Saturday November 3rd 2001

Donges .plan update & MWA Bug List { Lophan }

Mike Donges has posted an updated .plan file (thanks to Myth Village) in which he discusses the final ship and impending patch for Myth III. Here's an excerpt:
A word on the Mac is very close, and MacSoft is gearing it up for the holiday season. They are as committed as us in getting it to the eager Mac users. The fact of the matter is that we ran into some unforeseen issues that have caused it to take us a bit longer to get it ready for release. I don't think that the few extra weeks of practice that the PC users have will do them any good once the Mac users start hitting GameSpy (this coming from an ex_Applite). Good luck, y'all.

A bug list has also posted at MWA. Jesus bullseye... that's a looooooong list!