Wednesday October 2nd 2002

MythWA to Close it's Doors? { Zandervix }

I was just going to put down some brief description and make you head over on a link, but this should really be put up in full. Here's the sad tale from Some Loser and MythWA:

Iīm writing an open letter to you, in order to explain the current state is in. has left itīs glory days behind as you all probably realise. We still recive alot of forum posts, and at times there are lively discussions going on. But to think MythWA will live up to get 200 forum posts a day as it did for a while is not realistic.

The reason to why I took contact with Take 2, United Developers, MacSoft & Microsoft last February was not only to make sure Myth 3 was to become what it was expected to be, but also to secure the survivial of this site. And it worked out good, as I got NDA's on the Myth 3 source. The Bungie server source was released as open sourced etc. You know the story.

All this was later put into the joint effort of PlayMyth. Where I become team leader over a great gang of guys who joined up from different places (Blades, AsydRayne, Spond, Bloo etc).

However, things change. And I informed the MythDev team the other day that Iīm stepping aside (more or less leaving My time is getting sucked up by many things and I have got some offers here in Sweden. When things arenīt enough inspiring or fun anymore then itīs hard to keep the motivation up for something you do for free.

My decision on PlayMyth is affecting as well. As I illustrated earlier, has been closely connected to I wonīt have the same insight on what goes on with the Myth 3 development etc.

This site will be up until November. After that I canīt tell for sure what will happen to this site. Any input on this will be answered in the forum.

Johan Hedin
alias Some Loser