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28 April 2004, 8:20 PM

Contained Fury by James -Gholsbane- Wheare []

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Tuesday September 4, Seven Gates

"Covenant has fallen."

These were Turgeis with Burning Steel's first words upon entering the camp.

Soulblighter had entered the city by night hoping to find cover under darkness. Instead he found an empty city. It turns out that Alric had fled to Shoal two days previously, followed swiftly by the city's inhabitants with Mauriac at their lead. An army was left on the banks of the Ire as a last line of defense against the dark. Their remnants were forced to flee north. Turgeis was one of these men.

In his anger, Soulblighter reduced the city to dust. I tremble to think what could be done with the countless tomes and artifacts which were left within the walls of the Great Library.

We are camped in the pass of Seven Gates, awaiting the arrival of the Forest Giants who for the past three years have returned to fend off the Leveller's undead armies. Balor himself is now preparing to cross the Cloudspine and will surely be strengthened by the news of his lieutenant's victory. If we fail today, it will surely spell the end of our campaign against the dark.

We must not fail.

We have enlisted the aid of the bowmen of the fir'Bolg to swell our ranks in the defense of the pass. They will not let fall their bows until the dark has been banished from the earth.

The battle will be long and violent, more so if our towering allies do not arrive, and whether I am cut down by gridaksma blades or ripped apart by limbs of stone, I pray that Wyrd protect the West from Strand to the Ocean should we fail.

~ You have reached your journey's end ~