News Archive for November 2000

Wednesday November 29th

New "Quick Poll" for MWSF FanFest { Lophan }

Freewill over at Bungie Sightings has alerted us to a new "quick poll" at the portal site:

Max [a.k.a. Yeroen] has put up a new Poll at Can we help get the word out that it exists! Participation from the throngs of Bungie fans is important to keeping the Fest alive and flourishing.
Couldn't have said it better myself! Having participated in the FanFest at MWNY this past summer, I can tell you that not only are they a lot of fun, but Bungie is notoriously generous with all types of swag. So, if you're attending MWSF or live within a couple of hundred miles of the Bay Area, I recommend attending. You'll be glad you did!

Monday November 27th

TFL back up and Win2000/Me bug solved { Lophan }

Huge, and I mean HUGE update over at Here are some highlights:

  • Myth: TFLers rejoice! Thanks to the hard work and tireless dedication of Mordia and my modem is on fire, the TFL server is back up and running. Somebody get those guys a beer!
  • A work-around for the Windows 2000 and Me bugs have been posted. Downloading of a Compatibility Update is necessary, but by following the directions, you should be back online in no time.
  • A couple of new order sites and such are mentioned, but of particular note for all of you WWII newbies out there: ?tm? is hosting a tutorial for the virgins of battle. Need some help aiming that RPG?... then stop by Shiver and get your S'pht together :P

PID contest at { Lophan }

Pathways Into Darkness broke new ground in 1993 as the first "First Person Perspective Shooter" for the Mac and was the precursor to the acclaimed Marathon series (don't believe me?... then check out some of the early Marathon betas).

The redesigned portal is running a new contest, and if you know a little something about hexadecimals, you can win an original copy of PID of your very own! Supplies are limited so get over there and get to work!

Sunday November 26th

Yet ANOTHER Mythmaster Central Update { Forrest }

This one from last night actually, just forgot to make the news post. Asmo again, with a freakin' awesome no-damage vid of "A Long Awaited Drinking Party". Check it out!

Friday November 24th

Yet Another Mythmaster Central Update { Forrest }

Yes! We're getting updates again!

Daniel "Asmodeus" Gentry (of course; who else?) sends in another film to Mythmaster Central. Check it out!

Thursday November 23rd

A little C&P to start your holiday... { Lophan }

On my way out the door, I noticed Yeroen has updated the portal page with another update. Not all of it is good, as you can see from our gratuitous cut & paste below:

The Myth: The Fallen Lords server is down with a nasty flu. We're doing our best to get it back up and running, but it's looking pretty grim. We'd have a legion of web-server-surgeons hovering over it's cold metal shell prescribing drugs out the wazoo, but they all went on vacation and didn't leave contact info. : sigh : Hang in there, we'll figure it out, hopefully in time for the holidays. In the meantime please refrain from sending us nasty email letters, we've got a backlog of nasty letters a month deep ;-)
Let's hope the good 'ol TFL server will recover soon. I recommend sending NICE get-well cards and some chocolate if you have any to spare. Save that, or some left-over turkey and stuffing sandwiches.

Mythmaster Central Returns! { Forrest }

After almost two months with no submissions, the great Asmodeus sends us a Thanksgiving present to be thankfull for. Check out the full story at Mythmaster Central!

Wednesday November 22nd

Site Redesign at Bungie.Org { Lophan }

Now the strange forebodings have been made clear: the head honcho of our domain has redesigned and restructured the portal site and it looks better than ever... along with some improved functionality and new features. For all things Bungie: one-stop shopping!

Hmmm... { Lophan }

Something is going on at the page. I don't know what it is but I hope it's not contagious... issues addressed { Lophan }

Yeroen, self-proclaimed "webmonkey", addressed a number of pressing issues dealing with today. Some items include a fixed "Quick Poll" and with a new question up for the masses: do you use the wireless Internet? Also, some game registration problems have apparently been cleared up and the formerly "smart" Myth II Mac updater has been usurped by the "dumb" updater. It's good to see the dumber sibling on top for a change.

Bungie once again acknowledges the Win2000 & Windows ME bugs with Myth II and promises to do what remains in their power to keep those unfortunate souls informed. Also, the channel submission system is not working and will be looked into. Of course, you can read it right from the horse's, er... the monkey's mouth right here.

This is a good a time as any to mention that has a new channel (thanks to the efforts of the aforementioned "webmonkey") and all of you should go and subscribe. Not only does it keep you updated on current news headlines here at, but everyone else is doing it... why don't you?

Tuesday November 21st

New TWF Forums { Lophan }

The Wight Foundation has some new forums up and running for you to peruse, contribute, lambaste, flame... (yes, there is a flame forum). TWF is one of the oldest Myth orders in existence and it's always interesting to see what our shambling, green-gutted friends are up to.

Letters to the Bungie Webmaster update { Lophan }

In case you've been under a rock for the past few years, you have undoubtedly discovered the pearls of wisdom expounded upon by none other than the Bungie Webmaster (whose true identity is still in question). In a flurry of recent activity, the coveted Letters to the Webmaster section has been updated and it should fulfill your daily dose of sarcasm for at least the rest of the week.

Monday November 20th

Check out Legends & Lore! { Lophan }

So much Oni and Halo news flying all around the web, Myth almost gets lost in the shuffle... not here!

I could mention a couple of new map releases at The Mill, but I'd rather take this opportunity to point you in the direction of our Legends & Lore section. This is quite possibly the most comprehensive resource for Myth information on the web, complete with story background, item description, an encyclopedia and (of course) random speculation based on sketchy facts. Bone up on your Myth acumen and contribute to the archives! Check out Legends & Lore today!

Friday November 17th

Creation releases another WWII map { Lophan }

With the lack of Myth news being reported over at The Mill, Clem and the rest of the Creation team have released not one, but two new maps over the past week. First there was WW2 - No Surrender, and currently on tap is WW2-Lead a Hoor to Water. Here's their colorful description:

A dark & dank map with tepid water & an even fouler attitude. Read more into it however you choose, but this is the reality of it. It's intended as a fun change of pace in a unique environment.
Lead A Hoor To Water graphic
The quality of maps released by Creation has been consistantly top-notch, and there's no reason why you shouldn't grab this one too. Go to The Mill and get it!

Thursday November 16th

Order of Feti release { Lophan }

As posted in the Townhall Community Forum: The Order of the Feti have announced the release of some of their "top secret" maps to the public. Now, I don't know what that means, but the site is pretty neat and uses a lot of clean Flash animation. Worthy of a look in its own right.

Wednesday November 15th

Take2, not Bungie, to handle Win2K bug { Lophan }

As posted at, Bungie webmaster Yeroen announced that a patch to fix some incompatability issues with Windows 2000 will not be developed by Bungie, rather by Take2 Interactive as they are the license holders of the Myth franchise. However, do not feel abandoned as Bungie will help out with the technical issues involved so that all of you who "upgraded" to Win2K will be back on as soon as possible.

Monday November 13th

Myth III? and a Jinn screenshot { Lophan }

Gamecenter has a feature article up talking about 8 Great Future RTS Games due to come out within the next two years or so. After poring through a lot of senseless rambling, I did happen upon the following passage:

"Take 2 Interactive has three separate RTS products under contract, including Bungie's Myth III, Rockstar's Wild Metal Country, and PopTop Software's Tropico. Myth III will again feature a fully realized, rotateable 3D environment and an intricate military component, two reasons why the series has been so successful with gamers worldwide. "
Hmmm... this is a long way from an official announcement but kingdoms have fallen on lesser rumors. Got anything to add or speculate?... head to the Forums!

This news from our own Freewill at Bungie Sightings:

"In late October, Clan Plaid organized one of its famous get togethers, deemed West Coast Gathering III. One of our esteemed members is beta testing Jinn, and with the permission of the Jinn gods, we were allowed to test this awesome TC for Myth II. We had video rolling and have cut a slice out for public consumption. You can find it here. It's 7MB in file size and lasts for 01:30.

You can see the very cool title screen for Jinn in our roll call video. There are two versions:
70mb - Full screen mpeg version (fat pipes would only dare!)
20mb - quarter screen version in Quicktime format
Download those for a few laughs and if you want to see what a bunch of us look like."

I managed to capture an image of the Jinn title screen off the mpeg version and it looks damn sweet. I, for one, am dying to get this game on my hard drive and frankly, you should be too.

And in non-Myth news: those of you following the development of the Marathon Open Source project known as Aleph One would do well to try out the new Marathon One Demo for Infinity and Aleph One. It's really something to see the original textures from the 1994 classic rendered in OpenGL. For the uninitiated, here's some links to get you started: