News Archive for April 2002

Monday April 29th

Fileball Down Temporarily? { Zandervix }

Frigidman over at The Mill has this to say (as posted on the site):

This is quite temporary.

When FileBall returns, the same rules will be in place regarding accounts, file postings, and file downloads (meaning everything is free). Also it will hopefully return in a new hosting facility (thus why it is temporarily down). DNS has to change, machines have to move, and hardware has to be upgraded, I'm swamped!

I don't like these sites charging for anything, and banner ads blow (which make no money, and just piss people off). I think charging for memberships is not a viable solution either. These sites always were, and always will be better than other download places that make money off posting other peoples work. At least the authors here post their files themselves.

This service has been going for 3 years for free, and I would hate to change that now. I guess I am just crazy. I must be, because I still am looking to get this service running again, and attempting to find new funding instead of charging membership fees. I don't owe anyone anything for running these sites out of my own pocket for as long as I have. Those who are grateful, I thank you for your support. Those that took it all for granted, kiss my ass.

Further explicit details will be made available on the web site when the FileBall service returns.

Goodbye for now, but stay tuned to the return of a really great archive service for creators and consumers!

The Package Reviews PlayMyth { Zandervix }

The Package posted this review of PlayMyth. 'Nuff said.

Sunday April 28th

Legends Updates { Gholsbane }

I made some updates to the Delusions section of Legends and Lore today. The HTML was a bit squewed for Symbols in Myth, The Left Arm Connection and Names of the Fallen and I've posted the Watcher page finally. That's the only new addition.

Check it out.

PlayMyth Interviewed { Zandervix }

The other day, Mordia over at BungieNet posted an interview with the PlayMyth staff. Go to the Myth Vault, or catch the story here.

Ghol Rugby { Gholsbane }

This just in from Doobie of uDogs and Project Magma:

Project Magma is proud to release the first original gametype for Myth:TFL-- Ghol Rugby! Having taken over 2 years in development and testing, Ghol Rugby pushes the TFL engine to new limits, providing an entirely new style of gameplay. Not only is Ghol Rugby a brand-new gametype, it's also the first original gametype in Myth history that is FFA-based-- Expect intense 4-way Rugby action!

The object of Ghol Rugby is to get the ball into your goal, and score more points than your opponents. This can be done many different ways; In order to win, you will need to carry, toss, shoot and blast the ball into your goal with a variety of specialized units. Expect an all new colormap, customized units and scenery, and over 400 lines of scripting to make for very immersive and intense games .  We've also included a handy, self-running tutorial version of the map, so you and your friends can learn how to play quickly and easily.

At only 3.3 megs, Ghol Rugby is one of Project Magma's smaller plugins. Download it today at and hit for some Rugby!  For more information about the plugin, check out the Ghol Rugby site.

So what are you waiting for? Scrum Down!

Thursday April 25th

Server Update!! Server Update!! { Zandervix }

Jeesh! This whole thing is more confusing than my blasted tax return (On which I filed for an extension, of course)! Allrighty, here is what you do. Go to MythMaps, go down near the bottom of the page to the Myth II:SB download section. There you will see the patches for the new server. You have your choice of having your interface in either Blue, Green, or Red. Check out the download screen to get an example. Now, Download it!! Okay, next, go to PlayMyth to get a login and password (If for some reason PlayMyth doesn't work, I hear MythDev is supposed to, don't ask me why). Then, install the patch that you downloaded. Finally, get in there and play!!

New Server Opens Today! { Zandervix }

Okay, here's the deal. Yesterday's news post about the patches still don't work. The post from MythMaps has been deleted, there is no sign of the patch over at MythWA, and PlayMyth is now on restricted access. The basic story is this: You won't be able to download and register until after the server opens later today. Here's some news from around the community:

This comes straight from the mouth of Blades Ollivia:

On Thursday, April 25, 2002 at 5:00pm, will unveil it's first edition Myth server. This edition will support Myth 2: Soulblighter for online gaming. This server will be opened in the tradition of complete with:

1. Ranked and Unranked gameplay.
2. Separate ranking systems for classic, third party, and combined maps.
3. Support for Orders including ranked play for Orders.
4. Web-based viewing of ranking leaders for individuals and orders alike.
5. Technical support from a friendly, knowledgeable staff.

This is the first step in's support for the entire Myth series of games. Later this spring and into the early summer, will be producing a new server for online Myth 3 gaming followed closely by support for Myth: The Fallen Lords.

To play on's game server, you must download the new version 1.1 of the patch/plugin. Get these on the web site or at beginning the afternoon of the 25th. You will absolutely need this new plugin to connect to the server.

We look forward to serving the community for many years to come.
This was posted over at MythWA:

The new Myth II server will be released today. It has been in beta for some week now, but the beta test accounts have been cleared out and new features have been implemented. Everything should work now.

The grand opening starts at 5 PM CST. From that time and on, you will be able to register accounts on and download the final installer. Important: Your old beta installers won't work.

Remember that you won't be able to register with Hotmail and other 3rd part emails. If your ISP hasn't provided you with an email, then you will have to contact us (will result in slower registration process).

Registration/ opens:
CST = 5 PM (25th)
EST = 6 PM (25th)
Brazil = 8 PM (25th)
GMT = 11 PM (25th)
Rome = 12 PM (25 th)
Moscow = 2 AM (26 th)
Sydney = 8 AM (26th)
So there you have it. At the appointed time go to PlayMyth and get set up. Oh, and by the way, if SB isn't your game, tonight is TFL Night over at MariusNet.

Mauriac Released for TFL { Zandervix }

This posted from the "Crows Bridge Cartographers" over in the forums at MariusNet.

Mauriac is available!

Sir Mauriacs tale, is the story of the famous warrior captain and his experiences in the great war after his actions at Covenant. The plugin contains 25 solo/co-op levels, and 40 Multiplayer maps, the largest plugin made so far for TFL.

File name:

Hotline Server

Login: mythtfl
Password: crazyglue

In directory path:
myth\!Download Mauriac here!\

Have fun,
Crows Bridge Cartographers

Wednesday April 24th

PlayMyth Server Patch Released! { Zandervix }

The new server (found at PlayMyth.Net), which opens tomorrow by the way, will require a patch to play (thus replacing the BungieNet or the MariusNet patches). Get them here, and get ready to rumble!

Patch for PC (MythMaps mirror)
Patch for Mac (MythMaps mirror)

Patch for PC (MythWA mirror)
Patch for Mac (MythWA mirror)
Note: At the time of this posting, none of these mirrors appear to work. Keep trying, hopefully they will all eventually be working at the source. I will post later with any changes.

Monday April 22nd

Server News... { Zandervix }

The new server that is opening up on the 25th now has it's own dedicated website. Check out PlayMyth.Net to get all of the latest server news and to register an account.

Die 2002 Tourney Announced { Zandervix }

Die, INC. has announced their "Die 2002" Tournament to be played on the new Myth Server. Go to the Tourney Site to check out all the info.

Also, don't forget about the Milkman Dan's tournament also coming up.

Two tournies? Woohoo!

Pick of the Week... { Zandervix }

Do ya' like Art? More importantly, do ya' like Myth Art? More Importantly than that, do ya' like Myth Fan Art? Well, if you do, head on over to The Raven's Nest. This site features about 15 original pieces of art from fans. And while you're there, don't forget to head on over to the Narrative section, and read through some fan fiction as well. There is some really great material that may have been forgotten. Go check it out!

Next Week's "Pick of the Week" { Zandervix }

The Pick for next week will actually be a huge list of order, clan, and mapmaking sites that are still up and running (or for many, just up). Right now I have completed a list of 112 sites, with hopefully more on the way. If you have or know of a site out there, drop me a line. I would like to have a most complete list as possible. Please let me know by April 30th, as the "Pick of the Week" for next week will be posted on Wednesday, May 1st. Thanks.

Clarification: These are for Myth sites.

Sunday April 21st

Myth III Journal Entries (beta) { Gholsbane }

Okay, I've put up the Myth 3 journal as it stands along with an updated Index. The entries are missing a lot of pictures which I haven't actually got yet (don't worry, I'm slowly getting there). Feel free to correct any of the text that's there though. Speling mistakes are probably MJ's as most of the text was just copied and pasted from the tags. Check them out and let me know if you find a mistake.

Saturday April 20th

Beta Testing for New Myth Server { Zandervix }

I could tell you about it, but I'll let the post from MythMaps explain:

The ranking system for the Myth 2 server is ready for testing. While the test01 - test40 accounts will still work for this beta test, we're giving you the opportunity to get your own user account for this beta testing period. If you want an account - send an email with your username and password request to: and we'll work to get them added as quick as we can. You will not receive any notification that you have been added so you will just need to try logging into the server with your username and password. At this point, we will not be keeping a record of usernames and passwords so if you forget either one, you're on your own. We're finishing up the web-based system for setting up and maintaining accounts and we'll have more news on that as it becomes available. For now, email us and get those account requests in.

Registration opens for MDL Tourney { Zandervix }

Registration is now open for the "Milkman Dan's Lament" tournament. Go to the registration page to sign up to kick some butt!

Venice comes to Myth III { Zandervix }

If you've been wanting to play Venice on Myth III, then your wait is now over! Head on over to MythMaps to download this port.

MariusNet Open Registration Weekend { Zandervix }

Basically, if you don't have an account yet, head on over to MariusNet to get one. Punk.

Sunday April 14th

Follow-up... { Zandervix }

My first "Pick of the Week" ever, The Tharsis Times, has two new stories on their site (Unfortunately, one of them is an obituary for the site). They are both funny reads. If you've never been there before, head on over and check it out. Don't forget to click on the banners for the various "ads" in the paper. Some of the most hilarious stuff I've seen.

Pick of the Week... { Zandervix }

This week's pick is also a site from the way-back days of 1998. It's got a lot of great content and has some really good reads. One main section of this site has techniques, strategy, and tactics for use in battle. Surprisingly enough, there are a few multiplayer tactics that I didn't think about nor have ever seen before. I plan on trying them out :). So go, check out Myth Adventures, and learn somethin'.

New News Newsbox { Zandervix }

For those of us who send us news, please note that the Myth@Bungie.Org E-mail is temporarily down for maintenance. Please use the new and improved MythNews@Bungie.Org for all your announcements. Thank you.

This has been a public service announcement from Bungie.Org. Had this been an actual emergency, this announcement would have been followed by people running and screaming.

Saturday April 13th

"Llancarfan Street Brawl" released. { Zandervix }

An ambitious project by Pezzah has just been released for MWA and is available at MythMaps. Check it out:

This map will test your myth strengths in a new and more challenging way than any other before it. Battle indside of a town, with very little room to move, and very little time to do it in. The buildings make excelent places to sneak round, and moving your troops around the streets will need some good camera skills. For players with nerves of steel, try the map with with no overhead, and fear for your life at every turn.

There are 5 different meshes to chose from, each different from the other, but they still follow some of the same rules.

On All Meshes:
Set the difficulty to weak to have a normal game, mighty games have the addition of peasants runing around in the way, and in legendary, there are also sachel charges and mandrake roots all over the map. You will also be able to use some better units if you set the difficulty to legendary. You may notice that the peasants you start with have names of people from within the myth community, this is true for peasant fighter, torch bearers and crippled peasants. I have put the names of as many people who have tested the map as possible. I have probably missed a few though.

There are all the game modes available to play on this map, including stampede and hunting. When playing stampede you will start with a "King Cripple" and may chose how many crippled peasants to have along side him. The object is always to get them to the centre of the map, but they move very slowly, and to keep them alive can be tricky. For hunting, the targets become all the neutral peasants, you can however still play this game in weak.

Llancarfan Street Brawl: [4 team]
Standard light units of archers, warriors and dwarves, as well as thrall and wights. Assasin targets are the spider cultists, and you get warlocks in legendary mode.

Llancarfan Street Raid: [4 team]
This is a map which happens a night, which means most of the lighing comes from peasant torches, and from fixed lights. This will make it hard to see the enemy, unless there are peasants near. The units are based around myrkridian hordes, and therefore this mesh is one of the first places you can controll every type of myrkridia at the same time. The assasin targets are heron gaurd heros, and you get a myrkridian giant in legendary mode, but he can't fit down a lot of the alleys.

Llancarfan Street Party: [8 team]
This is an explosive mesh, I have used the kamikazi dwarf from fracture, added some dwarves, Warlocks, Flaming souless, Herons, and Beserks. This map also takes place at night, so it is especially easy to get a kamikaze dwarf amongst the enemy! The assasin targets are 2 Connachts, and you get Dwarven Smiths in legendary mode.

Llancarfan Street Elite: [8 team]
This map which is designed for 8 seperate players to battle on. The mesh features a select amount of units, small enough for 1 person to handle, but big enough to make for some interestingly tactical play. Hero Herons, Beserks, Dwarfs, and Hearth Gaurdsmen are main units, you can also have warlocks on legendary, and Connacht serves as the assasin target.

Llancarfan Street Duel: [2 team]
This map is designed for many players to be on each team, it features a very similar unit selection to Brawl, but a lot more of them. This will allow for many different little skirmishes to occur throughout the map, and mean that the most organised team will be the winners. Spider cultists are the assasin target, and play on legendary to include warlocks.

Wednesday April 10th

"Milkman Dan's" Tourney Announced { Zandervix }

LimpBizquik announces a new Myth II:SB tourney titled: Milkman Dan's Lament. You can check out the Tournament page to keep up on the progress. Here's the jist: Registration begins on the 25th with plans to be held on the new MythMaps/MythWA/E.I. server. There will be 32 teams of 3 (an alternate is highly suggested) that will go head to head to victory! Keep watching the Tourney page for details as well as right here at Myth@Bungie.Org!

Blambi Calls it Quits? { Zandervix }

Blambi over at Myth Village had this to say about his future at MV:

On that note, I bid you farewell. I've had a great time here at Myth Village, but Anima has been doing an excellent job and I no longer feel the need or desire to post news. Adios!
Good luck to you, and make sure to come back and play with us now and again.

Rampancy Over DNS Problems { Zandervix }

Rampancy is finally back to their regular selves now that their DNS problems have been fixed. Go check 'em out!

Sunday April 7th

Pick of the Week... { Zandervix }

This week's pick goes way, way back. Think back to the days of '97-'98. There was no SB or MWA. TFL was the King, baby! And it was taking everyone by storm. Bungie.Net was full of TFL'ers, and there were a number of sites dedicated to the game. The Gates of Covenant was one such site. They covered a massive amount of the news, and were able to conduct interviews with some of Bungie's finest. This site also has a comprehensive 'Information' section on playing on-line and explains in detail on how to play LAN games. They also have Films, Reviews, Interviews, and Short Stories. Another section titled 'Strategy' gives you advice on Units, Maps, Solo, and Multiplay. There is also a humor section with Top Ten Lists for the Myth player. It's a great site, and part of Myth history, so go check it out!

Friday April 5th

IMG and Mac Hall Poke Fun at Myth { Zandervix }

Thanks to Ody for posting his find in the forum at Myth Village. He found a story and cartoon posted over at about the Myth series. Here's the story:

Making sequels of a computer game can be a tricky business to get into. People either hate them or love them. A game that has had its share of sequels is Myth. In 1999, Bungie followed up the release of the original game by releasing Myth II: Soulblighter. While the game received good marks, some loyalists hated it. In 2001, MumboJumbo released Myth III: The Wolf Age, and once again, the game was met with considerable hostility by the Myth crowd.

The kids at Mac Hall, admittedly not fans of sequelmania, take their own jabs at the phenomenon.

Click here for the Mac Hall cartoon.

Marius Net Registration Weekend { Zandervix }

Conner reports that he'll re-open registration for MariusNet accounts until sometime Sunday. So if you don't have an account yet, get over there and get one!

Thursday April 4th

Game Server News { Zandervix }

This was posted over at MythMaps:

The new Myth 2 server is slated to go online on Thursday, April 25th, 2002 at 5:00pm central standard time. When the server goes online, it will have the following features implemented:

1. Ranked - in the tradition, and maybe a bit better
2. Up to the second stats - that's right - real time stats - no delays
3. Administration
4. Web site stat viewing
5. A few surprises

We will then begin working to implement the caste/clan system over time and continue to improve and refine the server as we work on the Myth 3 server. Our programmers have the Myth 3 source code.... all of it..... an unbelievable amount of code. We promised - and now we WILL deliver. Long live Myth and the Myth community!

Tuesday April 2nd Store { Gholsbane }

Hah, it seems the Bungie Store which "went up" was all a cruel hoax initiated by our pals at You can still see it at!

You had us all (to quote Claude) "snookered"

Monday April 1th

Marius Net Has Ranked { Zandervix }

Marius and Conner must sure love you guys. After all, they went through all the trouble to change the server code so they could provide some ranked rooms. So get on over and play some games at MarisuNet!

MWA Mac Update at the Mill { Zandervix }

The Mill has a little something for all you Mac users. There is now an Update Patch (v1.2 - MAC only) for Myth III available. The Mill will have it for one week only, so get it while it's hot. And, oh yeah, you DON'T NEED A MEMBERSHIP to download it. You can go to The Mill, or click HERE to download.

UPDATE: (4/2) Seems that The Mill played a stupid joke for April Fool's Day. This is not an update. However, since I don't have a Mac, I'm not sure what this is. Someone clue me in, eh?

Bungie gets into the spirit { Gholsbane }

There's a lot of foolishness going on at today. Some people actually believe some of this stuff.

First, Bungie announces "Halo Babies", a cartoon based on Halo for Saturday morning TV. They provide some doctored Halo screenshots to go with the article.

Next, the Pimps at Sea site has been updated with more screenshots and some descriptions. THIS IS A JOKE!

They're even "selling" the game for XBox at the "newly opened" Bungie Store. Along with a Grunt plush doll, the Halo Soundtrack and XBox game and...Halo for Mac/PC. Hah, nice one guys. Shame they're not serious. If you follow any link on the site, you are redirected to an error page saying "They're only kidding!" and blaming for the widespread tomfoolery. Pah, the cheek of it.

I also checked out the Bungie Support site and found an interesting message from the Soul saying the webmaster is reconstructing a new home for all the questions it is asked.

Update: The "store" has been taken down again so bad luck if you missed it. The Support site has also returned to its normal state.

That's it Bungie, keep messing with our minds. It won't stop us mindlessly accepting your World Domination attempt.