News Archive for September 2001

Tuesday September 25th

More Exclusive M3 Stuff Not From Here { Forrest }

Myth Village has just posted examples and the format of the personal decals available in Myth III. The game will allow you to use are even create your own, 64x64 icon that will be placed on many of your units. Making them easier to see in battle, and overall just making them look real cool.


Monday September 24th

Myth III demo pending?... { Lophan }

Mumbo Jumbo, the developer for Myth III: The Wolf Age, has updated their website with a neat new look. Oh, and they mentioned something about the game nearing completion and a possible DEMO in the next few weeks.

Don't believe me?... Check it out!

Thursday September 20th

Myth III Box Art at Take2? { Lophan }

As posted at Inside Mac Games (and thanks to a little birdie we know), it seems Take2Games may have posted the box art for Myth III: The Wolf Age.

Intrigued? Why not give it a look?

Creation Releases The Seventh God! { Forrest }

Perhaps one of the most anticipated Myth TCs of all time - although I'm biased, being Creation alumni - Creation has just announced the release of their masterwork, The Seventh God. I'll let the PR from Ares speak for itself:

A story of chilling depth and hidden connections unfolds on the lands of a different continent of the Myth world. Follow the visions of Gorlan the Blind as he prophecizes the terrible attack of the Goblin Hordes on the Four Kingdoms...

Creation has released The Seventh God. The largest third-party project ever undertaken for the Myth engine is now available for free download! Here are just a few of the features you can expect.

-- 18-level solo campaign
-- 22 new units
-- Custom music for each level from Glue the Moose
-- Several large, custom-modeled cities and castles
-- 5 multiplayer maps
-- Special effects

The Seventh God is a 200.3 MB download. There will be other options for getting it, but we're still finalizing that.

We hope you enjoy the product of one year's labor in this collaborative effort from the entire Creation mapmaking team.

The Mill download
Learn more at TSG website
Awesome! I'm downloading it right now! One of the other options available is downloading it through the Creation Guest Hotline Server, my preferred choice.

Wednesday September 19th

New Myth III Screens at { Lophan }

The very nice gentlemen of the site have notified us that they have a gaggle of new screenshots of the Myth III engine in action. So what, you say?... you've seen screenshots before, you say? Well, have you seen any with over a hundred units on the screen at once? Nope? Didn't think so.

They're quite pretty and show off the abilities of the enhanced graphics engine. Not only that, but get a look at the devices on the shields of some of the units. Very swank :P Check 'em out!

As a side note, I apologize for the lack of updates. Obviously, recent events have sent myself and others that I am close to for a major loop, but we're slowing returning to a semblance of normalcy (hopefully). Thanks for your understanding.

Saturday September 15th

New Films @ MMC { Forrest }

Nick "Achilles" George submitted three new films for Mythmaster Central the other day... er, week... something like that. Sorry it's taken so long to get to them Nick, but I've been rather busy on my other little project.

Anyway, these films are all coop, no vets, legendary, and no casualties. Total running time approximately 76 minutes. Rated L for Legendary by the MFAA (Myth Films Association of America). No Trow were harmed in the making of these films.

Ministry Of Security Reopens { Forrest }

You know how every now and then you're rooting around in your closet for the box for some obscure piece of software to get the registration card because you had to reinstall that SW since your computer was just wiped by a terrorist EMP pulse? Oh wait that hasn't happened yet... damn temporal confusion.

Anyway, so you're rooting around in there and you find this nifty little knick-knack that you always knew you had lying back in there but never gave any thought to and never bothered to dig out? Well, something like that just happened here at Myth@Bungie.Org.

As it turns out, we have a sister-site... or more of a daughter-site... lets call it a niece. The Ministry of Security is a sort of successor in spirit to folks such as the Heavenly Hosts; civlillians stuggling against the tides to keep clean. Here, I'll let them describe themselves:

Our brand new site features more than ever before:

*    Our own channel (once approved by Bungie)
*    Ask The Deceiver
*    The MOS Criminal Database
*    An awesome forum system hosted by, created by Bombtack
*    The Myth Enquirer
*    What's In A Name
*    Tons of info on the BNA
*    Our own gigantic humor section
*    Contact lists, roster and ops information, tons of links, articles, PR info and much more!
So, that URL again is Go pay 'em a visit!

It's amazing what you find in your closet sometimes isn't it?

Second New Community Site! { Forrest }

We just found this post on our Wasteland forum, detailing the opening of yet another new Myth fansite. Guess the whole community is ramping up in anticipation of M3 soon, eh?

Renaissance Opens Doors { Forrest }

This just in from Elijah:

Renaissance has finished their website, and are officially open to the public! Check us out at:
Our website features:

     - Current Projects, Past Releases
   - Members List
   - Links to other Myth groups
   - Community Forum, Renaissance Hotline, and Community Polls!
   - Become a Renaissance Beta Tester, or a Renaissance Apprentice!
   - The Renaissance Newsletter, a bi-monthly email newsletter with interviews, stories, screenshots, and more!

Elijah is also helping out on a... certain something... here at, so pay him back and visit his new site!

Tuesday September 11th

Terrorist Attack on WTC & Pentagon { Lophan }

I'm sure everyone is aware by now what has occured and the magnitude of the loss of life. We at M.B.O. request that everyone think about those innocent people who died today, and about your own loved ones, and to take a moment to reflect on what is really important.

God bless us all.

Sunday September 9th

Legends & Lore Updated { Forrest }

Just a note, all of the info from the TFL manual, which I somehow overlooked (thanks Sili), has been added to the Encylopedia.

Saturday September 8th

'New' M3 Screenshots A { Forrest }

We just got a note in our in box that, the upstart Myth site which we reported on recently, have somehow obtained, in their words, "sixteen exclusive screenshots and wallpapers."

However, upon closer inspection it appears that the majority of these shots at least have already been seen elsewhere. There are a few I didn't recognise in there though, so it's probably work a look anyway.

(UPDATE: Richard "Iggy Popped" Cowgill of Mumbo Jumbo has confirmed that these are indeed all-new exclusive screenshots).

New 'The Great War' Screenshots { Forrest }

Just got this in from Blambi of the Cartographers of Myth:

The work goes on. A couple of levels have been reworked or are being reworked, and a couple other levels are almost good to go. What does this mean? Screenshots, of course! Go check out the Cartographers of Myth's impending release, comment in their forums, etc, etc.

Sounds like fun! The URL is Check it out!

Friday September 7th

Yet Another For-Sale Total Conversion? { Forrest }

Head on over to Electronics Boutique. I dare you. Ask them for information on this product.

"Myth II: Worlds", set to ship on the 25th of this month. That's two and a half weeks from now, and we've never even heard of it! What is it? They don't even have a picture. A preliminary Google search turned up nothing.

If anyone has any information on this impending doom... er, release... please let us know.

Thanks to Mark Wegner for the heads up in this post in our Wasteland forum.

IMG Gets Scoop On M3, And More! { Forrest }

While checking up on a certain other article at Inside Mac Games (click it! click it! and then click here too!), I noticed this news item.

Apparently there's been a big one-two-three punch of Myth III wolfage this week, with a preview at PCIGN, some new screenshots GameSpot, and a brand-spankin'-new Developer's Diary at VooDoo Extreme.

Mmmm.... that's some good wolfage!

Tuesday September 4th

Myth III "eye candy" at { Lophan }

I just pulled myself out of my portable hole long enough to type in this update. It seems has scored two sweet screenshots of Ravanna and Lyche from Myth III: TWA. Anyone have Ravanna's phone number?...

Seriously though, MWA does a good job pointing out the clarity and crispness of the Ravanna screenshot with the use of the ATI Radeon 8500 3D Accelerator: very smooth and, uh... shapely. Now that's what I call "eye-candy."