Wednesday April 9th 2003

RMA Mapmaking Contest { Gholsbane }

Mad Dog of The Alliance sends in this exciting news of a new contest for the Myth community. I think he says it best:
The Alliance and Real Men, in cooperation with, proudly bring you the 2003 RMA Mapmaking Contest!

With the upcoming release of Myth II 1.4 and its new unit/mapmaking capabilities, mapmakers will be able to pursue new and interesting ideas and turn them into spectacular maps. This contest is intended to revive the slumping mapmaking community and produce some quality maps for a revamped Myth II!

Check for contest info!

Basically, this is a solo *and* multiplayer mapmaking contest for Myth II: Soulblighter. You may enter as an individual or as a group, and can even submit more than one map.

Details here:

Contest Rules

Contest Forum (Sign up here)

Good luck to all participants!
I'm sure this will help revive a few of the more dormant map-makers in the community and maybe even bring to light some fresh blood. We're looking forward to the outcome of this one.