News Archive for March 2003

Saturday March 22nd

Myth 3 1.1b2 Released { Gholsbane }

MythDevelopers have released the second and final beta for the Myth III: The Wolf Age 1.1 patch. The patch itself will be available on April 15th so you still have some time to clock in those last hours of testing to squash any serious bugs still left in the code. For a full mirror list, head over to the Mill and snag the files in your flavour of choice. [Mac | Win]

Friday March 14th

Myth 2 Update Released { Gholsbane }

Doobie writes in with some long awaited news:

Myth II v1.3.2 Released & 1.4 Announced! Project Magma and MythDev are proud to present the first non-Bungie update for Myth II: Soulblighter. Version 1.3.2 takes care of a few compability problems with newer operating systems. The game has been carbonized allowing it to run natively under Mac OS X, and the flashing cursor bug that has plagued users of Direct3D under Windows 2000/XP has been eliminated. Other improvements include increased network security for multiplayer, and reduced chat lag. Myth II v1.3.2 will be completely backwards compatible with version 1.3, and works on both PlayMyth.Net and Marius.Net.

But the good news doesn't stop there! Now that carbonization is out of the way, we can move onto more exciting improvements in a future release, Myth 1.4 which will contain over 100 additional bug fixes and enhancements including an optional "TFL Gamplay" feature that perfectly replicates TFL in the Myth II client, effectively bringing both communities into one program.
For more info and to download the patch, check out MythDev's Myth 2 page which includes a full mirror list for both versions.

Thursday March 13th

*Ar-Isildur Memorial Write-Up { Gholsbane }

Miguel Chavez (Freewill #CP#g) Has written up his account of the Brian Morden memorial service. Within are some very moving eulogies and a slew of photos taken by Miguel. Definitely worth a read.

Friday March 7th

Myth 2 Beta Now Available { Gholsbane }

MythDev have now made the beta of the Myth 2 update available on their website as well as from the hotline server. Both Mac and PC versions are available for download from the Project Downloads box on the main page. The Myth 3 beta can also be found on the site.

UPDATE: If you downloaded the files when this post was first made, you will need to go to the site again and get the newest beta version. This may change again so no static links are being provided.

UPDATE 2: The final beta has been released so to get some testing done before release, head over to MythDev and grab them straight from these links:

Myth 2 Beta 7 (MAC) 3/11/03
Myth 2 Beta 7 (PC) 3/11/03