Sunday April 6th 2003

Baak Releases Rocket Dorf Fest!! { Zandervix }

Baak sends us this good news:
Rocket Dorf Fest!! is a total conversion for Myth that may just be the most fun you can have with your pants on! ;)

This is a complete total conversion based on the most excellent Rocket Dwarf unit created by ig98 way back in May of 1999 that could best be described as inspired but way too wacky to play on a regular basis. I made several much-needed improvements on that 5-tag unit for regular use, then added additional conversions for co-op play, and then...

It happened...

Just when all I was going to do was add a few more units to the conversion, I decided to make this a complete conversion. And then I envisioned a whole new Rocket Dorf unit. Then another. This led to several LATE nights extending my knowledge of Fear to the very edge of my capability (at least on a PC), including hex editing Collections and beyond...

From this - two weeks and several all-nighters later - including two Saturday Night Matches where we played 35 of 48 games using this plugin (and several of our Order proceeded to play another 3 hours of just Rocket Dorf Fest games the first Sunday Night after our first test!!)...

... I present for your enjoyment:

A 350+ tag, fine-tuned total conversion with three brand new units, five modified ones, a complete story-line that's fun to read (seriously!) in a carefully tested (the core modified unit has been played for over two-and-a-half-years), well-balanced game that provides such an amazing range of strategies and tactics that Rocket Dorf Fest is really nothing less than a completely new game!!

And if you enjoy huge explosions and carnage that will make you laugh out loud, then you?re gonna love this!!

*And* it's easier to learn and play than WWII!! :)

I'm serious folks, this is one helluva good time!! :D

Assassin, Stampede!, and Captures are given new life with an incredibly intense game that will pump your adrenaline and make you laugh out loud, all at the same time!! :D

Every single Myth map that has regular Myth units on it comes alive in ways you never imagined!

And Co-op games are huge fun with maps like The Wall (try it with "Co-op Classic" Legendary) and The Great Library ("Co-op Giant" Legendary)!!

You get *11* Total Conversion Variants ? including 5 just for Co-op - in less than 5 MB! OMG!!

Now there is a small "learning curve" for the RDF Units ? but one that's quickly overcome! Read the Manual once straight through (there?s a lot about RDF that you simply MUST know to play well, and I really think you?ll like The Story) - then prepare yourself for carnage and hilarious fun like you?ve never had before! :)

Here is the complete on-line Rocket Dorf Fest!! Manual

Everything is in the Manual (it's nice!) including the necessary Legal stuff! ;)

And please let me know if you enjoy it by rating it! :)

Grab Rocket Dorfs here from The Mill.