News Archive for November 2001

Wednesday November 28th

Work on Vengeance Edtior continues... { Lophan }

Thanks to with their info on the status of Vengeance, the Myth III editor currently in testing. Iggy Popped had the following to say on RHL:

iggy: omg i have to say
iggy: i really really wish i would've had *this* version of vengeance when making m3
iggy: the latest build is HOLY S*** f***ing sweet!
iggy: course, i'm comparing it to it's former self, a half finished map editor with incomplete features
iggy: now it's almost a worthy loathing replacement
iggy: but it works so differently. better in some ways
iggy: i'm just a little excited cause the features i've been wanting all year are finally getting in there
Good news indeed! Hopefully this will also allow the community to iron out some of the bugs that have been mentioned in the various forums.

On a side note: I apologize for the lack of updates recently, but you have to understand: I got my Xbox last Tuesday and I've pretty much narrowed life down to eating, sleeping, working, and playing Halo. I know you'll forgive me...

Wednesday November 21st

Wargamer and Take 2 Collaboration { Forrest }

Just got this PR in from Chris Abele of The Wargamer, I'll let it speak for itself...

The Wargamer and Take 2 Interactive have teamed up to bring you our first ever "microsite," which was created to support the hot new addition to the Myth franchise. The microsite features a host of unique, independent content which will introduce you to Myth III: The Wolf Age and let you know what's new in this title compared to its predecessors. For those of you that don't know, Myth III is a real-time tactical game set in a world similar to Medieval Europe, with the addition of sorcerers, witches, goblins and tons of other mythical beasts. Answers like these can be found answered in our handy Myth III FAQ at <>.

Finally, we've put together a pretty unique and exciting contest: "The Search for Treasure!" Participants in this contest will be entered into a drawing to win one of three different authentic medieval weapon replicas, courtesy of and Take 2 Interactive. The weapons include a battle axe, sword and mini axes! In addition, five lucky winners will receive a copy each of the Brady Games' strategy guide for Myth III: The Wolf Age, furnished by Brady Games. Enter the contest now:

You can visit the new Myth III microsite here: <>
Not entirely accurate about witches and goblins and such, but eh, close enough. So check it out already.

Tuesday November 20th

Graphical Redesign { Forrest }

You will notice that the entire site has had a graphical redesign. Gone is the excess of white, replaced instead with a nice little earthtone theme. There are some other tweaks I might be making sooner or later to go along with it, but it's pretty much done now. I hope you like it.

Friday November 16th

Myth III Team Closes Up Shop { Forrest }

I'll let Meggs to the talking himself...

Best of luck to those who lost their jobs, and here's hoping that they are at least able to finish off the final touches (Mac version, patch, and Vengance) on this great product they've created.

New Bungie.Net Opens Doors! { Forrest }

Wow! Lots of cool news to report today... or last night, actually... so sue me if I'm slow, that's what we have other newsies for :P

Anyway, the new is reformatted, and includes TONS of cool new stuff. Letters and Soapbox are both hosted there now, and both are updated... YES YOU HEARD RIGHT, THE BUNGIE SOAPBOX WAS UPDATED!!!

All the old Myth stuff is still there in The Myth Vault, there is a new Halo community site, and then... there is The Seventh Column! Official Bungie fanclub and underground army, or something like that. Found your own local chapter today, or if you are in the Southern California area, join The Vent Corps, a chapter founded by Marathon.Bungie.Org maintainer Nathan Kline (Bakersfield) and myself (Santa Barbara).

Monday November 12th

More M3 Manual Excerpts... { Forrest }

Thanks again to Zandervix for posting the History of Myth, and the Glossary from the M3 manual to our forums. Again, there is no in-game spoiler info here, this is entirely from the manual, stuff you would know immediately upon opening the box; but there are still significant chunks of data here, so if you're sensitive to spoilers, reading these excerpts may not be the best idea. Enjoy!

False Alarm { Forrest }

Thanks to Infinight of the Myth Village for this heads-up follow-up to yesterday's story:

Two days ago Myth Village began to receive reports of a possible virus contained in the Myth III installer. With the help of Computer Associates we have confirmed this to be a false positive on the part of Norton Anti-virus.

The file that caused the problem is actually part of the installer program used in Myth III, Install Shield. The same false positive will also be reported in recent installers from Install Shield.

So you lucky PC users with your Myth 3 and all its yummy goodness are all happy and green again. Yay for you.

Saturday November 10th

Virus on M3 CD? { Forrest }

Normally I'm not one to even mention rumors like this until they've been solidly confirmed, but Myth Village and various other sites have news reports of a possible virus on the M3 CD. Note again that this is UNCONFIRMED at the moment, but meh, it's a slow news week...

Friday November 9th

M3 Manual Excerpts { Forrest }

Thanks to Zandervix for posting to our Asylum forum some excerpts from the Myth 3 manual, for those of you story freaks, like me, who have NO MAC VERSION (GRR!) and are dying for some yummy yummy Myth III story goodness. Note that these are exerpts from the MANUAL ONLY, and that there are no in-game story spoilers here.

Zan has graciously posted the Prologue, as well as the descriptions for Light units, Dark unit, and the game's heroes and villains.

So, yummy happy good M3ness! Check it out now or I KIK U MB!

Thursday November 8th

Unholy Myth units in Aleph One (?!) { Lophan }

While not necessarily Myth related, I stopped by the Marathon Open Source page (home of the AlephOne port of the Marathon engines) and I saw some of the most amazing screenshots.

A few months ago, the intrepid programmers on the project added 3D model support to the AlephOne/Marathon engine. Some other creative person apparently took the time to patch in a Myth Soulless model into the engine and here's the results:

Pretty damn swank, eh? This opens up an entire new WORLD of possibilities! Imagine fighting the Fallen Lords from a first-person point of view on a Bungie-forged engine.

It's a brave new world folks...

Tuesday November 6th

Ugly Myth III rumors circulating { Lophan }

While perusing the normal course of operations here at m.b.o., my browser pointed itself in the direction of the MWA forums. I happened upon this unsubstantiated rumor about the current state of Mumbo Jumbo, and by extension, Myth III: The Wolf Age (see Post #48).

I won't go into what was discussed here, but I will tell you that is is disturbing to say the least. Don't take me word for it... read it for yourself!

Again, no official statements have been made, but this is! We speculate like we breathe!

Saturday November 3rd

Donges .plan update & MWA Bug List { Lophan }

Mike Donges has posted an updated .plan file (thanks to Myth Village) in which he discusses the final ship and impending patch for Myth III. Here's an excerpt:

A word on the Mac is very close, and MacSoft is gearing it up for the holiday season. They are as committed as us in getting it to the eager Mac users. The fact of the matter is that we ran into some unforeseen issues that have caused it to take us a bit longer to get it ready for release. I don't think that the few extra weeks of practice that the PC users have will do them any good once the Mac users start hitting GameSpy (this coming from an ex_Applite). Good luck, y'all.

A bug list has also posted at MWA. Jesus bullseye... that's a looooooong list!

Friday November 2nd

BB King couldn't have said it better. { claude }

This news is 2 days old now, but it's still important. Some of you may have noticed that the Evihcra Network is no longer responding. Here is the official word from Fm, the man behind the family of file archives:

The Public Archive Network is experiencing difficulties that has resulted in a temporary loss of service. We apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing our users but this is as temporary as it is unavoidable. Please be patient and we will be back online as soon as possible.
This affects a number of sites: The loss is huge, and will be felt strongly by the entire community. Hopefully, the downtime can be held to a minimum.