Fan Fiction

Guidelines for Fan Fiction submissions

How to Submit Stories

Submissions must be submitted via the Fan Fiction Submission Form. MAILED OR UPLOADED STORIES WILL BE DISCARDED.

Instructions on how to use the form are prominently displayed on the form itself; submitters are strongly recommended to read them.

Length Requirements

A Fan Fiction submission, unless it is poetry or a novelty item, must be a minimum length for acceptance. Items of less than 750 words will not be posted.

Basic Grammar Requirements

All stories submitted to must meet some basic grammar standards. We're not asking for perfect prose - but you should at least run your story through a spellchecker before submitting it. Likewise, punctuation is required. If you can't be bothered to do this, we can't be bothered to post your story.

Name/Email Changes, Series Titles

We will not accept name changes once a story is submitted. (This applies to both submitter names and story names.) Choose wisely.

We will accept email changes, because often this is unavoidable.

DO A SEARCH for your story's title BEFORE YOU SUBMIT. If we find a story with the identical title as the one you've submitted, we will discard your entry.

Why all the nasty rules?

Past experience elsewhere on shows that too many people don't bother to even read the guidelines for posting. Displaying the rules prominently like this makes sure fan fiction submitters have no excuse to disregard them.

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