Saturday April 26th 2003

PlayMyth Celebrates One Year { Zandervix }

Here's a little cut and paste from the parent of PlayMyth: Myth Developers: was launched on April 26, 2002 at 5:00pm Central time. This was the beginning of many great things to come for the Myth series of games. In the past year MythDev and PlayMyth along with our partners at Project Magma have been working to revolutionize the way you play and enjoy the Myth game. Early in 2003, Myth II v1.3.2 was released to bring relief to Windows and Macintosh players on newer operating systems by making them compatible in their native modes respectively. Next was the mamoth update to Myth III: The Wolf Age which fixed nearly 50 game play and stability issues with both platforms. Also done were countless enhancements to the style Myth Metaserver including new ranking structures, new features, and many other ways to enjoy playing Myth online.

The future of Myth looks good. With the forthcoming release of Myth II v1.4 there should be good carnage to come for many, many years. In addition the next year will see support for Myth: The Fallen Lords and the first major Myth III tournment. We will soon have a page up for these projects with complete information and details.

We thank you for playing on, for visiting, and for your support of the Myth Community.