News Archive for March 2002

Saturday March 30th

Pick of the Week... { Zandervix }

With April Fools Day right around the corner, I thought that this week's pick should get into the spirit of things. A few years ago Bungie announced a new game that seemed pretty awesome. That is, until you find out that it was all a cruel joke (Doh!). Go check out Pimps at Sea. Also, go check out the PAS site here at Bungie.Org.

Friday March 29th

Myth 3 Journal Entries coming along { Gholsbane }

Alright, I'd just like to let you know that I have finished doing the journal entries for Myth 3.....apart from a few little things. Namely: Images...

Now this may take a while to do as I am having a little problem. The Mac version of Vengeance will not let me extract any of the jpeg files from the tag files.

However, there is a solution....

Anyone with a PC out there (I think) can extract these images with their (dare I say it) superior versions of Vengeance. So, if there are any of you who would like to contribute to this site by getting me these images. Drop me a line. Don't start anything till I give the all clear otherwhise we might have the same problem as last time and have two or three people doing the lot and then all screaming: "USE MINE!". So IF you think you can help. You know where to call.

Expect good things Soon™...

The End of an Era? { Zandervix }

The word on the streets is that The Mill will be gone as early as sometime next week. Although I cannot confirm this as of yet, this news is already being posted on some of the other community sites.

So what's going to happen next? Well, luckily MythMaps has announced that they will begin uploading any maps and plugins that they can get their hands on. Thank the Lord! Go to MythMaps for full details.

I would just like to say thanks to all those associated with The Mill. A lot has happened and a lot of moves have taken place in the last three years. I can still remember when The Mill first came online, and I thought to myself, "What the Hell is a plugin?" It's sad to see you go (if, in fact, you really are going this time). You will be sorely missed.

But with all deaths, life must continue. With the death of BungieNet we had MariusNet, and soon some others. And with the death of The Mill we have MythMaps. You see folks, this community continues on. Even though tragedies befall us, we pick up our cleavers and sack of heads, and we go back out into the field to fight.

And so we will continue. At least I will go on. And I know that many of you will go on. And no amount of changes, lamers, or threats from my wife will ever alter that. So here's to a long and healthy Myth Community. To those who have left (or are leaving {Mill?}), well, hopefully we will see you one day in that big LAN PARTY in the sky. - Zan

Thursday March 28th

The Mill Clarifies { Zandervix }

Today, The Mill changed one sentence from their statement yesterday. This key point clarifies the payment situation. Basically, it only costs to download. Here is that one sentence change:

A membership account will be required for users to contribute, and also required to consume, however accounts are only paid for if you wish to download (all other services are free).

Wednesday March 27th

The Mill Ain't Free { Zandervix }


As if this community needed anything else to gripe about: Fileball (you know, host to The Mill) has announced today that they will start charging for Downloads AND Uploads. Here's the story:

Starting March 27th (today), will become a pay-for semi-private service. A membership account will be required for users to contribute, and also required to consume.

Contributing is in the form of File Submissions, Ratings, Reviews, PR, and any Forum Discussions.

The website and file details will be viewable by the public, however only signed-in users will be allowed to download any files, rate/review files, or submit links and PR. All site related forums will be locked from public participation, including reading. Only signed-in users will be able to list, read, and make forum posts. The FTP restrictions on multi-connect FTP clients will be lifted for members.

Membership fees are: $3 for single month payments, $8 for three months at a time, $30 for yearly payments (two months free).

All current membership accounts will be turned off until payment is received for an account, at which time it will be re-activated into full working form. Membership can end at any time by not paying, and it can be re-activated at any time by sending in membership fees. No accounts will be deleted to allow for later re-activation. All files currently in the system will remain in the system indefinitely unless a paying member deletes their own files like normal.

We will not accept Credit Cards on the web (at this time), only Check, Money Order, or US Currency will be accepted. Membership can be terminated at any time, and reinstated at any time. Its solely based on payments received by you.

To gain information on how to re-activate your account, email the Accounts Department with your Usernick. Accounts will then email you the payment and mailing directions for which you have the option of paying or declining (emailing accounts does NOT obligate you).

Thank you for your patronage, but due to lack of any promised funding from funders (MG), this is how it will be.
The word on the street is that MacGamer promised funding, then backed out, thus causing this. But wait, it gets worse:

If not enough users pay for membership accounts by the end of April, the site will go offline until other forms of funding is made available (it could be permanent). Anyone who has paid when this happens, will be refunded in full (including postage) for any pre-paid months that the service will be offline. Refunds will NOT be given if the server is down for short routine maintenances, or down due to internet routers or other forms of uncontrollable outages. Refunds will NOT be given in the event an account must be prematurely terminated due to serious malicious abuse of terms.

To help make things clear, this is solely to pay for the machine, hosting, and services. It is not something we wish to do, or do to make a serious profit. Rates will decline over time if enough people are members.
Also, as if they are preparing for the worst, read this:

In a couple weeks, depending on how well memberships are going, CDs of entire archives will be for sale to the public for $5 a CD (some archives require more than one CD, Mill uses 8 CDs being $40 total) (some archives can be combined, Sims, RedFaction, and Starcraft will all fit on one CD). Paying members will get a discount of $4 a CD. CDs will be burned in desired format (Mac or PC) consisting of the chosen archive files at the date of burning. Monthly CD subscriptions will NOT be available. If there is a serious demand for these CDs, availability will be limited due to time constraints.
I'm not sure if I should be saving up $40 or trying to find a friend with his own server with lots'o'space. Thanks a lot MG! Of course, my crotch is getting rather numb from all the kicking down there in the last few months.

Tuesday March 26th

The "Die Tournament" Announced { Zandervix }

For all of you waiting for a tournament to come your way, wait no more. The "Die Tournament" is on the way for Myth II:SB and WWII. Want details? Visit the tourney site at

Fixed Fire Patch @ The Mill { Zandervix }

Chameleon created a patch for the fire problems with MWA. I'll let him explain:

As you all might have noticed, fire does not currently work the way you'd expect it to (i.e. it doesn't damage explosives). The problem was that the 'fire stain seed' projectile had no damage radius, but I changed that, and now satchels blow up like they should when you shoot fire arrows at them.
You can get the patch here at The Mill.

Sunday March 24th

Freewill: Bungie's #1 Fan Interviewed { Zandervix }

Freewill (Miguel Chavez): Bungie's #1 fan (and part of the B.ORG family) was interviewed by BungieNet. Read all about it here.

Saturday March 23rd

Server News { Zandervix }

Here's an update on the MythMaps, MythWA, and E.I. Myth II server as posted on MythMaps website:

We've been having some problems with the users database file, so I will be re-making it later in the day today. REMEMBER: that because you do not have your own login id as of yet, you need to be sure you're clicking the update your appearance checkbox on the login screen. Failing to do this could result in you being logged in with someone else's character name.

Also, I've been hearing something about a 1.2 Patch that needs to be reinstalled in order to connect. As for me, I've got the 1.3 patch installed and everything works perfect. I don't understand this, but I thought I'd pass it along anyway.

I'll be adding a bunch more testing acounts - we could have as many as 40 by the weekend. We'd love to see you all online for a big test party on Saturday afternoon. Get the plugin and get online!

Weekend Registration { Zandervix }

Conner over at MariusNet has re-opened registration for the weekend. Check it out:

Yes, once again the registration form has been turned on for the weekend. I'll be bringing it down again sometime Sunday night, and be processing them mostly Saturday and Sunday. Same rules apply as last time.

Pick of the Week... { Zandervix }

Since I have slacked off the last few weeks on the Pick, I bring you not just one, but a collection of sites. And, might I add, they are the greatest collection of sites around. I speak of Bungie.ORG, a collection of sites based on the ever growing catalog of Bungie Games (And you thought MYTH@BUNGIE.ORG was just a clever name). So go! Check it out! Click on the links! Explore! Have Fun!

Wednesday March 20th

Another Parody { Gholsbane }

I found this parody of R.E.M. song "It's the End of the World as we know it (And I feel fine)" by Mumbles at the Asylum entitled "It's The End Of The Cycle As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)".

Check it out.

And send some more in.

Tuesday March 19th

New Myth II Server on the Way { Zandervix }

The MythWA, MythMaps, and E.I. joint server project is under way! First up, their Myth II server. But don't take my word for it, see what was posted at MythMaps right here:

We're doing some testing of the Myth 2 server that has been set up by the,, and E.I.. If you want to login and take a test drive, understand the following are known issues:

1. Rank does not yet work
2. Rank could work at some point unexpected to us all
3. We're not giving out accounts yet.
4. Remove any MariusNet stuff before booting or all of your games will be red.

To login, download the New Server Preference File and place the unzipped bungienet file in your preferences folder. Be sure to read #4 above and do what it says!

To login, select a test account. Test usernames are tester01 - tester20. The password for each is letmein. Login and have fun!
Also, Blades Olivia had this to say over in the forums at Myth Village.

Hey Everyone;

If you want to take part in an Alpha test of the new Myth 2 server, go to the following web page sometime after 7:45 PM central time for tester usernames and passwords:

We have a few test accounts set up. We're wanting to test the software and hardware to see how things perform in a somewhat controlled environment. Also, we're not 100% sure, but ranked icons do show up in ranked rooms. Whether or not the ranking system is working properly remains to be seen - so this will be something fun for everyone to test.

Be there or be square

Note: DO NOT ASK FOR ACCOUNTS YET, because we're not giving them as of yet.
Note: At the time I wrote this, the MYTHDEV link did not work. This was the link I was given, so please don't send me a bunch of E-mails saying "WTF, Zan is stoopid!" I will update this as updates come.

Monday March 18th

Magma Ports Venice and Plains to TFL! { Gholsbane }

We received this email from Doobie of the Underdogs announcing Project Magama's completion of these Myth 2 ports to TFL. I'll let him tell you all about it.

With the release "Venice" and "Plains" (complete with Myth 2 units and models) Project Magma has completed its original goal of porting all 9 original Myth 2 Bungie netmaps to TFL!  But dont expect this to be the last youll hear from us, now we can move on to our own original maps, and some of the great 3rd party maps that Myth 2 has to offer.

The creation of "Venice" was lead by Losk of Society of the Journeymen, whose ingenious scripting made the complex models, and collapsible walls possible in the Myth TFL engine.  Plains is perhaps the most unique, and creative of all the magma maps made thus-far.  "Raid on the Plains" was skipped, but you will find "Demise on the Plains" and 3 new FFA variants.  Instead of a 5th netmap, ChrisP decided to create his own coop variant, the highly anticipated "Mazzarins Demise" which is played out on the "Plains" mesh.

Historically Mazzarin defeats seven waves of thrall, only to be killed by The Watcher himself.  Think you can change history?  Well were willing to give a "Grounds for Assault 2" map compilation CD to every person on the first team to submit a film of "Mazzarins Demise" being beaten on legendary difficulty (cheaters will be disqualified).  Send your film to us at, and it will be reviewed.  Good luck! ;-)

Both maps, and some 3D quicktime movies of the "Plains" mesh can be found at along with all the other magma creations.

Saturday March 16th

Journal Fiction Submissions { Gholsbane }

I wrote two pieces for the Journal Fiction section recently and posted them to the Asylum. Since I got no feedback, I put them up on the site so if you want them off, you'll be forced to speak... bwuahahah!

Check them out here

Don't be afraid to send in your own submissions though. I'm waiting...

Siege of Madrigal Sheet Music { Gholsbane }

Marty O'Donnell, the creator of the truly awesome Myth soundtrack has released the notation for his masterpiece The Siege of Madrigal.

Get the news from The Myth Vault here or just download it straight with this link

Friday March 15th

More Submissions. { Gholsbane }

Michael McCartney and Lord Raven produced some submissions for Other Fiction. Check them out. I warn you, the first is very long.

Keep em coming fellers.

Oh, I also got round to correcting zeph's parody which I stupidly uploaded with the first part missing. d'oh

Tuesday March 12th

Marius Net Registration is Re-closed { OlDirtae }

Being out-of-town for an outstanding halofest this past weekend made reporting the re-opening of Maruis Net registration near impossible, sorry =( ...But moving right along, Conner, with spare time over this past weekend, re-opened registration for Marius Net with a twist. This brief period is now over and the old login rules listed at Marius Net have been re-applied.

Saturday March 9th

Chia Update { Zandervix }

This was posted over at HelpDavePindrys in the guestbook by Dave's mom:

Dave is getting stronger each and every day. His art teacher came over today and it is obvious he has not lost his touch! Just needs some fine tuning. I just realized he hasn't been on the computer for a little while. He is so busy with rehab. Keep the messages coming!! We all love hearing from all of you! Pam

Thursday March 7th

A Bid For World Domination? { Zandervix }

MythWA announced that Evil Incorporated (E.I.) has joined in on the MythWA and MythMaps server project. Read all about it over at MythWA.

MariusNet Offers Limited Registration { Zandervix }

Conner over at Marius Net has this limited time offer for any of you without accounts:

Well, looks like I have some free time on my hands this weekend, so I've turned the registration form back on for a few days. Before you go off and register 20 duplicate accounts, here are some guidelines that you should know.

1) I am going to be much more strict concerning free emails. Don't use one if you really need an account.
2) 'I agree' isn't going to cut it for the agreement. I will need some assurance that you actually understand and agree to the marius net rules.
3) If you think there is anyway that I might think this is a duplicate account, you better explain yourself before hand. If it looks like a duplicate account to me, I won't be approving it.
4) I will *process* these Saturday or Sunday. If you submit one, be patient.
5) Depending on how this goes I might do it again in the future.

There you go... oh and Thursday is of course TFL night, see you there (:

Live Chat at Myth Portal { Zandervix }

Just a quick note for all of you chatroom junkies out there; Myth Portal has added Live Chat to their site.

Saturday March 2nd

Parodies Section Update { Gholsbane }

I finally got round to updating the Parodies section with corrections (thanks to those who pointed them out) and another addition from Richard "zeph" Terry. Check it out.

We still need plenty more submissions. Come on get those creative juices flowing

TFL Tools Released { Zandervix }

Thanks to Myth Village for this heads up as posted on their site:

Why so long, you ask? Well, Bungie's TFL map making tools were never officially released, and technically they still haven't been. I guess the better question is if we're even supposed to be able to download them now. All that aside, if you want to make TFL maps with the original tools made to do it, get them at The Mill. How functional they are is anyone's guess (but scripting capabilities have been rumored, and you TFL map makers know what a big deal that is).
Update: these tools are Mac only

Evil Order to Collaborate with You { Zandervix }

The Evil Order has announced their desire to help combine resources to help keep the Myth community from spreading itself too thin with new servers. Here is the post from their website:

Rumors are swirling around about us setting up and hosting a myth server, in case you didn't hear em yet...

Yes, we are currently working on this. However, there currently are several groups working towards the same end., MythMaps, are just 2 of them.

All of us have the same goal, to preserve the Myth Community. However, having 3 or 4 Myth servers will begin to fracture the community even further, and a fractured community is a dying community.

This is a public call to anyone who is currently working on such a server to get in contact with me/us to try and set up a collaborative effort between all our groups to benefit the Myth Community as a whole.

I will be getting in touch with the other groups that I'm aware of to try and figure out the best, most cohesive solution we can muster, using our collective talents/skills/resources. This isn't about "ownership" it's all about continuation of the Community!

Mordia Interviews Marius & Conner { Zandervix }

The Myth Vault has the goods on the interview. You can catch the full story and interview here.