Wednesday October 9th 2002

MOS Searches for MWC '01 { Zandervix }

This from Total Codex over at the Ministry of Security site.
Yep, that's right. The latest APB that MOS has out is for the Myth World Cup 2001 site; dead or alive! Well, actually that's not exactly true... the site is already dead.

The MWC '01 site used to be hosted at, but has been down for over a month now. I don't quite know the status of the site, or why it's gone, but usually when an MWC site comes down, the outlook for it's return isn't too good. Just take a look at what happened to the MWC '98 site; now we're hosting it.

And that is exactly my point... if the MWC '01 site can't return on it's own, I would like to resurrect it under my own hosting. There was some talk months ago about a 'Myth Museum' which would help resurrect and host dead Myth sites so they would no longer be lost to the ages. Now apparently that fell through, and I don't have the resources, the time, or the staff to undertake a major project such as that, but I do have a thing for MWC sites. They're a large part of Myth history and with each site only being hosted by a single source, once it's gone, it's gone - and too many Myth sites have been going that way for a long time. So if anyone reading this has any info on the status of the MWC '01 site, please send an email my way. If the site is gone for good, I would like to try to rehost it. I will need to find someone with an index of the entire site, and recieve permission from the original designers of the site... but it can be done.