Lemuridae Caveat

Saturday September 15th 2001

Ministry Of Security Reopens { Forrest }

You know how every now and then you're rooting around in your closet for the box for some obscure piece of software to get the registration card because you had to reinstall that SW since your computer was just wiped by a terrorist EMP pulse? Oh wait that hasn't happened yet... damn temporal confusion.

Anyway, so you're rooting around in there and you find this nifty little knick-knack that you always knew you had lying back in there but never gave any thought to and never bothered to dig out? Well, something like that just happened here at Myth@Bungie.Org.

As it turns out, we have a sister-site... or more of a daughter-site... lets call it a niece. The Ministry of Security is a sort of successor in spirit to folks such as the Heavenly Hosts; civlillians stuggling against the tides to keep Bungie.net clean. Here, I'll let them describe themselves:
Our brand new site features more than ever before:

*    Our own b.net channel (once approved by Bungie)
*    Ask The Deceiver
*    The MOS Criminal Database
*    An awesome forum system hosted by evilmyth.com, created by Bombtack
*    The Myth Enquirer
*    What's In A Name
*    Tons of info on the BNA
*    Our own gigantic humor section
*    Contact lists, roster and ops information, tons of links, articles, PR info and much more!
So, that URL again is mos.bungie.org. Go pay 'em a visit!

It's amazing what you find in your closet sometimes isn't it?

~ You have reached your journey's end ~