Lemuridae Caveat

Wednesday September 19th 2001

New Myth III Screens at MWA.com { Lophan }

The very nice gentlemen of the Mythwolfage.com site have notified us that they have a gaggle of new screenshots of the Myth III engine in action. So what, you say?... you've seen screenshots before, you say? Well, have you seen any with over a hundred units on the screen at once? Nope? Didn't think so.

They're quite pretty and show off the abilities of the enhanced graphics engine. Not only that, but get a look at the devices on the shields of some of the units. Very swank :P Check 'em out!

As a side note, I apologize for the lack of updates. Obviously, recent events have sent myself and others that I am close to for a major loop, but we're slowing returning to a semblance of normalcy (hopefully). Thanks for your understanding.

~ You have reached your journey's end ~