News Archive for December 2001

Sunday December 23rd

Game Informer Reviews M3 { Forrest }

Thanks to Zandervix for scanning in a page from the latest Game Informer magazine, featuring yet another rather sour review of Myth 3.

Saturday December 22nd

UK PC Gamer Reviews Myth III { Forrest }

Thanks to Nimrod for posting to our Wasteland forum that the UK PC Gamer has also reviewed Myth III, and given it the same score of 58%. Nimrod also includes a poignant excerpt of the review for your reading pleasure.

Friday December 21st

Myth 3 Mac Demo And Vegeance { Forrest }

As promised, the Myth 3 Mac demo is out! This seems to be quite an in-demand file, so we'll be keeping a running list of known mirrors here on the front page...

The mirrors as of now:
HTTP: The Mill
HTTP: Hippieman
HTTP: Brown University
HTTP: Creation Games
HTTP: Myth Maps
HTTP: Mac Game Files
HTTP: Thinktivity
Hotline: Clan Plaid
Hotline: Hippieman
Hotline: Mitb

More to come as mirrors propagate... if you have/know of mirror we don't have here please let us know.

On a related note, the first Mac port of Vengeance has also been released. Everything seems to work EXCEPT, and I quote, "3d mesh, sounds, texture stacks (unpredictable crashes), skmd tags, some bugs with global lights". These are known bugs, but hey, it's Vengeance for Mac! Copies can be found on RHL, CPHL, MythDevHL, and SubnovaHL. Thanks to El Bastard.

Addendum: MythGuide is now keeping an updated list of Myth 3 Demo mirrors, so just go there for new links.

Thursday December 20th

One Mill to host them all... { Forrest }

...and in, bind them.

Sorry, a bit too much LotR for me tonight. Just here to let you all know that Frigidman has dropped a note in our Asylum forum (shouldn't that be the Forge, Fm?) letting us know that the Mill, too, is hosting all the Myth 3 file as mentioned below, and more. So head on over and check it out!

Wolfage Galore { Forrest }

Big Myth 3 news today!

First of all, the Myth III 1.02 patch is officially complete! Release notes can be found here, and a list of mirrors here.

Secondly, a new PC demo has been released incorporating these 1.02 changes and combining the contents of the previous two demos. List of mirrors here.

Now that all the bugs have been fixed, the Mac version has gone gold! Nate Birkholz of MacSoft posted the announcement to MythVillage. A Mac demo incorporating the tutorial, a single-player level, and a multiplayer level is expected Soon™ (theoretically tomorrow).

And last but not least, Vengeance has finally been released, along with source code. It is currently Windows-only but with so many intrepid Mac-using Myth H@X0RZ out there, we should see a Mac port of it real soon now.

On a sadder(?), slightly unrelated note, a bit of news I forgot to report when it happened: Myth II ranked has been shut down. However, fear not, for I know at least one person who is at least attempting to create a sort of for M2, a replacement, which may come complete with ranked servers as well.

PC Gamer scores Myth III: 58% { Lophan }

I haven't seen this reported elsewhere, so here ya' go:

In the January 2002 issue of PC Gamer magazine, Myth III: The Wolf Age was reviewed and received a score of 58%. Now, one would think that they blasted it, but in truth the reviewer lauded the improvements and bemoaned the shortfalls. Here's a quick quote from reviewer William Harms:

I feel sorry for the folks at MumboJumbo who had to deliver Myth III to their overlords at Take-Two in a brutally fast 11 months. If the developers were given more time, they might have produced something special, but as it stands right now, this game is a mess.
With the talk that Take-Two may be acquired by "our pals" at Microsoft, perhaps a "corrective" installment could be in our future. It would be sad indeed if Take-Two dropped the ball twice on the same project and kept the tools to fix this game out of the hands of the public.

Wednesday December 19th { Freewill }

As Forrest has already explained, our community suffered a blow when one of our most dedicated long-time mythers and Bungie fans, Dave Pindrys, aka Chia, was involved in a head-on car collision a few weeks back. He's currently in rehabilitation but the road to recovery is a long one.

Our hearts go out to this lovely soul of a man, just turned 18. Please visit and see how you can help his family in this time of need. Sign the guestbook to show your support.

Chia is my buddy, he designed the original Bungie Sightings website. He helped create MANY websites, all for the love of the game and the challenge to learn more and more. A more talented individual is hard to imagine.

He's going to get better, I just know it.

For Chia { Forrest }

Most of you probably already know this already, and I didn't even stop to think that this might be something to post on a news page, but it occurrs to me now that it is community news so I aught to say something public...

David "Chia" Pindrys, a bright young student in his prime and a prominant Myth community member, was seriously injured in a car accident on December first. A report from his local paper can be found online here.

A thread at MythVillage contains many other people's expressions toward this incident, and information on how you can help to ease the pain (look for posts from Freewill especially, like this one and this one).

All our thoughts and best wishes at go out to David and his family in their time of need. Hang in there, Chia, and you'll pull through this.

Monday December 17th

The "Myth Devil" Opens Doors { Forrest }

Thanks to Iggy Popped of Vista and the late (R.I.P.) M3 dev team for this tidbit:

Myth Developer Hotline (mythdev.hl, aka the Myth Devil =) is now active. Mythdev exists to support mappers and mod makers in their Myth 2 and Myth 3 efforts.

The dedicated server is located at the following static ip address:

Cya online!
Sounds great! I guess time it's OK to let slip, since anyone who'd really care already knows: we here at are working on a similar, web-based resource, coming Soon™. So all your mapmakers and aspiring mapmakers, stay tuned... - Now With 100% More PR! { Forrest }

As promised, the official announcement for the Fileball network. Yeah yeah you already know, but we need something to fill up our news page. Gary "the Battle Cat" Simmons writes:

Attention Gamers: A new era in community online gaming has just arrived!

Introducing FILEBALL, a game players and mod makers comprehensive automated online game file archive and information resource. You might recognize us, we've been around before under a different name. This is not just another stinking Internet burial pit for your original game maps, plug-ins and add-ons. This is a fully interactive and customizable online database community where you can present your own hard work to the world or download the work of others. You can get valuable feedback via user ratings, full reviews or on the Fileball forums.

You have FULL PERSONAL CONTROL over your own gaming files. Submit them when you want, removing or replacing them as YOUR need arises. Membership in Fileball is absolutely FREE and only requires an easy registration process for full member benefits! Non-members may download any of the files as well as rate them for the community. We are mod makers ourselves, we built Fileball as a mod makers dream machine and we want to share it with you.

The Fileball community experience is unrivaled. Each game inhabits its own distinctive web site suited to the particular game it represents, yet each site shares the same database, membership roster and central organizational hub. Envision Fileball as ancient Greece with each of the game sites as one of the City-States. As such, each unique game site fosters a community feel in a larger environment without all the hemlock, wooden horses and sweaty guys in short skirts.

Online at this juncture of the time-space continuum at Fileball:
  • The Mill - all your favorite Myth Plug-ins, Maps, Recordings and Utilities
  • The Sims! - Skins, Furnishings, Full House Packs and Utilities
  • Lh'owon Ar'kives - all the Marathon maps, utilities, TCs and net maps.
  • Liandri Depot - Tons of Unreal Tournament mods and utilities.

Quake, War/Starcraft and Halo is in the works but YOU decide what game mods you want next at Fileball!

Immortalize your work, download your next favorite game add-on, or shout out to the world in the forums! Visit Fileball today at
Great news for everybody!
So head on over and GET UR FILEZ OR I TRO KIK U.

Sunday December 16th

MWC '98 Gets New Host 3 Years Later { Forrest }

So, uh... apparently a site that we technically host, though they have their own domain for some reason... the Ministry of Security... has graciously offered to host the old Myth World Cup '98 site for historical, er... interest, I guess. Call it nostalgia.

Thanks to everyone else Myth site on the planet for pointing this out to Claude, seeing how I don't actually read webpages anymore.

We do have newsies here, in theory, right? Hello?

[tap tap]

Is this thing on?

Saturday December 15th

The Mill Returns! { Forrest }

I was gonna wait for the official announcement on Monday for this, but seeing how some other Myth sites are already reporting it... The Mill is back, on a new host server called Fileball. Yay!

Friday December 14th

Classic Map Pack Screenshots { Forrest }

Major Kudos go to El Bastard all around for today's story:

First, for his efforts in the porting of many of your favorite Myth TFL and Myth II classic netmaps to Myth III in the Classic Map Map. Then, for sending us a ton of screenshots from it, most of which can already be found here at, and soon at Inside Mac Games, and the entire collection of which can be found right here at

But biggest thanks of all for allowing me not only to beta test this awesome new creation, but to gather and post some original screenshots, exclusive to!

So, I have gathered together shots from one mesh of each of the eight colormaps currently in the collection, and inserted them below for your viewing pleasure:

First off we see some explosive action on every rankh00r's favorite, TFL-style BC TRO.

Next up we have another TFL classic, I'll Dance On Your Grave, featuring some Dwarves about to get themselves into some serious trouble.

And speaking of Dwarves, there's nothing quite like the explosive carnage of this map. Get ready to rumble on Clan Bear's classic rock 'em sock 'em Dorf Riot on the Mudpit Massacre mesh.

From explosive carnage, to one of the most beautifully detailed colormaps I've ever seen, this next shot shows El B's exquisit treatment of The Drowned Kingdom.

One of the most popular 3rd party maps, from the much-beloved Voracious Rabbits (R.I.P.), Appalacian Hotsprings gets some extra fun with Watchers as Assassin targets on the Dark mesh!

When you've had enough time warming up in the hotsprings, head out into the Dead of Winter and get your frostbite on!

Another pair of Myth II favorite, Gyre and Gimble in the Wabe are also featured.

And last but not least... something old, something new, something cryptic... someone blue?

Again, huge props to El Bastard for this exclusive, and to Leadfeather and Iggy of Vista who have lent their hands in the Classic Map Pack's creation. Please keep in mind that these shots are from the maps in progress and will likely see significant improvements. Many of these maps contain scenery which is new to Myth 3, and there are plenty of surprises in there... though I've spoiled a few with these shots... so stay tuned for the Myth 3 Classic Map Pack!

Wednesday December 12th

Good News(?) { Forrest }

Thanks to Moo for this link:

a message from a Mac Myth III beta tester.

Sounds like the Mac M3 is turning out pretty nicely...
I can't wait!

News In Brief { Forrest }

Thanks to TomeOne for the heads up: according to this note at Inside Mac Games, MacSoft does not expect Myth 3 for Mac to be released in time for Christmas.

Thanks to Eon and 2n2 for this heads-up: there was an article here that said a patch for Myth 1.1 was out, but it was quickly disproved as rumor.

I'd also like to appologise for the lack of news updates lately... this is what we're supposed to have NEWSIES for [jabs Loph and Gawyn]. If any of you who actually reads this page [tap tap, this thing on?] has, or hell even SEES myth news anywhere, feel free to scream and yell at anybody who will listen here until we post it. You will get credit for the heads-up.

Oh yeah, and uh... big update to Legends coming Soon™*, too.

(*as Soon™ as I can fine the times to straighten these tags out, reformat them, and upload all the relevant crap...).

Friday December 7th

Legends and Lore Updated { Forrest }

Our Legends and Lore section has finally been updated with a whole freaking ton of stuff that Asylum regular Gholsbane found correlating Myth history with allusions to Celtic mythology. You can find it in the Relics section, or just click here and here. Thanks for your patience, Ghols.

Thursday December 6th

Apple Previews(?) Myth III { Forrest }

Thanks to Michael Watson for pointing out this review/preview/something of Myth III in's games section. Nothing we don't already know, but it's worth a read.