News Archive for August 1999

Thursday August 12th

Mythology Returns { Pie-rat }

In a dark time of Myth history, a shift in the cosmos forced multiple Myth sites to shut down, almost simultaneously. It seemed that the gods were looking down upon us.

Well, it seems that they've reconsidered. Mythology, that wonderful news site that mysteriously closed its doors two months ago, is back in business!

Go visit the new & improved Mythology and be dazzled by a new layout, new articles, new hosted sites, etc. Welcome back!

Wednesday August 11th Is Back Online! { Pie-rat }

Well, after repeated problems, such as server failures, roving hAx0rZ 0f |)e/\T|-|, and even power outages, we are back online, alive and kicking.

Extreme kudos to Steve (midwest) for his dedicated time and effort to fix all the problems.

Sunday August 1th

Myth Townhall Server Not Responding { Pie-rat }

As noted by Ancrick, all of Clan Plaid's website, including The Townhall, has been down for most of today.

Hopefully, this is just a server error, site redesign, or other temporary problem/change, and not something more permanent.

Clan Plaid Hotline, however, is still up. You can find it at the address