News Archive for October 2002

Wednesday October 30th

MythBrowser { Gholsbane }

Kel sends word that his MythBrowser server stats app is now available.

Apparently, it "polls MariusNet and PlayMyth game servers for current players." Go check out his site for more information and the PC-only download.

A Mac version is in the works but the current version is unuseable.

Wednesday October 23rd

Myth 3 Wallpaper { Gholsbane }

This is over a month old but I just came across it.

MacGamer posted a Myth III wallpaper on September 22nd. You can get it here in their Desktop Central section.

Crocodile Myth Vid Up { Gholsbane }

Long time Bungie fan, Simon "Inky" Marek, sent word of an awesome movie he and FeralBob put together during one of Crocodile Bungie's weekly Myth sessions. The movie is in Quicktime format and features footage of huge exploding minefields set to music. You can pick it up in both small (9mb) and large (19.4mb) flavours.

I urge you also to take time to visit these crazy down-under folk at their Seventh Column fanclub chapter.

That reminds me. Don't we have a chapter?

Tuesday October 22nd

Temporary address for The Underdogs { Gholsbane }

This just in from Doobie:

As some of you may have noticed is currently unavailable. This is a temporary problem that we should have cleared up by mid November at the latest. In the meantime, I just wanted to let everyone know that we're still available on the web at the following temporary address:

For those of you looking for maps, the Grounds for Assualt map and tool archive is temporarily available at or A big thanks goes out to for hosting the Grounds for Assualt maps in's absence.

And last but not least, anyone looking for the uDog Hotline server can use this temporary address:, until is working again.

Mid November? Awww.

Friday October 18th

Project Phoenix Cancelled { Gholsbane }

OK, not really Myth news but since Phoenix was believed to have a fantasy setting, here's the gen.

Matt Soell dropped by the HBO forums to say that the mysterious Bungie project, codenamed Phoenix, has been "shelved".

However, he did mention that Bungie have begun work on yet another title in Phoenix's wake which the team are far more excited about.

This does mean that we'll have an even longer wait till we see anything substantial concerning Bungie's non-Halo project.

Whatever and ever. Amen.

Thursday October 17th

Clan Plaid Goes Down { Gholsbane }

It seems the Clan Plaid servers have gone down along with every other site they host. These include Myth Village, Myth Guide and marius net. However, the Marius Myth metaserver is still up so you can continue playing TFL online, as well as SB of course.

I'm not sure how long this will go on for but I'll let you know when things return to normal.

Update: marius net is back online.

Monday October 14th

MythDev Announces Hotline Server { Zandervix }

Just like the title says, MythDev announced the launch of their new hotline server. You can find it at:

MWC '01 Site Re-vived { Zandervix }

The MOS reports that the MWC '01 site is back for your viewing pleasure.

Wednesday October 9th

'Bloody Mud' and 'Aegis' Merge { Zandervix }

This was pulled from the forums over at PlayMyth:

The Myth mapmaking orders of Aegis [founded by Khrome] and bloody mud founded by aqaraza] have announced that they are merging into one order.

Bloody mud is known for its openness, camaraderie, and spirit of anti-elitism. bloody mud is a workspace where ideas can be tried and developed by anyone wanting to collaborate, no matter their experience level, other committments/orders, or skill-sets. bloody mud will continue to be the gleeful Myth sandbox for 'the rest of us'.

Aegis has become the home of the much-anticipated WWIIi project, will help hone the ambitious Myth: Massive project, and will continue to be known for excellence and the completion of quality projects by committed mapmakers. Aegis is becoming the inner 'honor guard' of bloody mud, and membership to the inner Aegis core will require the member to have helped with at least one completed, 'shipping' Myth project.

So, mapmakers or players who are interested in honing their skills at either art are encouraged to participate in bloody mud however they wish to; and when they have helped to complete a project, for themselves or with others, they will be invited to join bloody mud's Aegis core, to help guide and shape the future projects of bloody mud and Aegis. While bloody mud has an open-ended forum at..:
... the Aegis core of mapmakers will continue to be privately coordinated by Khrome.

For more information on bloody mud, see:
[or email]

For more information on Aegis, see

MOS Searches for MWC '01 { Zandervix }

This from Total Codex over at the Ministry of Security site.

Yep, that's right. The latest APB that MOS has out is for the Myth World Cup 2001 site; dead or alive! Well, actually that's not exactly true... the site is already dead.

The MWC '01 site used to be hosted at, but has been down for over a month now. I don't quite know the status of the site, or why it's gone, but usually when an MWC site comes down, the outlook for it's return isn't too good. Just take a look at what happened to the MWC '98 site; now we're hosting it.

And that is exactly my point... if the MWC '01 site can't return on it's own, I would like to resurrect it under my own hosting. There was some talk months ago about a 'Myth Museum' which would help resurrect and host dead Myth sites so they would no longer be lost to the ages. Now apparently that fell through, and I don't have the resources, the time, or the staff to undertake a major project such as that, but I do have a thing for MWC sites. They're a large part of Myth history and with each site only being hosted by a single source, once it's gone, it's gone - and too many Myth sites have been going that way for a long time. So if anyone reading this has any info on the status of the MWC '01 site, please send an email my way. If the site is gone for good, I would like to try to rehost it. I will need to find someone with an index of the entire site, and recieve permission from the original designers of the site... but it can be done.

Tuesday October 8th

Pick of the Week... { Zandervix }

Yes, yes. I know I haven't done a pick for a few weeks, but what'ya gonna do? This week, I picked a new site that features stuff from old sites. Vinylrake's Myth Graveyard over at Forerunners offers valuable info from sites long since gone. You should check it out. Really. Also, if you have, or know, of any good stuff that is, or will be, gone from the web soon, you should send it to him to be added.

Myth: TFL to Turn 5 { Zandervix }

Although nobody can quite agree on it's release date, TFL's 5 year anniversary is coming up. Dates are ranging from Early November to December. Last year MariusNet celebrated on November 8th; and early info has it that they will celebrate about the same time this year. Is there anything special planned? I'll guess we'll have to wait and see.

Monday October 7th

MythWA Clarification { Zandervix }

It seems that the letter left by Some Loser (see news for Oct 2nd) over at MythWA had a few people questioning the future of the site (myself included). Fortunately, Strike has cleared it all up for us. Sort of.

Over the past few days it has come to my attention that some people appear to believe that if SomeLoser decides to end his participation in mythwa, the site will disappear.

Although SomeLoser has yet to decide his future with the site I can assure you, Mythwa will stay very much alive. As the person who built this site up from scratch and the provider of most of the sites content, stored on my computer is every single thing that is mythwa today even up to a download of the complete forum from yesterday.

As the owner of the site I will be ensuring that mythwa will last at least a few more months if not years in providing you with up-to-date information for the myth series and beyond.

At this stage SL and I have yet to discuss the finer details of where the site is heading, but now I have gained FTP access nothing should be in the way of a complete site update sometime soon.

Wednesday October 2nd

MythWA to Close it's Doors? { Zandervix }

I was just going to put down some brief description and make you head over on a link, but this should really be put up in full. Here's the sad tale from Some Loser and MythWA:


Iīm writing an open letter to you, in order to explain the current state is in. has left itīs glory days behind as you all probably realise. We still recive alot of forum posts, and at times there are lively discussions going on. But to think MythWA will live up to get 200 forum posts a day as it did for a while is not realistic.

The reason to why I took contact with Take 2, United Developers, MacSoft & Microsoft last February was not only to make sure Myth 3 was to become what it was expected to be, but also to secure the survivial of this site. And it worked out good, as I got NDA's on the Myth 3 source. The Bungie server source was released as open sourced etc. You know the story.

All this was later put into the joint effort of PlayMyth. Where I become team leader over a great gang of guys who joined up from different places (Blades, AsydRayne, Spond, Bloo etc).

However, things change. And I informed the MythDev team the other day that Iīm stepping aside (more or less leaving My time is getting sucked up by many things and I have got some offers here in Sweden. When things arenīt enough inspiring or fun anymore then itīs hard to keep the motivation up for something you do for free.

My decision on PlayMyth is affecting as well. As I illustrated earlier, has been closely connected to I wonīt have the same insight on what goes on with the Myth 3 development etc.

This site will be up until November. After that I canīt tell for sure what will happen to this site. Any input on this will be answered in the forum.

Johan Hedin
alias Some Loser

Forerunners Prepares for Upgrade { Zandervix } will be down two days this week to upgrade their systems. It seems that they never anticipated the kind of response that they would get to their 'free web-page for Bungie fans' offer. Oh, and by the way, if you still want to have a site for any Bungie game, head on over and ask 'em. :)

MariusNet News... { Zandervix }

Just a quick note to let you know that Co-op ranking will be reset this friday on MariusNet.