News Archive for August 2001

Friday August 31st

Myth III - With A Vengance! { Forrest }

Straight from the mouth of the man himself:

Pfhor: Vengeance report up.

Not much more to say than that. But damn, the water sure sounds cool!

Wednesday August 29th

Fall of Scales released { Forrest }

Malek of Renaissance is proud to present: Fall of Scales!

In their best efforts Renaissance is pleased to present this two level solo highlighting a fallen lord's attack on the city of scales prior to Myth TFL. A collaboration of many group ideas, units, and TFL-styles interfaces, have been joined together to bring this story to life.

You can grab Fall of Scales at the Mill, here.

Sunday August 26th

Six New Films From HGK { Forrest }

Heron Guard King sends in six new films, all of them no-damage and most of them six laws as well. Check them all out at Mythmaster Central!

Friday August 24th

Mumbo Jumbo Begins Beta Testing { Forrest }

'Nuff said.

What are you waiting there for? Go! Sign up! Now!

Myth III Ad surfaces in PC Gamer { Lophan }

I was all set to write a nice account of the full-page ad in this month's PC Gamer magazine, only to find that already posted it :) Oh well... they listed all the relevant text regarding Moagim and the features list.

The funny part (if you can possibly see the humor) is that the ad was sandwiched between what PC Gamer is touting as the "50 Best Games of All Time" and that their "list is indisputable". Unsurprisingly, the Myth Series is conspicuosly absent from their countdown, and seemingly replaced with gaming classics such as Beavis and Butt-Head in Virtual Stupidity. Now, I like B&B as much as the next guy, but come on!

In a side note, Beavis & Butt-Head rang in at #48, ahead of only Combat Mission (#50) and the Tribes Series (#49) [take that Sierra!].

Wednesday August 22nd

Dark Tide Multi-Set Released { Forrest }

From Darth Maul of TMBM:

Jump back into the world of Alien-Dark Tide, and kick some alien tail!

Strangelet, creator of the original Alien-DarkTide is at it again! TMBM has released 3 new ADT maps, as well as a tagset and a patch that makes the old ADT maps compatible for the tagset!

The ADT tagset and maps include:

-New models
-A new sniper unit...guaranteed to keep you on your toes
-A biodegrader to keep you from running out of bullets at a crucial moment
-Terrain that aliens can go on and humans can't
-Ripley. Need I say more?

Roam around the Baen Draw quarry, trudge through smelly sewage in Six Feet Under, and traverse through a battle damaged city in Quarantine Zone. Sneak through the battlefield with your sniper unit. Marvel at the wonder of new models as you duck behind buildings and hide in the shadow of giant mine shaft lifts.

Alien-DarkTide Multipack will be available at the mill very soon, and you can check out it's page at

And soon as you hear the sniper's bullet, it's "Game over, man, GAME OVER!"

Kick ass, I can't wait!

LHSC Tournament { Forrest }

Got this note from Willis

LHSC, a team free for all tournament for Myth II, has opened registration. With plenty of scripts to simplify things, we hope on presenting you with an exciting tournament experience. Head on over to our website to learn more. Don't miss out on the action!

Sounds like fun. So click on over to and check it out!

Tuesday August 21st

Myth III Preorder goodness... { Lophan }

Thanks to Orlando the Axe (as posted in the forums) who pointed out that Take2 is accepting pre-orders for Myth III: The Wolf Age.

Please note that this preorder form seems to be PC only, but other sites are reportedly picking up the slack. Fall is almost here people... Myth III & Halo can't be far behind!

Wednesday August 15th

TFL Nite on { Forrest }

Thanks to Infininight for the heads-up - is holding its official grand opening party on this Thursday, the 16th of August, 2001, from 8PM Central until very, very late. Full story at Myth Village.

Tuesday August 14th

They want you so bad... { Forrest }

They want you to tell them what to do. They know you like it crazy. Have a wild fantasy you know you could never do yourself? Just ask them and they'll try it for you, and we'll be here to post the films!

Myth films, that is! Smasher has just made a post to our Academy forum, requesting requests and suggesting you suggest what YOU want to see at Mythmaster Central, but haven't the skill to accomplish yourself. Then Smasher or any other Mythmaster out there who wants to give it a go can have at it, and see if they can make your wildest dreams come true!

Wow! MMC-o-Rama! { Forrest }

Yep, it's yet another MMC update! This time Heron Guard King sends in nine new films for Myth II, all of them no damage! Thanks to a note from Asmodeus I've have become aware that his previous films never made it into the MMC database, so they're there now too.

Check it out!

Monday August 13th

TMBM Releases "Stinkie's Graveyard" { Forrest }

From Darth Maul of TMBM:

Stinkies Graveyard is a multiplayer/solo map by Qui-Gon Gandalf of TMBM, situated in a worn-down graveyard. The multiplayer maps feature traditional units, and the model-cramped graveyard will undoubtedly cause the body count to grow rapidly. The solo is in TMBM style- funny, odd, and never boring. A story involving drunken legion members leads a group of men to defend themselves against horrors beyond their wildest beliefs...undead monsters and ghosts of men killed long ago.

Stinkies Graveyard features:
-A Beautiful colormap...if you can call a dark, dirty graveyard beautiful.
-2 Multiplayer maps and one solo map.
-Original music and narration.
-An amusing story...a first for a dedicated Myth II solo map.
-Gamplay that will make you laugh while keeping you on your toes.
-Scripting that never lets you rest...creatures bursting through the ground, and units appearing the moment you think you can rest.
-Good ol' TMBM fun!

Check out the trailer at
and the preview site at

Stinkies Graveyard is available at the Mill (

Sounds like fun, so check it out!

#CP# introduces rejoice! { Lophan }

What do you do when the TFL server is down indefinitiely? We've been asking ourselves that very question for the last many months... but never fear! Marius and Connor of Clan Plaid have created

What the heck is that, you ask... and how does it solve my TFL server problem? In short, emulates the TFL server and even offers a few enhancements. Here's the info: is a Myth:TFL server emulator. It more or less functions as the Bungie TFL server would, from the standpoint of what the game expects at least. This allows you to 'login' from inside Myth:TFL, move from room to room, create and join games -- just as if you are on
Nifty, eh? We should all pledge our first-born to these two.

So, if you've been jonesing for some TFL action (like yours truly), go and smell what #CP# is cookin'.

Saturday August 11th creates Myth III Unit List { Lophan }

I received the following message from Anony:

Just finished our new Unit List:

Need I say more? The boys at (at their new and improved server) have compiled all that is known and speculated about the upcoming units for Quake 4... er, I mean Myth III.
::smacks head::

Friday August 10th

New Mythmaster Masters Myth II { Forrest }

Well, not quite, but he's halfway there. Thirteen new films from Nick "Achilles" George, all of them coop, no vets, legendary, and no casualties, and levels 8, 12, and 23 killing all as well. So head on over to the Mythmaster archives and search for "Achilles" to find all of these very impressive films.

Prayer will not bring back GoD { Lophan }

It would seem that Nietzsche was right: GoD is dead.

As reported by Bluesnews and half of the english-speaking Myth world (including Forrest below :P ), GodGames CEO Mike Wilson is starting an "interactive magazine" called Substance TV and taking a good portion of the GoDGames staff with him. The remaining staff will reportedly fold into Take2 Interactive's New York offices. That's the bad news.

The good news is that this (supposedly) will not affect Myth III's scheduled simultaneous release sometime late this year. Word has it that it will still be published as a GoD title. My question: what will happen to all the dirty GoD calendar girls?

In somewhat related news, Dynamix (creators of the ever-popular Tribes series) has closed up shop. This has caused a lot of wailing about how much everyone seems to hate Sierra's game division... but since I don't play Tribes I don't much care. The next question: which development house will be the next to fall? The farther we go into this recession, the smarter the Bungie/Microsoft buyout is looking... no?

GoD Is Dead { Forrest }

Thanks to Patient Zero (aka Chelsea Bridge, of the Runes Puzzle), who heard it from Utterer, who heard it from Blue's News... oh hell, I'll just give the most conveniant link:


In summary, Gathering of Developers, at least as far as we know them, are closing up shop. This is relevant to Myth how? Well, they're publishing the PC side of Myth III. Don't worry, however - GoD is still publishing all of its titles in development, so we're safe and happy with our Myth.

Thursday August 9th

TFL multiplayer dying slow death... { Lophan }

This is an urgent plea to "the powers that be":
PLEASE bring back the TFL server!

I tried playing TCP/IP tonight and I got stuck in game after game after game of BC/Grave and BC/Trow and I'm about ready to slit my wrists! Not only that, but the ::ahem:: people I was playing with were beyond childish.

We need the TFL server. We need the "Heavenly Host". We need #CP# serving a series with honor and courtesy. In Jason Jones' name... I pray.

Wednesday August 8th

Myrgard Times Opens Doors { Forrest }


Tuesday August 7th

Time is running out (for Ephemera) { Lophan }

One might think that we at are taking an inordinate amount of interest in Deathwhore's eBay Auction. One might also think that such interest is unhealthy. Either way, the highest bid is up to $47.99 and there's only 8 hours left! Hurry up and bid... see if we can get it up to that magical $77.77!

Friday August 3rd

New Myth III Screenshots at XGR { Lophan }

Not that you care or anything, but Scott Campbell (project lead for Myth III) did an extensive interview with the folks at XGR Radio. Chock full of good stuff, including the origins of Mumbo Jumbo and details on that little game we're kinda waiting for.

Oh yeah, there's a few exclusive screenshots, including what Scott calls "the first screenshots released of the Warlock unit." What are you still doing here? Go there NOW!

DeathWhore eBay Update { Forrest }

DeathWhore's eBay Auction has just reached seven bids, and the price is now up to $15.50. It seems not a lot of people are bidding... five of those seven were made by our very own Lophan, and another by's own Claude! Come on people, are staff the only people geeky enough to want to own a ton of memorabelia from an obscure (albiet revolutionary) video game?

Show them just how nerdy you are! Turn off that Star Trek and head over to EBAY where the real geeks live! GEEEK POWWEEERR!!!!

Erm, yeah. Or something.
bid plz thx gg cya l8r.

New TFL Map From M.I.A. { Forrest }

Just got this PR, thanks to DeadMan:

DeadMan of the MIA Cartography Brigade has finished Vivid, and it's now available to download! Head on over to to download it (4.2 megs), as well as to check out screenshots and more information.

Vivid was designed to be a mainstream map, in that the focus was on excellent gameplay. While unique in it's layout, Vivid utilizes proven concepts of design that make maps fun, such as balanced terrain elements and well planned unit sets. This map will fit in right with the rest of the Bungie maps; you will feel right at home the first time you play it.

Also, look forward to units converted from Myth2, courtesy of Project Magma!
Sounds like fun! Once again, that URL is