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Sunday May 28th

WolfPack Masters Myth II { Forrest }

Saturday, May 27th, 2000
    11:00 PM Pacific Time

The Myth Masters' Challenge M2 Division is officially closed!

And the winner is...
The WolfPack!

Three months and twenty-five days ago, on February 2nd, the WolfPack first appeared on Myth Master Central. Philip "Sir Parson" Nolan, a member of the 'Pack, submitted his order's "WPLNC" set of films for the Challenge, a whopping sixteen films submitted at once. This put them into first place in the M2 division, second place overall behind TFL champion Daniel "Asmodeus" Gentry - positions which they have retained to this day. Since then we have had regular contact, and their order-leader Magellan even commissioned a special re-run of six particular levels after the completion of WPLNC, just for Mythmaster Central.

Now, one-hundred fifteen days after their first appearance, they have completed our first complete set of films for Myth II: Soulblighter. Twenty-six films, each and every one following at least four of the six bonus Laws, and the almighty Seventh.

They complete this feat with an appropriate film of the eighteenth level of Myth II, "Relic". The film is co-op, though only Magellan plays this one (the others got burnt out after the first fifty tries); it uses no vets, and is on Legendary; and he takes no casualties. For the Seventh law, as if the above wasn't stylish enough, he ends up with twice the units he began with! Would that be negative casualties?

Check out "WolfPack Relic"!

And for your viewing pleasure, I've compiled the WolfPack's complete set of 4-law films into a single archive, just like I did with Asmodeus' "The Fallen Asmodeus" and "The Fallen Damage" TFL film packs. Eventually I'll put up a page just for these things.

Check out "Myth II: WolfBlighter"!

All this and more at Mythmaster Central!

Saturday May 27th

The Legend of Gor-Ash { Forrest }

C&P from Creation, with slight editing for tense:

Creation's first map and the first [third-party] solo map ever made for Myth2 was "The bre'Unor Attack." The Legend of Gor-Ash is a prequel to that map and a tribute to it.

Don't be fooled by this modest premise, however.

Legend of Gor-Ash [exceeds] anything we've ever done before. It is almost a Total Conversion. The fir'Bolg, your enemies, have been totally remodeled, and stocked with more weapons than just a bow and arrow. Now, Huntsmen armed with spears and leading brown wolves into battle, and fir'Bolg Mercenaries armed with swords and shields will attack you and defend their general from your onslaught. In addition to bre'Unor and grey wolves, you will wield what many have called simply the coolest new unit ever to be put into the Myth2 engine - a wicked-looking bre'Unor shaman with a primary magic attack and a special ability healing. Gor-Ash, the leader of the bre'Unor, has also been given an all-new look.

The missions range from defense, to assassination, to annihilation. There is even a secret level that lets you control the awesome new fir'Bolg army.

The story meet[s] the standards set by Bungie and Chimera, with great new art and voice / music narrations. The gameplay [is] new and unparalleled, and the ambience, the gory reality of the savage bre'Unor, will blow you away.

One more thing... This [is] Creation's entry in The Mill's solo map contest.

Having beta tested this, I can guarantee you that it kicks all ass up and down the countryside. Go get it now at the Mill!

Yet Another Mythmaster Central Update { Forrest }

Devin "Soulblader" Pierce sends in yet another no-damage TFL film! This one is of "The Five Champions"; it's no vets, Legendary, kill all, no casualties, and explore everywhere. For Style, it's no damage, plus he does both tricks with Alric (getting him to wake up and fight the Soulless, and killing him afterwards).

Check out Mythmaster Central!

Myth World Cup To Open Soon { Pie-rat }

As reported by the Townhall and, the 2000 Myth World Cup tournament is scheduled to open for registration soon.

Stinger posted the following to the Townhall's Community forum:

Sunday MWC will likely open. If I knew it'd get a rise out of the infamous Mr. RR, I'd pull one of his trademark petty tricks and move the start date to next weekend. *Fortunately* this isn't RR's project, or mine, but the community's, so we'll move ahead as scheduled.

Stay tuned for a finished site, registration will likely open Sunday.

Well, there you have it. We'll inform you when registration officially begins.

Thursday May 25th

Update: Crisis at { Forrest }

As you've all probably noticed by now, has returned to normalcy. But you (no, not you... over there, behind you... yes, YOU! The weirdo who has to know everything!) are probably wondering what the real story behind it is. Well, my insider sources (read: my account on CGHL) have passed on this word from Clem himself:

no... not hacked

Just hasty DNS changes for a ProBono client that ended up being the same IP address that I had given

my fault.

Oh well, at least it was confusing for people, im sure.

So there you go! And remember folks, you heard it first at Myth@Borg!

Nasssty Hobbitses { Forrest }

Gollum is back at Mythmaster Central, with two new co-op vids; one of them Seven-laws even!

Check it out!

Tuesday May 23rd

MMC M2 Division Nears Close... { Forrest }

One more film and the WolfPack has it!

Check out Mythmaster Central!

Monday May 22nd

Technical Difficulties { Forrest } seems to be experiancing technical difficulties at the moment - it claims to be the website for "Lily's Garden" in Nashville, Tennessee.

I'm currently trying to pull some strings with my fellow Creation members to find out what's up, but my guess is that webmaster Clem - who is a professional web designer - accidentally uploaded one of his commercial projects to the wrong domain.

But fear not, I'm sure CreationGames will be back up Soon[TM], and in the meantime all their released projects and many previews, etc, can be found at the Mill.

Sunday May 21st

"We want YOU for Mythmaster Central!" { Forrest }

Notes on film corruption, a new vid from Soulblader, thoughts on the future, and a call for help - all at Mythmaster Central.

Creation Announces 1861: Civil War! { Forrest }

Somehow missed this in my in box; good thing the folks at the Mill caught it. Cut & paste straight from CG Newswire:

From the mind of Cydonian and the forge of Creation comes 1861: Civil War, a Total Conversion for Myth2.

This TC strives for total realism in appearence and combat. The all-new units, seperately modeled for Union and Confederate forces, are rendered with a great level of detail and allow the player to perform aesthetic actions to enhance the realism. The "u" key special animations allow the mounted Officer to lead the charge into battle with the blast of a bugle, and the Field Doctor to mourn a fallen comrade. Most units have multiple attacks, with the common soldiers sporting Springfield rifles, reloading them with a 32-frame animation, and bayonets. Additional units are the well-armed Sharpshooters, the Brigadier Generals, and the two varieties of Field Cannon. All come with a full array of new sounds, and flavors taken from historical quotes and texts. The tagset allows one to convert any map with standard Myth units to a Civil War battle.

With the release of the tagset comes two maps, the official 3-mesh 1861 Netmap, included with and requiring the tagset, and Deercreek Bridge, the stand-alone 1861 solo map.

Info and Screenshots at
Tagset and Map at Mill | Standalone Solo at Mill

I dunno about you, but I'll be online all night downloading it!

WolfPack Bites Back { Forrest }

Wow! More Mythmaster Central updates!

Topping the list today are four films from the WolfPack, putting them two films away from claiming the title of master of Myth II! (And yes, it's for real this time). Unfortunately, the competition is nowhere to be seen! Lets hope the Chimera division sees a little more sport, eh?

Also up is another film from new Mythmaster Devin "Soulblader" Pierce, and a note on broken films and things to come from Asmodeus.

Check out Mythmaster Central!

Thursday May 18th

A little old & a little new... { Forrest }

Three new films at Mythmaster Central today, accumulated over the week and only now posted when I got my day off. :-)

The first two films are from our latest Mythmasters, Gollum and Soulblader; and the third is from the returning champions of the WolfPack, who are one film away from winning the Mythmasters' Challenge M2 Division.

"Wait!" you say (or would if you were paying any attention). "They were one film away last time! Shouldn't this be their last?"

Well yes, it SHOULD, but it's not. It only follows three bonus laws, while Challenge films must follow at least four. So while the film is certainly vid-worthy, it's not their last Challenge film - yet.

Check out Mythmaster Central!

Update: After talking with Magellan, leader of the WolfPack, it appears that there are actually SIX films that need to be redone. But don't worry, they're gonna redo 'em! Maybe that'll give YOU time to catch up, or maybe take the lead in the Chimera division?

Sunday May 14th

Yet Another New Mythmaster... { Forrest }

Wow, another one! These guys are coming out of the woodwork!

Devin "Soulblader" Pierce of the Asylum makes a cameo appearance at Mythmaster Central. Check it out!

Thursday May 11th

Yet Another Mythmaster Central Update { Forrest }

A new Mythmaster, John "Gollum" Bergersen, sends in a great film of "Flight From Covenant" to start his MMC career.

Check out Mythmaster Central!

Tuesday May 9th

Myth Section at { Pie-rat }

Unless you have been totally oblivious to the various goings-on in the Halo world, you probably have been watching the rise and fall of the Core with interest. I sure have.

Anyway, the guys who ran the Core have officially ended its Halo news service (for now, at least) in order to work on, a Bungie news site. (The design is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen on the Internet.)

Blah blah blah. When does the good stuff come? Here: due to some great scripting, all the Myth posts (that is, the Myth posts and nothing else) can be viewed by going to the Myth section of's news coverage.

In other words, we have a new Myth site, run in part by the former maintainer of the Myth Codex. Yay! You can find at the following address...uh...crap, I lost it. Damn.

Press it, press it, press it.

Mythology Finally Shuts Its Doors { Pie-rat }

Sad but true.

After dedicating most of their time and energy to the multi-game news site the Corporation (which, I might add, kicks serious ass) the webmasters of Mythology were told by their hosts that it was time for them to pack up and leave.

You can see the message they received from their hosts (as well as a humorous, ah, drawing) here.

To Chia, Carnage, Tino and the Gang: our regards, thanks, and best wishes. You will be sorely missed.

Sunday May 7th

No Damage: Beyond Mythmastery { Forrest }

Daniel "Asmodeus" Gentry has just completed his set of 25 no-damage films, one of every single level from Myth TFL!

Full story at Mythmaster Central.