Wednesday November 21st 2001

Wargamer and Take 2 Collaboration { Forrest }

Just got this PR in from Chris Abele of The Wargamer, I'll let it speak for itself...
The Wargamer and Take 2 Interactive have teamed up to bring you our first ever "microsite," which was created to support the hot new addition to the Myth franchise. The microsite features a host of unique, independent content which will introduce you to Myth III: The Wolf Age and let you know what's new in this title compared to its predecessors. For those of you that don't know, Myth III is a real-time tactical game set in a world similar to Medieval Europe, with the addition of sorcerers, witches, goblins and tons of other mythical beasts. Answers like these can be found answered in our handy Myth III FAQ at <>.

Finally, we've put together a pretty unique and exciting contest: "The Search for Treasure!" Participants in this contest will be entered into a drawing to win one of three different authentic medieval weapon replicas, courtesy of and Take 2 Interactive. The weapons include a battle axe, sword and mini axes! In addition, five lucky winners will receive a copy each of the Brady Games' strategy guide for Myth III: The Wolf Age, furnished by Brady Games. Enter the contest now:

You can visit the new Myth III microsite here: <>
Not entirely accurate about witches and goblins and such, but eh, close enough. So check it out already.