News Archive for October 2001

Wednesday October 31st

Myth III Demo posted (PC only for now) { Lophan }

It would seem that the Myth III Demo has just been posted, and there's two sites that currently have it: 3DGamers and the Myth Village and it's only 64MB. Grab it NOW!

Word is that they're still hammering away at finalizing the Mac version so take heart... it should go Gold soon enough and you'll have your very own demo to download.

Tuesday October 30th

Freewill gets the goods { claude }

Freewill's copy of Myth III came today - busy guy, but he managed to take pictures of the box front, the inside front cover, the box back, the shipping stuff, and a technote detailing some of the video problems (to be fixed later with a patch). These were originally posted on the forum. Thanks, Free!

Friday October 26th

Still More NIH Wolfage... { Forrest }

Those dirty bast... I mean, nice fellows over at IMG have scored another ten awesome screenshots of Myth 3. Go check it out!

Wednesday October 24th

M3 Soundtrack Wolfage { Forrest }

Well, apparently about 48 hours ago or so the Myth 3 Soundtrack was released. Yes, the soundtracks is out before the game. And what's more, it's FREE online in MP3 format! (And yes, these are the legal types of creator-released MP3s, so you're not ripping MJ off, unless you were gonna buy M3 just for the music). You can nab it online at Fileplanet, or on Hotline at Subnova Hotline <> or Funky J Hotline <>. It's not the same Total Audio themes features in the other two Myths, but it is definitely of top-notch quality. So what are you waiting for? Nab it!

Sunday October 21st

Dreamseedz Multi ready for Prime-Time { Lophan }

Straight from Darth Maul ~TMBM leader~:

Return to the beautiful Dreamseedz universe with the Dreamseedz Multiplayer set, featuring 3 new maps, new scenery, a new main menu and music, and a tagset featuring the fantastic Dreamseedz units with new attacks, flavors, sounds, and more!

Dreamseedz Multiplayer takes the beautiful units of the Dreamseedz solo campaign and puts them in an entertaining multiplayer setting. Gameplay is unique, featuring basic units as well as specialized Wizards, making it important to cover your firepower (your Wizard) while pursuing normal tactics. The original units of Dreamseedz are enhanced by new attacks, sounds, flavors, and more. There's new scenery, a new main menu by TJ, new sounds, and new main menu music by Elijah. Battle across the familiar Entarguyec Valley setting, swamps, bright valleys, and other strange locations. Utilize fire, flaming stones, and freezing winds to stop your enemies.

Fight. Win. Taunt.

Furthermore, the Dreamseedz tagset replaces some normal myth units, allowing for a unique blend of Dreamseedz units and myth units fighting alongside each other. It lets you to fight Soulblighter with your elite team of Brymidorian crossbowmen, or cast burning stones at a group of thrall while on the island on Dead Man's Chest.

You can download Dreamseedz Multiplayer from The Mill. Don't have the time or bandwidth? No fear! Both Dreamseedz v1.1 and Dreamseedz Multiplayer are featured on Myth 2: Worlds, a mod CD available from Take Two for around $30.00. For more info, go here.

Want more info on Dreamseedz Multiplayer? Go to

Friday October 19th

New Myth Film From DarkSword { Forrest }

About a week ago Richard "Darksword" Barker send in a film for Mythmaster Central. Unfortunately, being so busy with other things, I've had to neglect my duties here a bit...

But, I just got around to reviewing Richard's film, and had one of the best laughs at a Myth film I've had in a while. First off, the film is no vets, no casualties, and kill all - but it's The Five Champions, so that's practically a requirement. The great thing about this film is it's Style - Richard not only awakens Alric to kill the Soullesss, and then kill Alric when he goes back to sleep, but he ALSO sets off all of Alric's dispersal dreams, killing himself in the process - and still wins!

Check out Fun With Alric!

Yet Another Mill Contest { Forrest }

Wow! That Mill sure loves givin' stuff away... I think I'll just let Gary do the talking on this one:

The Mill, in conjunction with, is sponsoring a Myth related desktop image contest from Friday October 19th to midnight Sunday October 28th. Do you have a cool original graphic that is dying to get out and meet people? Now is your chance to give your creation its 15 minutes of fame and to be seen by thousands of gamers, some of them naked! Four winners will each receive a Myth game, their choice of either "Myth2 Worlds" or "Green Berets" and everybody else will be put to death and their heads mounted on a pike... wait, did I read that right? Maybe you had better go over to the sign up page and read all the rules for yourself: Get crackin'!!
You should do what he says, if you know what's good for you!

Wednesday October 17th

Mythology Allusions Added To Legends { Forrest }

Big thanks to David Bricker and Gholsbane for working together to revamp and add to some of the old content that went down here a few months ago. Thanks to their efforts, we now present for your viewing pleasure: Mythological Allusions in the Relics section of Legends and Lore. Have fun!

Myth III GOES GOLD! { Lophan }

As posted at Myth Village, Mike Donges' recently posted .plan file at Bluesnews indictaes that Myth III: The Wolf Age has indeed gone Gold!

Good news for all of you Myth fans, and all of you soon to be Myth fans. MumboJumbo Irvine has delivered the Gold Master of Myth III: The Wolf Age to Take 2 and it has been sent off for duplication. Hats off to MumboJumbo Dallas for all the support and to Aaron and Devin at Take 2/Godgames for making a difference.
Good news indeed. It looks like Mumbo Jumbo is making good on it's ambitious development cycle and may get this game into your hands before we eat our turkey (maybe even our trick-ot-treat candy). With Halo less than a month away (hope... hope...), gaming should be gettin' good again.

Thursday October 11th

Another Mill Give-Away! { Forrest }

This just in from Gary "the Battle Cat" Simmons of in conjunction with Talonsoft and The Mill will be sponsoring ANOTHER raffle, this time we will be giving away 5 copies of "Myth2 Worlds" from Friday October 12th to Friday October 19th. Anyone can enter but you must be 17 years of age or older as the game is rated "Mature 17+". Entries will close at midnight October 19, winners will be announced afterwards. Head on over to and fill out an entry!
Sounds even better than the last one! So head on over and check it out!

Sunday October 7th

Dreamseedz Updated to 1.1 { Forrest }

From Darth Maul:

Return to the world of Dreamseedz with Dreamseedz v1.1. Enjoy the same beautiful graphics, amazing art, and immersive world, with several improvements. Dreamseedz v1.1 fixes several bugs (including the bug which made level2 show up before level1), makes it easier to tell where you're supposed to go, and various other tweaks. Furthermore, enjoy a brand-new Main Menu featuring art by TJ and music by Elijah, hexed to preload in Myth without making games red!

Wondering what Dreamseedz is? Check out the preview site at, and while you're there, explore the TMBM site(

You can download Dreamseedz v1.1 from the Mill (here:, or grab a small patch to patch v1.0-v1.1 also at the Mill.

Don't have the time or bandwidth to download Dreamseedz v1.1? No fear! Dreamseedz v1.1 is featured on Myth 2: Worlds, a mod CD available from Take Two for around $30.00. For more info, go here (

Sounds great, so check it out!

Myth III in MacAddict { Forrest }

From the magazine whose back cover for months in a row was covered continually with full-page ads for the original Myth, comes a review of the latest edition to the series. Thanks to Claude Errera for pointing out that page 64 of the latest edition, in the PowerPlay section, their list of good games to buy for the holidays features Myth III on its first page. Claude thankfully scanned an image of the magazine page, which you can find here. Thanks Claude.

Friday October 5th

GameSpy to Host Myth III Multiplayer { Lophan }

In between coughing fits, I thought I'd drop a quick note on the future of Myth III multiplayer. According to multiple sites and a recent press release, GameSpy will host the Myth III multiplyer server upon release (which is apparently soon).

The good news is that there will be a Mac-enabled browser included so there should be plenty of killing goodness for all.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to take some Sudafed and NyQuil en route to my next coma...

Monday October 1th

Green Berets Giveaway @ The Mill { Forrest }

Thanks to Gary "the Battle Cat" Simmons of the Evihcra Network for this heads-up: in conjunction with Talonsoft and The Mill will be giving away 5 copies of "Green Berets Myth2" from Monday October first to Sunday October the 7th. Anyone can enter, you do not have to be a member of the Evihcra Network to fill out an entry form. Entries will close at midnight Oct 7, winners will be announced afterwards. To be qualified as a winner you must be 17 years of age or older as the game is rated "Mature 17+".

Head on over to and fill out an entry! While you are at Evihcra, browse through the thousands of downloadable Myth files for Myth TFL, Myth2, and even Myth3! The Mill is the leading Myth game series archive in the world.
So come on people! Join the Crusade! Shove a land mine up your... oh wait, wrong post from Gary. Submit your application today! Win a copy of Green Berets! Go, team, go!