News Archive for October 1999

Saturday October 30th

M2 Handbook Humor Contest Ending { Pie-rat }

I'd like to remind you that you have a little more than one day left to submit something to the Myth II Handbook Humor Contest -- the deadline is midnight Halloween.

Do you have anything Myth-related that's funny? Bizzare? Stoopid? Submit it!

GodzFire Updates Forest Giants { Pie-rat }

This PR was sent in to us by GodzFire:

My Forest Giant 2 has gone final. After some hard work I have included in the final version some all new flavors, names, spellings, attacks, and even new animations.

You can get it at The Mill, and at my map-making group's page Anictolyte.

GodzFire was the creator of the original Myth II Forest Giant conversion, as well as the Spider Queen, Mahir, and Balor conversions.

Check out the new Forest Giants here.

Friday October 29th

Forrest Updates Legends & Lore { Pie-rat }

Forrest, our keeper of the seven keys, asks (demands) me to post this PR:

I've updated the Legends index with a Miscellaneous section, with links to Asylum Night and The Quiz.
You heard him. While you're at it, check out the Encyclopedia, which has grown to mind-boggling hugeness.

Thursday October 28th

Another Day Spent Sleeping { Pie-rat }

Sorry about the lack of news posts since Tuesday: I came down with a bad cold on Wednesday that knocked me out of the loop for a bit. I'm better now...I think.

Anyway, when I crawled from bed to my computer this morning, I expected to find torrents of news and exciting new map releases being e-mailed to me and posted to other sites. Hmph. It seems that this has been a slow week.

What can you do to prevent boredom? Either do something outrageous that will make Myth news headlines, or waste countless hours staring at the beautiful "screensaver."

Or you could go play some Myth.

Monday October 25th

Is There Demand For a Redwall TC? { Pie-rat }

The Long Patrol mapmaking group is planning on making a Myth Total Conversion based on the Redwall books. They want to know what the public demand for such a conversion is, so they ask you to mail them with feedback.

For those that are unfamiliar with the Redwall books, check out for more info.

Sunday October 24th

Halo - Myth Links at { Pie-rat }

I just noticed this, so you'll have to forgive me for posting information about a page that was created five days ago. Sue me.

Anyway, while stumbling my way through Xzzy's when I came upon this strange page: Halo - Myth Links.

It's pretty clever, and worth a visit. Actually, the whole site is worth a visit.

Especially if you have always wanted to confirm that sneaking suspicion you have that the word "Tireces" is a seven.

Saturday October 23rd

Unidentified Moogle Attacks ig98 { Pie-rat }

Here is a direct copy & paste job from

MajorGeo from MoG: Moogles of Greatness taunts: Someone has assaulted Ig98! Who did it? All that he can remember is the word Kupo. One of the beloved Moogles on has done it, but there are 20 of us. Which one did it?'s Whodunit is a totally un-MoG thought up scenerio. Which Moogle did it? Which one was evil enough to carve the word Kupo into iggy's flesh? I dare you to figure out who. Kupo! Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
Sounds interesting enough. Brings back memories of Fm commiting similar topical crimes back in ig98's days...

Friday October 22nd

New Poll at The Mill { Pie-rat }

They just don't stop coming, do they?

The Mill has a poll up asking if you like Bungie Software.

Yes? No? Never heard of them? Great! Go vote!

Thursday October 21st

KVLtv Releases Another Map PR { Pie-rat }

KVLtv sends us this PR about something or other. KVLtv kindly added all the HTML tags for me, so I didn't even have to read it! (Thank you very much.)

I've been working on this for so long I'm not sure what to say about it. I started work on this map in July of 1998 and it saw a TFL release that same month. That was the first map I ever made for Myth. That first one was a shoddy job too I'm afraid. It saw two updates in it's life as a TFL map, but they were never noticed and the map was mostly remembered for it's terrible first version. The second TFL update, which never went public, I still felt wasn't as good as it could have been, or needed to be.

The map did bring me together with the people who make up the Order I am in though, and their help in testing the maps you've seen so far for Mii has been invaluable. They've continued to ask me to make improvements to this first map and to keep at it because they've enjoyed playing it in the past. I've done so primarily for them, but I've liked the map too.

I've taken all that I've learned about making maps and units, and applied the knowledge to making A Borderland Odyssey the best I could. The idea for the map itself I've always considered as being a good one, and the people I test with call this new offering my best map ever.

That's most of the history behind my new Myth II map. For more information on the map itself, you'll have to visit The Mill.

You heard him. Go get it!

Wednesday October 20th

Myth Formation Editing Poll { Pie-rat }

Remember the recent discussion going on on agm2 and the Forums about the legality of formation editing?

Well, a recent post to agm2 announces a new web poll to get the public opinion on the subject.

What do you think? Is Myth II formation tag editing cheating or valid? Go vote.

Dominion 1999 Registration Re-opens { Pie-rat }

Al-Pharazon, organizer of the 1999 Dominion tournament, sends us this PR:

I am re-opening the [Dominion] Sign Ups, we will stay open again until this upcoming Tuesday, October 26 and after that try to get all brackets and players together to kick off Round 1.

The adress [sic] is, move out!

PS. My birthday is on the 25th so if you wanna make me feel _really_ loved, Sign Up!

Well, there you have it. Go sign up!

Tuesday October 19th

New Poll { Pie-rat }

A new poll at asks when your favorite time to participate in a tournament is (weekday nights, weekend days, or weekend nights).

Go vote! Saw this at, duh.

Monday October 18th

Acrappa Updates FAQ { Pie-rat }

Acrappa of has updated his FAQ, which is a great illustrated guide to Myth II patches, third-party maps, and multiplayer features. Check it out here.

While you're there, also check out the TFL, Myth II, and agm2 FAQs (now being maintained by Kith-Kanan of Ancrik).

Myth II Crazy Costume Contest { Pie-rat }

Halloween is coming. Get ready.

The Myth II Crazy Costume Contest has begun and is accepting entries. The contest was thought up and is will be judged by Rudnir MoG along with Major Geo and Terzol. will be contributing some prizes, so go dress up!

Head on over! Saw this tidbit at Mythology.

Sunday October 17th

Coming of the Dark Available at Mill { Pie-rat }

The new "Coming of the Dark" scenario by Ares is now available at The Mill.

Featuring great scripting by Ares, Merlin, and Imperator, Coming of the Dark already has a 4.76 (out of 5) rating at The Mill.

Myth: The Total Codex Box Text { Pie-rat }

Here it is:

"This is the complete collection of one of the most critically-acclaimed game series ever created. For the first time, a game of battle actually looks and feels like you're down in the trenches, hand-to-hand with the enemy. Forget static overhead views, in Myth you'll rotate around your troops, follow the arc of a burning arrow and seize the high ground for tactical advantage.

Myth: The Total Codex includes both Myth and Myth II, as well as the new "Chimera" scenario, the official strategy guides for both Myth and Myth II, and dozens of our favorite levels created by Myth fans."

But wait! That's not all! Here's some more stuff:
"Myth II: Chimera

Veteran heroes return to fight an ancient evil in this new 8-level scenario created by Badlands.

BONUS: Dozens of User-created Scenarios Jump into entirely new worlds with this collection of our favorite user-created multiplayer maps and scenarios. Play Myth in the wild west, World War 2, feudal Japan, or with pirates in the Caribbean and much more."

Wow. That's a lot of stuff. Sounds great!

Friday October 15th

Codex Will Contain Third-Party Maps { Pie-rat }

It has been confirmed that Myth: The Total Codex WILL contain third-party Myth maps and plugins. Here is the quote:

"...collection of our favorite user-created multiplayer maps and scenarios. Play Myth in the wild west, World War 2, feudal Japan, or with pirates in the Caribbean and much more."
Cool. This tidbit was brought to you by Steve (midwest). Thanks!

Thursday October 14th

The Wild West Updated { Pie-rat }

Version 2 has been released of The Wild West plugin for Myth 2.

Sporting bug fixes and tweaked unit settings, v2 is a must-have if you are a TWW fan.

Download The Wild West v2 from The Mill here.

More Myth: The Total Codex Information { Pie-rat }

We have word that the mysterious Myth: The Total Codex Product will indeed contain Chimera. Supposedly (ie. judging from the pics on the boxes), the Codex will contain these things:

We should have more info about this coming soon. Stay tooned!

Wednesday October 13th

Forrest Requests Film Utility { Pie-rat }

Forrest, that Myth Master guy, posted this request to agm2:

I'm looking for some entreprenuering programmer out there to write a simple little program that will allow me to drag & drop Myth films onto it and get a text file called "[film name] Info" out. That file would contain information on the file, as the name may suggest. Info such as difficulty level, overall stats (kill & damage ratios, plus casualty and damage reports in numbers - not percents - on both sides), unit-class stats (kills, damage inflicted/received, casualties), individual unit stats (heros, vets, kills and damage inflicted and received, names, etc), and completion time. That's the basics of what I want.
Think you can help Forrest? If so, please contact him.

Want more info about the Myth Master contest? Check out the website here.

Tuesday October 12th

New Unknown Myth Product { Pie-rat }

As noted by pretty much every frickin Myth news site on the net, a search for "myth" on yields an unknown product called "Myth: The Total Codex."

Could it be Chimera? Well, The Townhall reports that Chimera IS included in the package, but it appears that both Myths and their respective handbooks are also included.

Here is's description:

The Myth: The Total Codex includes both Myth and Myth II, as well as the new "Chimera" scernio [sic], the official strategy guides for both I and II, and dozens of our favorite levels created by Myth fans.
Any other opinions? Post them in The Wasteland.

Intrigued? I sure am. You think i'm messing with your head? Check out the results of the search here...or check out's screenshot of the search (just in case it gets nuked).

Monday October 11th

PC Gamer Lists Myth In Top 50 Games { Pie-rat }

Mythology points out that PC Gamer recently listed the Myth Series as #19 in a compilation of The 50 Best Games Ever.

Cool. Too bad it's old news for us. ;)

Sunday October 10th

Ancrik B-Day Bash Registration Open { Pie-rat }

Kith-Kanan posted this message to agm2:

The registration for the Ancrik Birthday Bash: Terrible Twos tournament has opened. This is a tournament which consists of two simulateously running brackets (FFA and Team) with the slightest of connections tying the two together. Visit the Birthday Bash site at for more information. Read the rules for more information, and email
Well, you heard the man. Check out the BB site now!

Jinn Site Revamped { Pie-rat }

The website for Jinn, a new Myth 2 Total Conversion project being headed by fisj and Chia, has been revamped and redone.

Jinn features new units, maps, and a engrossing storyline that promises to be good. There is no release date at the moment, but we'll let you know of changes.

Saw this news at both Mythology and The Townhall.

Friday October 8th

Is Formation/Camera Editing Cheating? { Pie-rat }

A recent discussion (OK, so it was really a flamefest) on agm2 has brought up some good points and questions about Myth 2 gaming: should camera speed and formation editing be considered cheating on

As some of you may know, it is possible to edit the camera speed in Myth 2, as well as building custom formations, through Bungie's included Myth 2 editing tool, Fear.

Now, some Myth 2 players believe that such editing gives the player an unfair advantage over someone who has not made these changes, while others contend that since these "hacks" are documented in the manual, they are perfectly legal.

What do you think? Speak your mind at The Academy Forum -- if any good new points are raised, I will post them on agm2.

WWII:Titans Released { Pie-rat }

After months of waiting, the highly anticipated sequel to WWII:Recon has finally been released. To quote from the Titans website:

You thought that netplay was all the World War Series offered? Yeah right! Soulsbane, with the help of Conner and Santa's Head has converted the Myth II solo levels to the World War Series. So get out there and fight for your country!

Titans sports numerous new features, such as tanks and mechanized cavalry.

Check out the Titans page here, or jump directly to the download page here.

Have fun!

Wild West A Huge Success { Pie-rat }

Well, it was only released yesterday, but The Wild West has already been downloaded more than 1200 times!

I believe this is the highest rated map on The Mill ... its average score is 4.96 out of 5.

If you haven't already done so, go download it now!

Thursday October 7th

Wild West Released { Pie-rat }

It's here.

Wild West, that Myth 2 conversion featuring work by's own Fm, Cyril, and Gary (BattleCat), is finally finished, packaged, and ready to rock.

To quote from the Wild West website:

With the introduction of WW2:Recon, the world saw what could be done with the MythII engine. Shortly after, followed some great works from Fantasy to Sci-Fi, including but not excluding: Worlds Collide, Discovery, and the numerous Marathon Conversion spectaculars. With these, eras were being covered, time frames tackled, but there were a few holes left open...

So seeing the gigantic hole of the old west, hanging there in a slump, swimming in its own drool, we decided to step in and help fill it. The idea of the Wild West was born. Now here it is.

With fully new maps, units, and sounds "as good as or exceeding Bungie's own", Wild West is one good scenario.

Download it from The Mill.

Myth 2 Free-For-All Tournament { Pie-rat }

Al-Pharazon writes in with this to say:

Konichiwa you swordswinging Samurais out there,

The time has finally come, the once beautiful lands of the Empire will again be soaked in blood and gore.

Take your sword and horse and join us in the biggest unofficial Myth II Free For All Tournament ever! Were looking at at least 196 Swordsmen, all eagerly awaiting the chance to do battle upon the fields of honour and glory.

Sign Ups will be open from today, October 7 -1999 until midnight October 14 -1999 so hurry over to to Sign Up Now! No Vacancies! (All times are Central Standard Time a.k.a Bungie Time)

Sounds good to me. Head on over to Dominion and sign up!

Myth Master Central Challenge { Pie-rat }

Forrest posted this to agm2 a few days ago, but I'll remind you all of it now:

Now, I've been thinking about running a series of "Myth Master's Challenge" contests at MMC, for such things as:

Who can complete all Myth 1 levels using at least 3 laws plus the 7th.

Who can complete all Myth 2 levels using at least 3 laws plus the 7th.

Who can complete all Myth 1 & 2 levels using at least 3 laws plus the 7th.

Who can complete all Myth 1 levels using every law.

Who can complete all Myth 2 levels using every law.

Who can complete all Myth 1 & 2 levels using every law.

Check out all the 7 Laws of the Myth Master here.

For more info, check out Myth Master Central or e-mail Forrest.

Tuesday October 5th

Wight Among Top Ten Best Monsters { Pie-rat }

In a recent article, GameSpot voted on the ten best monsters in computer gaming.

Lo and behold: which Myth monster should be included but everyone's favorite cuddly-wuddly neighborhood Wight!

Now rubbing elbows with other monsters (such as the Balrog, the Ogre, and the Creeping Crud) in the elite TenSpot club, the Wight is expected to have a cameo in a major Hollywood production in the near future. Stay tuned.

Check out GameSpot's article about the Wight here. (Saw this at The Townhall).

Monday October 4th

Fast and Furious Tourney Ends { Pie-rat }

The Fast and Furious Myth 2 tournament is over, and winners have been announced -- Bloody Souls in first place, followed by Carnage in second.

Check out the films from the tourney: .sit (Mac) or .zip (PC).

Wild West Release Date { Pie-rat }

October 7th, 1999.

That is all.

Ancrik Birthday Bash Tourney { Pie-rat }

Direct C&P from

Kith-Kanan from says: The Ancrik Birthday Bash: Terrible Twos tournament is almost ready for the public. Check out the announcement, and remember: 10.10.99.
Sounds...cryptic. Check the site for more info.

Sunday October 3rd

Myth 2 Done Quick Wraps It Up { Pie-rat }

Myth 2 Done Quick, a contest that challenged Myth players to complete Myth 2 as quickly as possible, has come to a close.

In the end, the whole single-player campaign was completed in just under four hours. Numerous records for individual level completion times were set along the way.

Congrats if you were among the fastest. Even if you weren't, congrats for trying out!

Kudos to The Townhall for posting this.

GodzFire Ports TFL Mahir { Pie-rat }

GodzFire, who has ported numerous Myth: TFL units (Forest Giant, Cave Spider, etc.) to Myth 2, has announced that he has also ported TFL version of the mysterious Mahir unit.

The conversion is available at The Mill and GodzFire's own site.

Saturday October 2nd

IMG Posts Wild West Review { Pie-rat }

As many of you know, The Wild West is a plug-in being co-designed and created by The Mill's own Fm. Here's what Gary (BattleCat) has to say:

You can lead a cowboy to dust, but you can't make him bite it. Not unless you have The Wild West plugin for Myth II:Soulblighter that is. Check out the glowing PRE-RELEASE review posted today by "Inside Mac Games" and see for yourself why Myth gamers have been impatiently sitting on their tippy cheeks in rabid, frothing anticipation of this amazing Myth II PDCTATC (Pretty Damn Close To A Total Conversion). You can visit the home page of the The Wild West at "The Mill." The Wild West Plugin will be released on October 7th so keep yer eyes on the horizon pardner.
Well, you heard him. Go check it out!

Friday October 1th

Not Much Going On Today { Pie-rat }

Yeah, well, that's the way it is sometimes. Stay tuned, and something's bound to happen. Yeah.

Or we could make something happen. Nah.

In the words of Steve: "Rest assured, we never rest!"