Thursday July 11th 2002

Server Swappin' { Zandervix }

Baak'lor of H'Pak has just released a server swapping application to make your life a little easier:

Want to play on Marius Net or and can't figure out how to install the files?

Want to play on *both* Marius Net and and swap between the two?

Are you wasting 500MB+ on a second Myth installation just to do this? :P

Maybe you already tried swapping between the two and your setup is so messed up that now you're not playing at all!! :P

*** Baak's Server Swapper is just what you need! :) ***

Baak's Myth Server Swapper lets you swap between Marius Net and so easily you're gonna wonder how you could ever live without it! :)

Swap between Marius Net,, and Other (TCP/IP,LAN) setup with the press of a *single button*!! OMG!

You can also swap in/out the Marius Net Myth TFL files!

... And as a *BONUS*, the Server Swapper will automatically install Bungie's version 1.3 Patches for *both* Myth TFL and Myth SB! OMG!!

Even if you don't want to swap between the servers (why the heck not?), you can use the Server Swapper for installing the right files for Myth! :)

The following are planned updates for the future:

(1) When PlayMyth does a TFL server, I'll include it
(2) When PlayMyth releases their v1.2 plugin, I'll update the Swapper
(3) When PlayMyth releases the Myth WA server, I'll update the Swapper as long as the files aren't so big that they make a download prohibitive! ;)

This will be *the* Myth Server Swapper! :) <