Wednesday October 9th 2002

'Bloody Mud' and 'Aegis' Merge { Zandervix }

This was pulled from the forums over at PlayMyth:
The Myth mapmaking orders of Aegis [founded by Khrome] and bloody mud founded by aqaraza] have announced that they are merging into one order.

Bloody mud is known for its openness, camaraderie, and spirit of anti-elitism. bloody mud is a workspace where ideas can be tried and developed by anyone wanting to collaborate, no matter their experience level, other committments/orders, or skill-sets. bloody mud will continue to be the gleeful Myth sandbox for 'the rest of us'.

Aegis has become the home of the much-anticipated WWIIi project, will help hone the ambitious Myth: Massive project, and will continue to be known for excellence and the completion of quality projects by committed mapmakers. Aegis is becoming the inner 'honor guard' of bloody mud, and membership to the inner Aegis core will require the member to have helped with at least one completed, 'shipping' Myth project.

So, mapmakers or players who are interested in honing their skills at either art are encouraged to participate in bloody mud however they wish to; and when they have helped to complete a project, for themselves or with others, they will be invited to join bloody mud's Aegis core, to help guide and shape the future projects of bloody mud and Aegis. While bloody mud has an open-ended forum at..:
... the Aegis core of mapmakers will continue to be privately coordinated by Khrome.

For more information on bloody mud, see:
[or email]

For more information on Aegis, see