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Thursday September 20th 2001

Creation Releases The Seventh God! { Forrest }

Perhaps one of the most anticipated Myth TCs of all time - although I'm biased, being Creation alumni - Creation has just announced the release of their masterwork, The Seventh God. I'll let the PR from Ares speak for itself:
A story of chilling depth and hidden connections unfolds on the lands of a different continent of the Myth world. Follow the visions of Gorlan the Blind as he prophecizes the terrible attack of the Goblin Hordes on the Four Kingdoms...

Creation has released The Seventh God. The largest third-party project ever undertaken for the Myth engine is now available for free download! Here are just a few of the features you can expect.

-- 18-level solo campaign
-- 22 new units
-- Custom music for each level from Glue the Moose
-- Several large, custom-modeled cities and castles
-- 5 multiplayer maps
-- Special effects

The Seventh God is a 200.3 MB download. There will be other options for getting it, but we're still finalizing that.

We hope you enjoy the product of one year's labor in this collaborative effort from the entire Creation mapmaking team.

The Mill download
Learn more at TSG website
Awesome! I'm downloading it right now! One of the other options available is downloading it through the Creation Guest Hotline Server, my preferred choice.

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