Wednesday November 28th 2001

Work on Vengeance Edtior continues... { Lophan }

Thanks to with their info on the status of Vengeance, the Myth III editor currently in testing. Iggy Popped had the following to say on RHL:
iggy: omg i have to say
iggy: i really really wish i would've had *this* version of vengeance when making m3
iggy: the latest build is HOLY S*** f***ing sweet!
iggy: course, i'm comparing it to it's former self, a half finished map editor with incomplete features
iggy: now it's almost a worthy loathing replacement
iggy: but it works so differently. better in some ways
iggy: i'm just a little excited cause the features i've been wanting all year are finally getting in there
Good news indeed! Hopefully this will also allow the community to iron out some of the bugs that have been mentioned in the various forums.

On a side note: I apologize for the lack of updates recently, but you have to understand: I got my Xbox last Tuesday and I've pretty much narrowed life down to eating, sleeping, working, and playing Halo. I know you'll forgive me...