Friday April 25th 2003

MariusNet Releases Their MetaServer { Zandervix }

Here's the news from Marius himself:
For various reasons, now seemed like a good time to release the mnet server executable. I don't think there is any danger of breaking up the community by making it available, and I thought some people might enjoy seeing what it's like, so...

Grab the install file from the link below (Windows only). It will install everything you need for a fully functional mnet server, except user accounts. Read the readme.txt and documentation.txt files after installation, and follow the steps to get it up and running - you basically just have to create a couple user accounts, configure some options from the server, point your myth client to it, and off you go.

MariusNet Server
Marius also points out that this does not mean that MariusNet is going anywhere. They plan on being around for a very, very long time.