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28 April 2004, 8:21 PM

The Mad Goat of the Fens by James -Gholsbane- Wheare []

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Wednesday June 24, Near the Watcher's Camp

An hour ago word came from the Gjol that the ambush was set. We should be untroubled by Soulblighter while we await Alric's word.

The Watcher is ahead of us now, driving on his forces to meet the legion. We have been sent on ahead of the main force to strike at the centre of the onslaught, the Watcher himself.

The shards of bone from his wretched arm have been fashioned into arrow tips for the white hafts made by iu'Shee. For seven months now we have carried the thing and only now will it be used as a weapon against him.

According to Alric, these arrows, barely a foot shorter than a grown man, will turn the Watcher to stone. I must say I can't help feeling sceptical.

The archers will lead the attack to catch the Watcher by surprise. But he cannot be left unguarded so thirty berserks have been chosen to accompany the fir'Bolg to destroy this ancient evil forever.

The force is preparing for battle and will set out in a few hours. I will remain in the camp, praying on their success and our safe passage from this foul marsh. I only hope the plains of the north prove less hostile.

~ You have reached your journey's end ~