Monday October 7th 2002

MythWA Clarification { Zandervix }

It seems that the letter left by Some Loser (see news for Oct 2nd) over at MythWA had a few people questioning the future of the site (myself included). Fortunately, Strike has cleared it all up for us. Sort of.
Over the past few days it has come to my attention that some people appear to believe that if SomeLoser decides to end his participation in mythwa, the site will disappear.

Although SomeLoser has yet to decide his future with the site I can assure you, Mythwa will stay very much alive. As the person who built this site up from scratch and the provider of most of the sites content, stored on my computer is every single thing that is mythwa today even up to a download of the complete forum from yesterday.

As the owner of the site I will be ensuring that mythwa will last at least a few more months if not years in providing you with up-to-date information for the myth series and beyond.

At this stage SL and I have yet to discuss the finer details of where the site is heading, but now I have gained FTP access nothing should be in the way of a complete site update sometime soon.