News Archive for April 2003

Saturday April 26th

PlayMyth Celebrates One Year { Zandervix }

Here's a little cut and paste from the parent of PlayMyth: Myth Developers: was launched on April 26, 2002 at 5:00pm Central time. This was the beginning of many great things to come for the Myth series of games. In the past year MythDev and PlayMyth along with our partners at Project Magma have been working to revolutionize the way you play and enjoy the Myth game. Early in 2003, Myth II v1.3.2 was released to bring relief to Windows and Macintosh players on newer operating systems by making them compatible in their native modes respectively. Next was the mamoth update to Myth III: The Wolf Age which fixed nearly 50 game play and stability issues with both platforms. Also done were countless enhancements to the style Myth Metaserver including new ranking structures, new features, and many other ways to enjoy playing Myth online.

The future of Myth looks good. With the forthcoming release of Myth II v1.4 there should be good carnage to come for many, many years. In addition the next year will see support for Myth: The Fallen Lords and the first major Myth III tournment. We will soon have a page up for these projects with complete information and details.

We thank you for playing on, for visiting, and for your support of the Myth Community.

Friday April 25th

MariusNet Releases Their MetaServer { Zandervix }

Here's the news from Marius himself:

For various reasons, now seemed like a good time to release the mnet server executable. I don't think there is any danger of breaking up the community by making it available, and I thought some people might enjoy seeing what it's like, so...

Grab the install file from the link below (Windows only). It will install everything you need for a fully functional mnet server, except user accounts. Read the readme.txt and documentation.txt files after installation, and follow the steps to get it up and running - you basically just have to create a couple user accounts, configure some options from the server, point your myth client to it, and off you go.

MariusNet Server
Marius also points out that this does not mean that MariusNet is going anywhere. They plan on being around for a very, very long time.

Friday April 18th M3 Night { Gholsbane }

Blades will be hosting games on the Myth 3 demo and regular servers today for an evening of Myth III carnage. Consider this a celebration of the successful new patch release. Hop over to the site for the full details.

Sunday April 13th

Myth III Goodness { Gholsbane }

Positive news has been coming out of MythDev over the past few days with regard to progress on the Myth 3 patch. I'll hand you over to Blades who sent in this summary and announcement.

MythDevelopers are pleased to announce the long anticipated release of the 1.1 update for Myth III: The Wolf Age. MythDevelopers is an all-volunteer organization of programmers, developers and players who were granted the opportunity to fix the Myth III game using source code provided by the publisher and developer. MythDevelopers members have been working on this particular release for almost 11 months and have produced a significant update to one of the industry's best Real-Time Strategy Engines.

The crown jewel of this update is the migration of the multiplayer system from GameSpy to the traditional style of multiplayer found on You can now play Myth III on the game server and be a part of both ranked, unranked and tournament play in the tradition of Myth 2: Soulblighter and Myth: The Fallen Lords. Free accounts can be obtained through the web site.

In addition, this patch fixes over 40 game play and stability issues for both Macintosh and Windows based personal computers as well as bringing the bonus maps Pepper Heights and Tides Of Rhi'anon into the general release. Additional variations of the existing maps are also included with enhanced unit sets. Also added are the multiplayer game types Assassins, Stampede, and Balls On Parade which had been previously omitted. This patch also introduces the Fetch and Journeyman units into the Myth 3 World.

MythDevelopers plans to release a 1.2 patch with some final feature additions and tweeks around the end of July 2003. Also planned for the 1.2 release is a completely updated Vengeance world builder tool for Myth III. Be sure to visit the MythDevelopers web site and forum for news and information on these projects as they progress.

The updated Myth 3 demo has also just been released and is available for Mac and PC download at The Mill.

For more information, be sure to drop by and the MythDevelopers website then hurry up and get your download managers working.

Wednesday April 9th

RMA Mapmaking Contest { Gholsbane }

Mad Dog of The Alliance sends in this exciting news of a new contest for the Myth community. I think he says it best:

The Alliance and Real Men, in cooperation with, proudly bring you the 2003 RMA Mapmaking Contest!

With the upcoming release of Myth II 1.4 and its new unit/mapmaking capabilities, mapmakers will be able to pursue new and interesting ideas and turn them into spectacular maps. This contest is intended to revive the slumping mapmaking community and produce some quality maps for a revamped Myth II!

Check for contest info!

Basically, this is a solo *and* multiplayer mapmaking contest for Myth II: Soulblighter. You may enter as an individual or as a group, and can even submit more than one map.

Details here:

Contest Rules

Contest Forum (Sign up here)

Good luck to all participants!
I'm sure this will help revive a few of the more dormant map-makers in the community and maybe even bring to light some fresh blood. We're looking forward to the outcome of this one.

Sunday April 6th

Baak Releases Rocket Dorf Fest!! { Zandervix }

Baak sends us this good news:

Rocket Dorf Fest!! is a total conversion for Myth that may just be the most fun you can have with your pants on! ;)

This is a complete total conversion based on the most excellent Rocket Dwarf unit created by ig98 way back in May of 1999 that could best be described as inspired but way too wacky to play on a regular basis. I made several much-needed improvements on that 5-tag unit for regular use, then added additional conversions for co-op play, and then...

It happened...

Just when all I was going to do was add a few more units to the conversion, I decided to make this a complete conversion. And then I envisioned a whole new Rocket Dorf unit. Then another. This led to several LATE nights extending my knowledge of Fear to the very edge of my capability (at least on a PC), including hex editing Collections and beyond...

From this - two weeks and several all-nighters later - including two Saturday Night Matches where we played 35 of 48 games using this plugin (and several of our Order proceeded to play another 3 hours of just Rocket Dorf Fest games the first Sunday Night after our first test!!)...

... I present for your enjoyment:

A 350+ tag, fine-tuned total conversion with three brand new units, five modified ones, a complete story-line that's fun to read (seriously!) in a carefully tested (the core modified unit has been played for over two-and-a-half-years), well-balanced game that provides such an amazing range of strategies and tactics that Rocket Dorf Fest is really nothing less than a completely new game!!

And if you enjoy huge explosions and carnage that will make you laugh out loud, then you?re gonna love this!!

*And* it's easier to learn and play than WWII!! :)

I'm serious folks, this is one helluva good time!! :D

Assassin, Stampede!, and Captures are given new life with an incredibly intense game that will pump your adrenaline and make you laugh out loud, all at the same time!! :D

Every single Myth map that has regular Myth units on it comes alive in ways you never imagined!

And Co-op games are huge fun with maps like The Wall (try it with "Co-op Classic" Legendary) and The Great Library ("Co-op Giant" Legendary)!!

You get *11* Total Conversion Variants ? including 5 just for Co-op - in less than 5 MB! OMG!!

Now there is a small "learning curve" for the RDF Units ? but one that's quickly overcome! Read the Manual once straight through (there?s a lot about RDF that you simply MUST know to play well, and I really think you?ll like The Story) - then prepare yourself for carnage and hilarious fun like you?ve never had before! :)

Here is the complete on-line Rocket Dorf Fest!! Manual

Everything is in the Manual (it's nice!) including the necessary Legal stuff! ;)

And please let me know if you enjoy it by rating it! :)

Grab Rocket Dorfs here from The Mill.