News Archive for March 2000

Friday March 31st

Ichor 1.0 Released at the Mill { Pie-rat }

Nekricide sent us the following PR, concerning his new Myth utility:

Ichor 1.0 has been released on the Mill. This application provides a Fear-like interface for gracefully editing and converting Myth 1 & 2 monster, projectile, projectile group, and object tags. It also builds Myth 1 unit and string list tags, provides access to a couple of interesting tag parameters that cannot be edited in Fear (ooh...), and has no known bugs.

It's for Macs.

Sounds good to me. Check out Ichor at the Mill here.

Happy editing!

Wednesday March 29th

New Theory Concerning the Head { Pie-rat }

The Head page (which lives in the Delusions section of Legends & Lore) has been updated once again, this time with a "Head = Balor" theory submitted by Gwaihir.

Check out the Head page here.

Old News Posts Reorganized { Pie-rat }

Well, I finally got off my lazy ass and organized all the old news posts into a more cohesive format.

Now all the old news posts -- dating all the way back to April 99 -- can be viewed at the Past News Archives. The posts are arranged by month.

Yeah, like you really care. ;)

Tuesday March 28th

New Theories Concerning the Leveller { Pie-rat }

We have created a new subcategory in the Delusions section of our Legends & Lore page. This one has to do with that mysterious force of the Mythworld known only as the Leveller.

We kick off this page with a great (albeit lengthy) essay by David Wellington; check it out here.

Yet Another Mythmaster Central Update { Forrest }

New Mythmaster does Crow's Bridge dorf-only way. Full story at MMC.

Monday March 27th

New Section @ Bungie Connection { Pie-rat }

SiliconDream's aforementioned (see news posts for 3/25/00) essay on Marathon-Myth connections has been posted to the Connections part of our Legends & Lore section.

Check out SiliconDream's great essay here; while you're there, check out the rest of the Bungie Connections we have to offer.

Postscript: SiliconDream also informs us that he will be bringing up the subject of Marathon-Myth connections in the Asylum for discussion soon. Keep your eye on it.

Sunday March 26th

Myth Master Central Updates { Forrest }

Quick note, there's a new Myth Master on the loose, and the WolfPack order is surging towards the completion of the Mythmasters' Challenge Myth II Division.

Check it out at Myth Master Central!

Saturday March 25th

More Marathon-Myth Connections { Pie-rat }

SiliconDream, a frequent analyzer of Myth story minutae, has posted a large essay to the Core documenting connections between the Marathon and Myth storylines.

Yes, it's very deep and intense, but that's what we Bungie fans like, right? Check out SiliconDream's excellent essay here.

Leggo II: Arena Released { Pie-rat }

The Townhall reports that the sequel to Leggo My Myth, Leggo II: Arena has been released.

Yes! After waiting with bated breath for many...uh, for a very long time...the MoR team has released the multiplayer sequel to the ever-popular Leggo My Myth.

Check out at the official L2:A site here, or download the plugin from the Mill.

Friday March 24th

Legends & Lore Updated Again { Forrest }

Yep, again! Legends' Encyclopedia's What section has received an update of information from GURPS Myth. Up next, When (which already has a little bit of GURPS info for dating purposes) . . .

Sunday March 19th

More No-Damage Films At MMC { Forrest }

Yep, ol' Daniel is at it again, polishing up a few films for Myth TFL before he moves on to Myth II. Up now are two films, a no-damage script-screwing Last Battle and an impressive and very fun no-damage Dwarf-only Silvermines.

Check it out!

Saturday March 18th

Leggo II: Arena Announced { Pie-rat }

Myth fans who have been keeping tabs on will have noticed two occurences there: first, the site has returned after a breif hiatus and has slightly changed its layout. Secondly, the site has dropped its news section (for now, at least) and is focusing on the promotion of:

Leggo II: Arena! Yes, everyone's favorite Lego conversion has jumped on the net-gaming bandwagon -- which I (a jaded single-player junkie weaned on Marathon) would normally consider lame, except for the fact that blasting Legos is so much cooler than blasting generically scary aliens (*cough*Quake*cough*).

Yes, indeed. Check out the Leggo II: Arena conversion (and the new here.

Thursday March 16th

Myth Masters' Challenge TFL Completed! { Forrest }

Thursday, Mar 16th, 2000; 12:00 AM Pacific Time Newswire

The Myth Masters' Challenge TFL Division is officially closed!

And the winner is...
Daniel "Asmodeus" Gentry!

Two months and three days ago, on January 13th, Daniel first appeared here on Myth Master Central. A new Mythmaster but an old Vidmaster from The Marathon Vidmasters' Page, Daniel quickly took up the call of the Myth Masters' Challenge, and shot ahead of the then-current leaders of the TFL division, Dan "Face" Rudolph and Argyrios "Ares" Saccopoulos, despite their six-film lead on him. Since then he has been our most prolific Mythmaster, twenty-one films ahead of his nearest competitor, Dan "Face" Rudolph.

Now, sixty-six days after his first appearance, he has completed our first complete set of films for Myth: The Fallen Lords. Twenty-five films, each and every one following at least four of the six bonus Laws, and the almighty Seventh.

He completes this feat with an appropriate film of the last level of Myth:TFL, The Great Devoid. The film uses no vets and is on Legendary, Daniel takes no DAMAGE (not even from Soulblighter) much less casualties, he kills everything, and explores everywhere. For the Seventh law, as if the above wasn't stylish enough, he signs his name in Balor's own blood around the Great Devoid.

For your viewing pleasure, I've compiled Daniel's best films from Myth TFL, one of each level, into a single archive. Expect more of these as the Challenge goes on; eventually I'll put up a page just for them.

Check out Myth Master Central!

Wednesday March 15th

Chimera Journals Online { Forrest }

Yep, Legends & Lore has been updated again! The Journal section finally got eight new pages for the eight Chimera levels.

Next up on my long, long list of Things To Do, the Myth II Field Guides. Then Chimera guides. Then getting the Encyclopedia up-to-date with Chimera, Tales From Myth:TFL, and GURPS Myth. And don't get me started on what Myth Master Central needs done...

Tuesday March 14th

Creation Announced Barbarian Valley { Forrest }

This just in from Ares (why don't I get these PRs sooner?):

Creation releases Barbarian Valley

Clem's Barbarian Valley is a large 2-team or 4-team map set along the banks of a dried riverbed. It has your typical work-a-day unitsets of Light 2-team, Light 4-team, Dark 2-team, Dark-4 team, and a RiP-style unitset. However, Barbarian Valley is not your run-of-the-mill (no pun intended) map. It is unique due to two additional, very special meshes.

"Valley of Nostalgia" is a two-team multiplayer mesh, with all the physics on this mesh changed to those of Myth: The Fallen Lords! This means no unit clumping, unpredictable , bouncy molotov cocktails that can get relit and blasted by other explosions, less-accurate archers, and cool thrall deaths.

"Contest of Champions," the solo mesh from BadThrall, also uses TFL physics. It and "With Friends Like These" are the only solos scripted with the behavior of netmaps, but while WFLT was a team game, Contest of Champions can be thought of as a FFA. Take the crystals from your evil brothers, promoting the battles between them and bring them back to your flag to win, while the brothers try to take yours. The map is very large scale, with upwards of 600 enemy units and constant battle.

Go get barbarian valley today from our site, where you can also find screenshots, or from The Mill.

Tho I am Creation, I can't comment on this map as I had nothing to do with it. But it's a Creation project, so it's bound to be great!

Thursday March 9th

Creation Moves { Forrest }

This just in from Ares:

Creation Goes Mad-Crazy!

Point your browser in the direction of, Creation's new, totally overhauled site, and stand out of the way.

Since our last release (what has it been, a month?) Creation has been actively recruiting new members and growing into a much larger and more diverse group. Such famous mapmakers as Cydonian, BadThrall, KVLtv, and Sobo are now counted among our ranks. Some of these members have brought their own projects into the group as they joined, and others are helping out on existing projects that have been in the works for a while.

The result is a really really, uhm, "large" collection of new half-finished or near-complete projects. There are too many to count! Find out what The Legend of Gor-Ash (Creation's Mill Solo Map Contest Entry), Group ofCoops 2, 1861: Civil War (A Total Conversion), and WW2:ISF are. Also see previously posted previews of CoD levels and two new multiplayer maps! Myth dead? I DON'T THINK SO! Other project pages, like those for Kinfolk and Bushido, will go up as the projects get off the ground.

Check out our screenshots if you doubt the tru7h! Look for a string of releases in the coming weeks.

Being a Creation memeber myself, I feel obligated to say GO THERE AND BE AMAZED OR I KIK U 2 DETH! ;-)

MGL Interviews Marty O'Donell { Forrest }

MGL has a brief interview with Marty O'Donell of Total Audio, the talent behind all of Bungie's recent audio, from Myth and Myth II to Oni and Halo, as well non-Bungie games like Riven and Myst. Interesting to note that he says that, while game music doesn't pay as well, he tends to enjoy it more.

Check it out!

Saturday March 4th

Myth Masters Challenge TFL Almost Done { Forrest }

You heard right! One more film and the TFL division of the Myth Master's Challenge will be over! You potential Mythmasters practically gave it away to Daniel "Asmodeus" Gentry, who's closest competition is twenty films behind. Lets see some competition for the other two divisions, eh?

Anyway, check out Myth Master Central!

Friday March 3rd

Anictolyte Announces Two New TCs { Pie-rat }

This PR straight in from GodzFire:

Anictolyte Map Makers Guild has long been in the shadows, but not for lack of work. No, Anictolyte Map Makers Guild has been hard at work on not one, but two major projects: the first a solo campaign which has been under construction for half a year, and the second a TC.

The compaign uses historical references from the Myth series for a compelling tale of Connacht versus the Myrkridia, and the TC features a new, intuitive style of gameplay where what you do in this level decides what happens next level.

Sounds cool. Check out the "Under Myrkridian Standards" trailer here, or check out the "Cages" trailer here.

Postscript from Forrest: As a beta tester and journal-writer for UMS, I can guarantee this stuff is worth checking out. That is all.