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Random Articles

This page hosts various articles written every now and then on a sundry variety of topics. Some are rants, some are previews or reviews, others are just happy happy fun time THins(?). Enjoy!
  M3 E3 2K1 (Rant)
Enter the Promised Lot and thee shall be rewarded.
Traptacular Puzzle (Fun)
A reprint of a very fun (?) rainy day activity hidden on all Myth CD's.
The MS Buyout Rumor (Rant)
A little sanity check regarding the most viscious, worst-case-scenario rumor in Bungie history. (Turns out I was wrong, so sue me).
  Myth 2: New Hope (Rant)
Food for thought, remember the glory days of Myth 1? What went wrong? Now we get a second chance.
Divergent Paths (Rant)
Bungie must make a decision as to what they wish to become: cultural icon, or corporately wealthy.
First Night w/ Demo (Rant)
The Myth II demo is not as perfect as we had hoped. Hear about my adventures.

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