News Archive for August 2002

Thursday August 29th

Official Forerunners Press Release { Gholsbane }

Courtesy of Gary "theBattleCat" Simmons, cofounder of the network:

Forerunners had some serious server problems on our scheduled opening day Monday resulting in missing graphics and the loss of the ability to update the pages to fix the problems. This resulted in a "false start". Forerunners is sorry for any confusion this may have caused in the online community. We are finally back up and are officially sending out the announcement below:


Have you ever sung a lullaby to a sleeping god while playing softly on a low-yield nuclear device? Is your computer a comm term with a rampant AI for an OS? Have you ever given your brother the Backbreaker while battling for the fate of the world because he pantsed you once in gym? Do you ever jumpstart your Warthog with high explosives? Have you ever driven all the way to the Great Devoid with dwarves in the back seat whining, "Are we there yet?", only to find it was closed like Wally World?

If so, then you are in for a treat! Introducing, a new website composed of a community of member websites devoted to Bungie Studio's games: past, present and future.

The structure of Forerunners is simple, think of it as a central core serving Bungie-game-themed satellite hubs that link to related web sites run by members. Rather like corn dogs on sticks stuck in bigger corn dogs on sticks all stuck in a really big corn dog... on a stick. Where's my pills??

Anyway, Forerunners will provide members with online web space for their OWN Bungie fan site, bandwidth and email addresses as well as featuring forums, a hotline server, member generated news and MORE. Membership is free, all you gotta do is love Bungie games and know what your name is. Everybody is welcome to visit on hotline or on the net. Hang out with the people who love the games you love.

To celebrate our opening we plan to give away some cool loot that Matt Soell of Bungie Studios has purloined from the Bungie vaults. Look for the sign up form soon. is another creation of Steve Campbell and Gary Simmons, the two idiots who originated This time around we decided that the fan site should be created and maintained not by an elite few, but by the very people who visit it. When you are at Forerunners you are not "watching a movie", you are writing the screenplay! This all starts TODAY and if you get there soon you will see how disorganized we are. Catch us with our pants down and see why we should have said, "lets give it another week"!
Join the fun!

Gary Simmons
the Battle Cat

Sounds like fun. What are you waiting for?!

Wednesday August 28th

Myth Developers Launches { Zandervix } (Myth Developers), the (sort of) parent of Playmyth, MythMaps, and now The Mill; finally launched it's website. Not all of the sections of the site are up yet, but it's definately worth looking at since MythDev is sure to be a big part of this community.

Playmyth Needs Myth III Beta Testers { Zandervix }

PlayMyth is getting closer to their launch of Myth III on their server, and they are looking for beta testers to help them out. Here's the scoop:

We're looking for beta testers for Myth 3. Here is the criteria for being accepted into the beta test program:

1. Time. You should have at least a couple of hours a day to play Myth 3 testing new builds.

2. Variety. You'll need to play solo and online (currently GameSpy, ultimately PlayMyth) to test changes made to multiplayer maps and just check for general game stability.

3. You must have existing issues with the game - meaning you can't play it for one reason or another because of operating system or hardware.

At this point, we are SPECIFICALLY looking for testers who are using Windows XP and are unable to play for one reason or another. We will take applications from folks on any platform, but right now, we're especially looking for XP testers. To qualify you must have a commercial release of Myth 3 and a copy of Microsoft Windows XP. Also you must include with your request to participate a list of problems you have running the existing game.

Send your request to:

Upon acceptance you will be given access to any betas which may be released for your specific platform. You will need to download the patches and play the game - reporting any problems to our staff. All instructions will be sent to you upon approval

Build 159 Problems { Zandervix }

From Playmyth:

Hey Everyone - I've pulled the 159 build off MythMaps for a variety of reasons - the most notable being that the camera doesn't work properly under OS X 10.2. Reverting to the original build that came with your CD will prevent this problem ---- and unfortunately bring back all the screen pref problems.

MWC2002 MB (Please?!) { Zandervix }

There's been talk around the community for the need (desire) of a Myth World Cup 2002. Sure, it probably won't be as big as the others, and the possibility of prizes is slim, but it would be fun! So, on behalf of a large part of the community, if someone out there has the knowledge and desire to host one, please do so! You can check out a lengthy discussion here at PlayMyth.

TFL PC Editor MB { Zandervix }

Something that was pointed out to me in reference to the watermask news-post a few days ago was that I cut off the most important part. The watermask extractor was the final (major) problem in creating a Myth PC TFL Editor. Woohoo! My bad, sorry.

Tuesday August 27th

Forerunners Launch { Gholsbane }

Oh well, now that everyone else knows, there's no point in keeping the secret any longer. finally went live yesterday after months of waiting.

At present, the network is rather bare and is having a few teething troubles but more members will bring progress. So what are you waiting for, get a website today. Then, once you've got loads of Myth goodness uploaded to the domain, pass the link along to the Myth Hub and the kind webmaster will add your name to the list.

While you're on the network, be sure to check out all the other hub and user sites already up and linked from the core page. Then head over to hotline to meet the gang and chat with founders Gary Simmons and Steve Campbell as well as a few regulars who have joined the network.

I know a lot of you must be thinking it's strange to see people running sites on both and but remember that the two are not mutually exclusive. For more info on what Forerunners is all about, check out the details page linked from the core.

There's also a forum on the network though it is by no means "feature complete" yet. Won't be taking over The Asylum just yet.

Monday August 26th

Pick of the Week... { Zandervix }

Rumor has it that the They Might Be Mapmakers site is to dissapear shortly. Go check it out while you can!

SB Night on MariusNet { Zandervix }

Tonight's map is "The Blade Garden." Get it:

at the Mill
at MythMaps

Watermask Extractor Coming Soon? { Zandervix }

I was sent a link to a post in the uDogs forum today about watermasks on maps. Don't ask me, I don't know, but you folks that are heavy into mapmaking should know what it is. Yeah, you heard me. Here's a portion of the post from Stratman:

got a program that takes the watermask from an m2 map and puts it in a tfl...i might throw together just a water mask extracter as well...since if u dont want to use loathing for m2 to make the map...u can have still do ur water mask

Saturday August 24th

2002 Summer Offensive Tourney { Zandervix }

Marine Recon announces their newest tourney to be held on PlayMyth. Here's the beef:

Date: Saturday, September 21st, 2002
Start Time: 4pm EST. (You MUST be prompt to participate)
End Time: Scheduled to end at 9pm EST
Place: PlayMyth.Net
Maps: This is an all IOMS tournament.The maps used are all from Iconoclast's recently announced Inter Order Map Standard (known as IOMS). Head on over to Iconlegends' download page, or to download the IOMS. All maps are conveniently bundled.

Click here for more info, and to sign up.

Thursday August 22nd

TGW Finally Released (Sort Of)... { Zandervix }

After a long wait, The Great War is finally released, sort of. The web site is gone, but let's see if I can remember the original idea: TGW was supposed to take place sometime after Balor is first seen, and sometime before the events in TFL; and this project was boasting a few new units and 8 solo levels. The TGW campaign was announced over two years ago, by the way. However, since then, the mapmaking group, Cartographers of Myth, have disbanded; and their websites have disappeared. TGW was never finished. In fact, the last incarnation of TGW is dated January 28th of this year; and that is what is available for download over at MythMaps. Almost completed, the release version of TGW has 7 levels (2 of which don't run correctly, but were added to show you what the COM had in mind). Here is the description of what you're getting:

After too many years in production/sitting around to count, the few guys from the Cartographers of Myth who still pay attention are proud to give you Myth: The Great War beta 7.Myth: TGW has 7 solo levels set prior to Myth: The Fallen Lords when the Dark made its push into the Province.It should be noted that even though this is beta 7, it will be the final release unless something completely unexpected happens. As a beta, only 5 of the levels are "finished", however the other 2 are also included for you to see what we had in mind. Also note that some of the levels lack pregames and/or postgames. Most important however is that level 1 has a PC crash bug roughly 1/2 of the way through it (on Macs there are no stability issues). Level 1 is still a recommended play to PC users who can accept not finishing the level because it is one of the better ones.I think that's about it. If you don't see any TGW maps when you click "New Game", be sure to hold down the space bar as you click it and then scroll down to the bottom of the list. The TGW maps themselves are in order from top to bottom, they are just located beneath all of the Myth 2 maps.Consult the readme for more information, and have fun.
I just finished playing this myself. Loads of fun, so go get it already!

Monday August 19th

Post-MariusNet Birthday Bash News { Zandervix }

For those of you who didn't show up on Friday for the party, "LOSER!" Ahem, sorry. Here's the news of the winners and such as posted on MariusNet:

Thanks to all that showed up Friday for the One Year Anniversary. Hope you had as fun as I did. Winners of the Soulblighter T-Shirts are Vogel, LANE, and Welly. The Myth TFL boxes went to Thunderbolt and goblin, and Krille won the Pathways Into Darkness game.

The TFL Coop Challenge came down to the final games. Ducky, Ramses and woof were all sitting at 23 levels won. Ramses managed to win his 24th and final level first, then Ducky won Devoid to wrap up the list, and even woof squeezed in his final win, starting his winning Devoid game about 10 minutes before the cutoff time. Congrats to all three, it was quite a feat. Since Ramses won his 24th level first, he is the winner of the signed TFL disc. You can download films of his winning games (plus his favorite loss) here and check the final TFL standings here.

The SB Coop Challenge goes to Savanarola with 23 levels beat, so he won the Soulblighter minature figurine. A zip file of the wins can be downloaded here and check the final SB standings here.

I'll be contacting all winners in the next couple days for shipping information and such.

Thanks again!

Myth III for Macintosh gets Upgrade { Zandervix }

This tidbit of news was over at PlayMyth:

This weekend, we received some updates to the M3 code. This will be the last "generic" release before we begin working on the version 1.1 of the executable which we will begin in about two weeks.

This executable is for Macintosh computers only - a PC will follow as soon as one of our PC team members has a chance to compile it. (I don't have a PC to compile this on for PC).

It fixes a few bugs - but nothing spectacular... makes things a bit more stable.

click here to get it at

It'll be on The Mill also soon.

SB Night on Marius { Zandervix }

Tonight is SB night on MariusNet. There are no special maps for tonight, so go over and enjoy some regular SB action!

Friday August 16th

Happy Anniversary MariusNet!!! { Zandervix }

If by some chance you haven't heard yet, MariusNet celebrates it's one year anniversary today. So head on over for some good fun and prizes! Hope to see you there!

Thursday August 15th

MythMaps Redux - Again { Zandervix }

MythMaps recently reported of changes to their site. However, now that they are in partnership with The Mill, more changes are to follow:

We're in the process of re-planning some of the expansion of in light of our new partnership with The Mill and we're planning on making some significant changes to the way things are done here.

1. The forums here will likely go away. Truth be known is there are many places that have successful forums already and - quite honestly - ours kinda suck :-).

2. Addition of an articles section. Just like files, users could upload articles on map making, unit development, or other assistance articles. This way people don't have to download such text documents, unzip and print them. Also adds to the over-all information value of the web site for new users.

3. Closer policing of posted content. All files and articles will have to be approved by a MythMaps administrator. We're in the process of going through those of you who have offered to help out and will be contacting you all soon.

4. Browse the file archives - you can view the archives like an ftp client. Including and the Mill files.

Let us know if you have any other ideas! is also becoming part of the Myth Developers community of web sites. For more information on MythDev, you need to wait, because their site isn't done yet! :) (so many sites to build, so little time....).

Wednesday August 14th

MariusNet Celebration { Zandervix }

We recieved the 'official' announcement of the festivities from MariusNet this morning. Here it is:

On Friday, August 16th, Mariusnet will be celebrating 1 year of Myth Carnage. One year ago, Marius and I were ready to go public with our '3rd Party' server for the Bungie game Myth TFL. We've seen a lot of changes over the past year, including the addition of support for Myth Soulblighter, a ranking system for TFL and SB, many dot commands to enhance the user experience, and most recently a Co-op rank system for both TFL and soon Soulblighter as well. To celebrate, there will be 'door prizes' given away around noon, 3pm, 6pm, 9pm and midnight Eastern (must be online and active in the lobby to be eligible, prizes donated by Bungie (thanks Mordia and Max!) and Infininight.

Also, there is a day long contest, starting at 7am eastern Friday and running until 3am eastern(Saturday morning if you want to call it that). What is the contest? Your mission, if you wish to accept it, is to beat as many different Bungie solo maps (you can play them solo or cooperative, your choice) on legendary difficulty. The person winning the most different TFL maps and the most different SB maps will each receive a prize. If you want to participate in this contest, the games *must* be played in a tracked room (tourney rooms are tracked) and you may be asked to verify your wins, so save the films!

Prizes for the Coop Challenge - you get to have an easter egg command of your choice added to the Mariusnet Server (it does have to be in line with the mariusnet user agreement rules of course). The TFL winner will also receive an Autographed (by those Bungie employees still at Bungie who worked on the game) TFL v1.0 CD, suitable for framing. The SB winner will receive a Soulblighter miniature. If there is a tie for the most different maps won, then the person who got the most different maps won earlier in the day will be the winner.

'Door Prizes' randomly rewarded throughout the day include Two TFL Wine Crate Press Kits (pine box branded with the TFL and Bungie logo, inside each is a TFL poster, soundtrack and holiday cards), 3 Myth SB t-shirts, and a sealed Pathways Into Darkness game. Other surprises will be in store for the day. Call in sick to work, grab a few 12 packs of your favorite beverage and a box of Depends and log on to help us celebrate!

To participate you must have a Mariusnet Account to log in, Stop by for more information.

Myth Done Quick { Zandervix }

A new contest is up and running. Myth Done Quick is a contest to see who can complete each level (for Myth I, Myth II, and Myth III) in the fastest time possible. A few rules apply, though. You have to play in Co-op, on Legendary, and with no Veterans. Check out the contest site for more info and how to enter.

Some of you might remember the Myth 2 Done Quick contest that ended more than a year ago. A couple days ago, I recieved permission to add the winners to Mythmaster Central. You'll be able to catch them here with the MMC update this weekend.

Myth Village Returns to Life { Zandervix }

Just a quick note to all you web surfers out there. After a short hiatus, MythVillage is now back to active news posts (and as a side note: the forums were always active). Welcome Back!

Monday August 12th

MariusNet News... { Zandervix }

MariusNet celebrates it's one year anniversary this Friday. There are sure to be some good times, and great fun. I also hear rumor that there may be prizes for various things. So come on out, and enjoy the festivities!

Also, tonight is Myth II night. Since I'm too lazy to re-link tonights maps, simply scroll down this page to August 5th and find tonights maps in last weeks post (hint: they are the Hexographica maps that say 'next weeks maps'). Enjoy!

Intriguing Screen and News { Gholsbane }

Just found this over at Inside Mac Games.

It appears that work on the Macintosh version of Vengeance, the Myth 3 editor, is underway once again. Andrew Meggs has managed to get his hands on a G3 and left a progress screenshot at the Antennahead Industries website. also have the scoop on this newest development. Things look good.

Saturday August 10th

The Mill Returns { Gholsbane }

Despite conflicting messages from The FileMan himself, the Mill has returned safely to the online community.

The reason for this return is due to a supply of bandwidth from Blades Oliva of fame. His company, Powertools, has provided the hardware to support this age-old tradition in a deal which benefits everyone.

Read more about the risen archive at the site itself. Then get on down to some much needed downloading.

Or alternatively, check out what have to say and get your plugin fix there. Soon, the two archives will only differ in domain name after overhauls to access the files stored at the Mill and vice versa.

I can't even contain my excitement.

Pick of the Week... { Zandervix }

This week's pick is of The Fallen Lords clan site. Granted, they don't have much content, and it's been over a month since their last bit of news; but their site is definately worth a look. Here's why:

First, the site is visually aesthetic. Simply said, it just looks nice. Second, they provide downloads for some of the web's most useful tools (at least if you want to keep in contact with someone). They have four different messenger's and, for any of you who don't have it yet, Hotline.

"But Zan," you ask, "what does this site really have that would interest me, a myth player?" I'm glad you asked. For those of you who frequently visit this site (M.B.O., I mean), and especially those of you who get into story discussions here at the Asylum, you should find the page titled "Codex" interesting. It's a short narration of the history of Myth, but with a twist. It continues after Alric defeats Soulblighter at Tharsis, and details a story about a cataclysm that occurs to the Myth world when/because the cycle gets broken. A pretty good read, I highly recommend it.

And for those of you who have never checked it out and want some more 'good readin,' please visit my first ever 'Pick of the Week,' The Tharsis Times, a Myth Parody Newspaper. I can't help it, I still get a kick out of it. :)

Myth Workshop Needs Cash? { Zandervix }

This was posted over at Myth Workshop (You know, the site that is bringing us another server, and also offers free web space. Yeah, that one):

Help Keep the Myth Workshop online, ad free and fast! If you use our free hosting or just like the site please send out money our way every now and then, Thanks! :)
You can donate by going to their site, and using their donation link. Hey, don't look at me, I just report the news.

Wednesday August 7th

Mint Condition Tourney Announced { Zandervix }

The MCT Tourney is coming! No dates have been announced yet for this FFA double elimination tournament. Head over to the Mint Condition Tourney site for the whole story.

MythWA Seeks Programmers { Zandervix }

Simply enough, here's the post from MythWA:

PlayMyth is trying the hardest to get going with Myth 3 server implementions, but we have run into a lot of delays and we have also lost some crew members. Their are some empty spots to fill. We are working with the code, but things will take a long time if we don't get more help.

If you are a programmer and got some spare time over, I'd be interested in hearing from you. Email me on:, and I'll get back to you.

MariusNet Now Ranks Co-ops { Zandervix }

Here's the beef from MariusNet:

Well, after being asked by a few people over the last several months if there would be a way to have a Co-op 'Rank' - I decided to tackle the idea. This is now working. If you're a Co-op 'h00r' - head to ...

The Co-op Leader Board

to see how you measure up. If you want to know the basics of how the 'rank' is computed, check this post out. Basically it looks at how you've done on the top 200 Co-op maps played compared to how everyone else has done. Win a 'tough' Co-op, get more points. Lose an 'easy' one - lose more points. All Co-ops played in the tracked rooms (tourney rooms and ranked rooms) for the last 90 days count towards your Co-op 'rank' - but this is completely seperate from the MCS.

Monday August 5th

PlayMyth News { Zandervix }

First off, I'm sorry I dropped the ball on this one, but a reset was planned at PlayMyth back on Saturday for CTF, LMOTH, ASS, and CAPS. Sorry 'bout the late notice.

In other Playmyth news:

The IOMS has been decided!

The IOMS project was created by the orders known as Bastards, duelists, Demolition Squad, Iconoclasts, Marine Recon & the Package and is currently being maintained by Valgarv of the Iconoclasts.

The Inter Order Map Standard is a collection of plugins for Myth II: SoulBlighter. The project was created to bring variety to the WWII community. You can expect the members of the orders listed above to have these plugins active at all times.

Bridges Between Us
Keebler Pass
No Surrender
Trenches of Reason
War is Hell

You can download the IOMS package here. It will available on & shortly.
And also:

Show N Play returns!

Back by popular demand from the old League of Orders days ...

Show n Play!

Go check it out! The map you'll need is right here, and it's called h00rz. Go download it and have some fun ... mb practice a bit mb mb :)

SB Night at MariusNet { Zandervix }

Tonight is SB night on MariusNet, as if you didn't know. Tonight's maps are The Great Divide and Final Fantasy 6 (v1.1). Also, here's a heads up for next week from a post at MythForums:

I wanted to do Hexographica tagset and all of it's associated maps, but the downloads are fairly sizable and I couldn't make up my mind on the maps for the week in time.

So to counter that, I'm also announcing Next Week's maps !

All of next week's maps require the Hexographica 2.0 plugin.

The following maps are designed for use with it:
If it doesn't move, Kill It
and the Original Hexo Map: Discovery

Sunday August 4th

MythMaster Central Update { Zandervix }

There are 5 new films this week in the MMC. First, I'd like to welcome a new group, "Meat With Spirit." This week, they completed levels 6 & 8 from TFL. I'm sure we'll see more from them in the future. Also this week, 3 new SB films from yours truly. Enjoy!

If you've got films, send them to me! I've done a few tweaks, and should now be able to recieve UnZipped films with no problems. Hope this helps. Happy Filming!

Saturday August 3rd

Pick of the Week... { Zandervix }

This week's pick is a site that has been in great service to the Myth community. Myth Village is a true community site. With links to over a dozen other sites in at least 3 categories including Plugins, Humor, and Editing. They also provide Updates, Faqs, and Howtos. Their mainpage features news, a random in-game picture, and a quote from the game. They also feature a page in which you can download or view official films, even all the way back to the 1997 TFL E3 teaser. While you're there, check out the forums as well. Quite a great all-around site.

Myth Workshop Gets A Facelift { Zandervix }

Myth Workshop is sporting a sexy new look. Go check it out. And while you're there, check out their offer for free web space to Bungie Fans.

Friday August 2nd

As the Mill Turns (Part 2) { Zandervix }

Yesterday I reported on the return of Fileball without the Mill, and I made a small comment (that I have recently deleted) that may have come off as a little snide. Now, I didn't really mean anything by it, but I'm a big enough man to admit that it was wrong.

The Mill was a great resource to the community that cost a lot of time and money for it's creator. Yet, when it came right down to it, he didn't recieve the respect or thanks that he deserved. Now it's gone. Last month, I reported on the same type of problems happening over at PlayMyth (and previously MariusNet) and the rift starting between admins and players. I just have to say, "What is the deal people?!" When people put their hard earned cash and their time into a project that you don't have to pay for, and you do nothing but complain, what does that say? Are we a community of ungrateful misfits? I hope not.

I just want to give a big thanks to all those who put forth so much effort for the rest of us. I especially want to give a big thanks to Frigidman and the Mill for the many years of service to the Myth Community. -Zan

Thursday August 1th

Something New For Myth III? { Zandervix }

Here's the skinny from MythMaps:

At last! We have some news on the Myth 3 front to report. I'll attempt to explain everything that has gone on so you understand the delays and the other things we're trying to do to make life good for Myth 3 players.

When we received the M3 source from Take 2, it was build 150. What this means, is the source we got was the pre-patched PC version. Which means it was not Mac ready, nor did it have any of the fixes in the PC Patch. This simply was not usable. It would have taken too long to do things with this and make all of the fixes that had been made in the first patch PLUS all of the multiplayer changes.

The current version of the source is build 159. This is three builds beyond the PC and Mac versions. Last night, I learned we'd been cleared to get this updated source. We should have the updated source this week. This means there are new fixes for at least Macintosh users. (Not sure about the code currency with PC, but hope to know soon). This also means we will have the latest version of the source by which to make updates to the code.

Our plan is to completely elimiate the GameSpy UI and replace with the M2 interface and internet protocols. Once we have this done and have the game working with our existing server software, we'll begin working to make the modifications to the M3 UI to take advantage of the M3 engine. We'll also be working on bug fixes.

Here is the extra-special good news. The Myth 3 for Macintosh developer, Bill Heineman, will be working with us as his schedule permits - fixing bugs and assisting in getting this game where it needs to be.

This is a good day. When it's all said and done, everyone in this community should thank four main people for making this happen: SL (for getting the ball rolling), Mark Dotchermann from United Developers, Bill Heineman, and Andrew Meggs. Without these guys, we wouldn't have nearly the tools we need to make a decent go of this.

Myth Workshop Offers Web Space { Zandervix }

This was posted over at Myth Workshop:

We are offering free webhosting to all bungie fans!

Heres what you get:

:: 100 megabytes of space.
:: 600 megabytes of transfer per month.
Plus if you have a popular site we can make special allotments.

But you must follow these rules:

:: No illegal, warez, cracking, hacking, adult or spamming sites
:: It must be related to one of Bungie games(e.g. Myth, Halo, Oni)
:: You MUST provide a link back to can be a small text link)
:: You may not hotlink off of your space, this is not a file server.
:: You may have a "download" site if youre going to be offering plug-ins for any bungie game.
Sounds like a deal, go check it out!

MOS Studies Player/Admin Relations { Zandervix }

A nice editorial on the relationship (good, bad, and ugly) between the players and admins is over at the Ministry of Security site. Also, vote in their new poll on the subject.

As the Mill Turns { Zandervix }

Well, as reported by Gholsbane the other day, The Mill is gone. Fileball returned today without it. Truly a sad day.