News Archive for September 1999

Thursday September 30th

Badlands Civil War Conversion { Pie-rat }

If you've been following the features section of Badlands, you should know about Civil War.

In this era of Myth, where Marathon, WWII and pirate conversion rule with an iron fist, it makes perfect sense to make...a Civil War conversion.

Along with Dorfball, Badlands' other current project, Civil War looks like it will be nothing less than stunning. Check out Badlands' Civil War website here.

Saw this mentioned at Ancrik.

Holy Grail Conversion { Pie-rat }

As noted by the folks over at Inside Mac Games, there's a really, uh, interesting conversion going on for Myth 2.

Surprise! It's Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It's in the very early stages of development, but it looks like it could be very fun if it is completed.

Check out the Holy Grail Website here.

Wednesday September 29th

Rugby Returns for Myth 2 { Pie-rat }

KVLtv writes in with this PR:

If you were one of the crazy people who enjoyed Rugby on North Zerk Forty by Clan Bear, and wish that sports maps for Myth II: Soulblighter could do more than Steal the Bacon. Today is your lucky day. Still Life With Warrior by me (KVLtv) is a fully working Myth II: Soulblighter Rugby map! Yes, I'm crazy, it's official. That doesn't change the fact that you can download the map from The Mill today and play Rugby until the kangaroos come home. The map has fully scripted goals and keeps track of the scores just the way it should. Guaranteed to be both Mac and PC compatible too.

Special note: To play Rugby, the game type has to be set for Stampede!

Coo-el. Download Still Life With Soldier here.

Tuesday September 28th

Spleaf Updated { Pie-rat }

Check out this PR from Hungry Ghol:

Spleaf, not the Myth Community's leading humor site, has been updated. A lot.

By far the most interesting new peice of rubbish is the surprisingly serious "The History and Mission of Spleaf," which gives a good deal of insight into the history of humor in the Mythzian World. Worth a read.

Tacos, Hungry Ghol

(That was a PR, so I'd love if you'd post it exactly)

Well, there you have it, straight from the horse's mouth. (I guess I'm just not clever enough to think up interesting variants on cliched phrases.)

Go to Revision B! { Pie-rat }

This is just a reminder to get to you attend Bungie's Rev. B event, which is taking place tonight at 10 pm CST.

Check the page for a list of the some of prizes (which include some really cool stuff, such as an original Marathon folder, a bottle of dorf ale, a ghol jockstrap, etc.). Domain Name For Sale { Pie-rat }

As noted by Mythology, is up for grabs. Some Loser, the owner of the domain, is giving it away (!) along with free hosting to anyone willing to make a decent, up-to-date Myth site.

Think ya got what it takes? Write to Some Loser or contact him over ICQ # 5919081.

Saturday September 25th

All the WWII Stuff You Could Want { Pie-rat }

Those kooks over at Clan Plaid have put up a site containing information about every single WWII Map ever made. (Not that surprising, if you take into account the "#CP#" of "Santa's Head #CP#").

Anyway, it's a nice site, so check it out here.

Saw this at The Townhall (duh). Rev.-B-Day! { Pie-rat }

Got this message from the guys over at Bungie:

We're conducting server load tests on rev.b this Tuesday, the 28th, at 10pm CST. In order to get the most people possible on the server (and to have some fun!) we'll be giving out random prizes and awards for the best joke, highest score, most games played, and more! For more info check the web page over the next few days.
You heard the man! Check the web page! I'll see you there.

Tuesday September 21st

Myth Master Site Updated { Pie-rat }

Forrest, who maintains Myth Master Central, dropped me quick note that mentioned (among other things) that he has updated his site.

Myth Mastery is a form of vidmastery (see the Vidmaster page) that applies to Myth and Myth II. It's actally pretty neat...check it out here.

WW2: Red River Released by OzOne { Pie-rat }

OzOne has released Red River, the fifth official WW2 map given the OK by Santa's Head.

Check out the full scoop at The Townhall, or download it directly from The Mill here.

Bungie.Org E-mail Back Online { Pie-rat }

The word from Claude is that the e-mail server is back online. In other words, you can mail us now.

It's not fully configured for all the members yet, but pie-rat, myth, and mythnews all send away!

Sunday September 19th

DrunkBob Releases Hax0r Guide { Pie-rat }

DrunkBob has released the first ever (to my knowledge) mapmaking guide...for making crappy maps.

That's right, you can join thousands of other Myth players in making bad maps! All you need is the Hax0r Guide.

Have fun! (Spotted this at Mythology.)

Friday September 17th

What's Next For The Team? { Pie-rat }

As noted by many other news sites, a caption under a picture of Bungie employees tug-o-warring at the company picnic reads "The Team Formerly Known as Myth II."

Is this an allusion to Halo, or something...more?

Thursday September 16th

Orange: A Myth2 International Tourney { Pie-rat }

In an ambitious tournament hoping to involve up to sixteen different countries, the crew at Orange has announced the first Myth 2 International Tournament.

What makes this tourney interesting is that it will be organized much like the Olympic Games -- each country has their own team. (Just think! Now all you Czechs can kick our American asses in Myth just like you do in hockey!)

Go visit their informative webpage (titled "Untitled Document") here.

Spotted this at Ancrik. Rev 2 Beta Available { Pie-rat }

Bungie has opened revision 2 of to the general public!

Check out the rev 2 website here...if you want to test it out, download the updated database for your OS (Mac, Win, Linux).

Wednesday September 15th

Badlands Releases New Myth II Tools { Pie-rat }

It seems that Badlands, a great Myth mapmaking group, has developed and released its own Myth II editing tools to supplement Bungie's Fear and Loathing.

The two utilities, named Localfetch and Deadtags, do lots of really cool things, but since I'm not what you would call a great mapmaker, and don't want to embarass myself by giving the wrong information, I recommend that you check out the Badlands website yourself.

NOTE: Deadtags is not ready yet. You will get a "Coming Soon" message if you go to their keep checking back! Thanks to Steve (midwest) for the the heads-up and for catching my bad link.

Monday September 13th

Bungie.Org Returns { Pie-rat }

After one whole month of downtime, has finally found a home again! That's right...every page on the site, from Pathways to Halo, is back online!

Special thanks to Steve (midwest), Claude (cae) and Gary (BattleCat), who devoted many of their free hours to getting us back online.

Also thanks to you for continuing to support us. Regularly scheduled Myth news should commence shortly.