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Thursday March 29th

Yet Another Mythmaster Central Update { Forrest }

WolfPack takes definitive lead in the push for the Grand Championship. We may be experiencing some technical difficulties right now, so if things don't work quite right, don't worry, they should be soon.

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Monday March 26th

MythWarrior released for Myth II:SB { Lophan }

After my weekend excursion driving to Atlanta for the South Regionals of the NCAA Hoops Tourney, I returned to find one glaring piece of major Myth news staring me right in the face and no mention of it on the m.b.o. pages... so here you go (courtesy and IMG):

MythWarrior, an adaptation of the MechWarrior universe, has been released and is available now at The Mill. In the words of it's creator:

"Mythwarrior replaces Myth's medieval units with big robots that are armed to the teeth. With 5 map variants and 1 solo level Mythwarrior has something for everyone. Or at least something for everyone who has a copy of Myth 2 and likes to blow the crap outta stuff."

To put it bluntly, it's beautiful and is destined to become an instant classic (IMNSHO). Get it now: you won't be disapointed! That's all. Have a nice afternoon.

Tuesday March 20th

New look at Bungie Studios { Lophan }

Myth related?... maybe not, but I may have been one of the first to see the new look at the all-new and improved Bungie Studios website.

Looks like Bungie and Microsoft are starting to let the clutch out on the XBox PR bonanza. Now that BSPC is now 'officially' Bungie Studios, let's see what other new little things come down the road...

Monday March 19th

April Fewlz FFA Tournament { Gawyn }

Clan MacGaming is pleased to announce: The April Fewlz FFA Tournament, or the April Showers of Blood!

Yes, a Myth II Free-For-All Tourney to take place during the month of April on! Registration opens on March 19th, and will be open to the first 150 entrants, with 30 alternate spots available for the first round of the tournament, making for an intial participant count of 120. Registration closes on April 6th, or when the 150th player has registered.

Round 1 will kick off on Saturday, April 7th, with each successive round played on the following three weekends. The tournament's rounds consist of a series of three 6-player free-for-all, elimination games, with the exception of the final round. Round 1's games and maps will be Steal the Bacon on Gimble in the Wabe, Territories on Proving Grounds, and Capture the Flag on Dead Man's Float. Following rounds' maps will be announced later. See the Official Rules for more details -

Prizes to be awarded are as follows: 1st Prize - An ATI Radeon video card and a game of choice, 2nd Prize - 128 MB RAM and the game of choice, 3rd Prize - A game of choice, 4th Prize - A copy of Risk II; 5th and 6th Prizes - Everglide Mousepads.

Stop by the new spanky site supporting the tourney - it's got all sorts of swanky stuff, a forum, and more.

Hope to see you there!

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CMG's April Fewlz Tournament Home -
May the best myther win (but only if you're in the first 150 people to register).

Thursday March 15th

Myth III Editor Shots at { Lophan }

With the deluge of Halo news, I missed the following post on (shameless C&P to follow) and it's more exciting news for you Myth III fans:

First Halo movies, and now this. A few people pointed out a trio of mystery uploads on RHL, which have turned out of be screenshots from what appear to be Myth 3 Editing tools. Besides showing off an archer model, these shots reveal something even nicer:

Aye, Mac and PC editors with the same level of functionality, and a greater degree of integration than Fear. Good news for Myth editing fanatics, some of whom will likely be looking forward to the tools as much as the game itself.

Wednesday March 14th

New Creation Release { Gawyn }

Creation releases "CoD: Banks of the Ire."

This addition to the venerable Coming of the Dark series is meant to be nothing more than a small, fast-paced action map. At 4.8 megs, it is a nice change from the huge solos we tend to release. The enemy AI will flank you, surround you, and leave you begging for mercy as many hundreds of enemies wear you down over a grinding assualt that can last half an hour or more. We hope you enjoy it. Visit our website for screenshots.

Handy Links: Banks of the Ire page at Banks of the ire page at The Mill Quick DL link

Sounds like a fun map. Go download, play, and then give them (and through them, me for plugging them) money. ^_^

Monday March 12th

Evihcra Forums { Forrest }

This scoop was kindly sent to me in advance of the general PR, but unfortunately Real Life (and an overbearing boss named Shaun) keeps me from posting news updates when I recieve them in the middle of the day. Anyway, though we've likely already been scooped by now, here's the PR: Announces Forums for Myth and The Sims!

Evihcra is proud to announce that we now have forums that support both The Sims! and The Mill. Yep, just when you thought it was safe to wander through an open field while armed to the teeth and escorted by a band of bloodthirsty dwarves, archers and warriors, you now have The Mill Forums ready to pound your sorry corpse into Trow chow.

The Sims! add-on creators aren't left out of this, you have general and technical discussion forums that are standing by to help you to understand your game and its tools. Are you making a Whittlin' OJ skin and can't get "the glove" to fit on his hand? Someone here is bound to be able help you slice right through that problem.


Evihcra General Forum- A place to talk about anything relating to the Evihcra Network and Sites

Forums for The Mill :

Myth General - General dialog about Myth.
Myth Mapmaking - Talk about how to make stuff for Myth games.
Myth Debates - A place to rant and rave about whatever you feel strongly about... Myth related of course.

Forums for The Sims! The Sims! General - General dialog about the game The Sims!
The Sims! Making Things - Questions and discussions on how to make skins and objects for The Sims!

Your questions are welcome in any of the forums so please feel free to speak out. You must always remember that there is no such thing as a stupid question, no matter how hard everybody laughs at you when you ask it. Of course, you can phrase the question stupidly. You can also have a stupid expression on your face when you ask the question. Other stupid things can happen while you are asking the question such as: your pants suddenly fall to the floor or you get a trouser tent or you swallow a bug. This should not reflect on the quality of the poor innocent question itself. Anyway, you are online so nobody will know about stuff like that, you are safe here. Generally speaking, the question is usually very much smarter than the inane dolt asking it so people, really, you should not worry about the question being stupid. Let's just put that to rest right here and now and say no more of it. Just let them laugh and shoot milk out their noses and wipe their teary eyes and giggle about it around the water cooler, you own the high ground here!

Now I forgot what I was lying about... OH! The Evihcra Forums! Go there at

Thanks a bunch Gary. I wonder if anyone will make TRO skin for The Sims, with special KUNG-FU KIK action. Great for deterring those pesky burglars!

Saturday March 10th

Gamespot RTS review highlights Myth { Lophan }

Gamespot has posted a feature article entitled "The History of Real-Time Strategy Games: Part 1 1989-1998". Including discussion about Dune II, the Warcraft and C&C series, Myth is mentioned in the final section "The Early Fruits of RTS Evolution". Here's a snip:

While RTS games were traditionally built on the idea of "harvest, build, destroy," Bungie released Myth (in 1997), which left out all the resource management and concentrated on simple unit tactics. It was a huge success, partially because of its gorgeous 3D graphics, but also because of how well it maintained the strategy and excitement of real-time combat in the absence of buildings or structures. The focus on unit tactics required some improvements to the standard interface of the time and the ability to manage formations (with unit placement being of the utmost importance). Myth also introduced some interesting multiplayer games, like Last Man on the Hill. With its outstanding graphics, smooth multiplayer, and tactical gameplay, Myth and its sequel, Myth II, carved out a niche in the real-time market for those more interested in combat than in resource gathering.
Overall, I'd have to say Gamespot is a fan of the Myth Series. They gave Myth:TFL a 8.9 rating (great) and Myth II:SB a 9.2 (superb). No mention however about the versatility of the game engine and the many different incarnations and 'mods' that have been developed, but I guess you can't have everything. If all goes well, Myth III:TWA will continue on in the original's tradition (we certainly hope so!).

Thursday March 8th

Clanger interview with Scott Campbell { Lophan }

The esteemed gentlemen at have posted a response they received from Scott Campbell (Myth III Project Lead) at Mumbo Jumbo answering questions put to him by the Clanger staff. Among other things, Scott talks about the tweaking of multiplayer as well as improving the scoring system (time to rekindle the scoring debate in the Forums!). It seems we won't be seeing any new material released until the E3 Expo: they're looking to make a big splash with their demo. Here's another snippet:

"As far as the Christmas deadline: IT WILL BE DONE. I say that with the full knowledge of the schedule and project output. We will have a damn good game - completed just in time for your thanksgiving day festivities. Can you think [sic] of a better way to spend your days off than playing Myth 3 online while eating left over turkey sandwiches? I didn't think so."
Christmas deadline? Sounds like Thanksgiving to me :P Seriously though, we here at m.b.o. like the ambitious deadline and continue to look forward to E3 for Myth III, Halo, and hopefully Phoenix (?). Stay tuned...

Tuesday March 6th

Bitter and Sarcastic MMC Update { Forrest }

Smasher again, and blasts from the past. Meh.

Sunday March 4th

Yet Another Yet Another MMC Update { Forrest }

Asmodeus redoes his last film, trying to get Kill All in there and certainly killing more, but leaving out one little inconsequential detail that I'm just not gonna let slip. Check out the full story at Mythmaster Central!

Ah, back in the swing of things... { Forrest }

Asmodeus sends in another film, and Smasher has the weekend off to do nothing but vid, so expect so see more to come.

Check out Mythmaster Central! (Yeah, like you need to be linked to it by now).

Saturday March 3rd

Wow! Legends and Lore updated! { Forrest }

In a shocking turn of events, I got off my lazy ass and updated Legends and Lore. The Names of the Fallen article in Delusions has been updated with GURPS info and our final thoughts on them, and I've added a new article detailing all our theories about the great cycle.

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Yet Another Mythmaster Central Update { Forrest }

W00t! Been a while since I've said that. Anyway, Smasher sends in the next film in his slow but steady quest to beat all of Myth II no damage.

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Friday March 2nd

MORE Mythmaster Central Updates!? { Forrest }

Wow, a month without submissions and and now we get three in one day!? (it's still technically the first here in CA... barely). Smasher sends a higher-caliber version of his latest film, and the Great Asmodeus returns!

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Thursday March 1th

OMG MMC MB { Forrest }

In a shocking turn of events , over a month has gone by with no Mythmaster updates. But our last One True Mythmaster, Ryan "Smasher" Woodward, sends in another one that technically made it in during February, but what with me having to get basic bodily functions like food, showering and video games out of the way before I can stay up all night making news posts of web pages, it is now officially next month. So, meh.

So check out Mythmaster Central, or I'll come over there and kick your lazy ass, provided you can motivate me to get off mine to do so.