Friday November 16th 2001

New Bungie.Net Opens Doors! { Forrest }

Wow! Lots of cool news to report today... or last night, actually... so sue me if I'm slow, that's what we have other newsies for :P

Anyway, the new is reformatted, and includes TONS of cool new stuff. Letters and Soapbox are both hosted there now, and both are updated... YES YOU HEARD RIGHT, THE BUNGIE SOAPBOX WAS UPDATED!!!

All the old Myth stuff is still there in The Myth Vault, there is a new Halo community site, and then... there is The Seventh Column! Official Bungie fanclub and underground army, or something like that. Found your own local chapter today, or if you are in the Southern California area, join The Vent Corps, a chapter founded by Marathon.Bungie.Org maintainer Nathan Kline (Bakersfield) and myself (Santa Barbara).