Since NWN's multiplayer limit per game is 64, could you possibly imagine the carnage that 64 Myth-fanatics could wreck? So what we're going to do is basically taking pizza and putting cheese and all that good stuff on the top. In other words, changing Neverwinter Nights into Neverending Myth Nights. Interested? Drop by at Muirthemne Militia's forum at and give us a word.