News Archive for July 1999

Saturday July 31st

Loki Releases Myth 2 Linux Demo { Pie-rat }

Loki Entertainment Software, porter of great software titles such as Railroad Tycoon II, Civilization: Call to Power and Eric's Ultimate Solitaire, has released a demo of its Linux port of Myth 2: Soulblighter.

Check out their demo page (with system requirements, download instructions, etc.) here...there are three servers to download from, so there shouldn't be a problem getting it. Also, the demo is available at CPHL.

Thanks to Ophelan for the heads-up!

Kg Interviews Matt Soell About Halo { Pie-rat }

Kevin Goetz (a frequent #bungie visitor under the nick Kg) has completed an interview of Matt Soell, Bungie's "guy in the on-line asbestos suit." In this interview, Matt answers some technical and not-so-technical questions about Halo, Bungie's up-and-coming game.

To view Kg's interview with Matt, click here. You can also visit Kevin's main page here.

For more information about Halo, check out or Marathon's Story.

Friday July 30th

CoV Announces New Hotline Server { Pie-rat }

Integrity (aka der Ubermann) recently announced on behalf of his order, Cross of Valor, that another Myth HL server has joined the party. Here is his PR:

The order Cross of Valor now has its own 24/7 Hotline server. Why anotherHotline server? Just because we wanted one. :) We're not aspiring tobecome Clanplaid Hotline or anything that big, but just wanted anotherplace where folks can come, hang out, and just discuss Myth, Maps, andMyrkridia. Sure you can upload or download Myth maps, plugins, etc.
Cool. You can visit the server at the address However, before you visit, read this warning, which was included in the announcement:
One thing we wish to make clear from the onset: this is NOT NOT NOT awarez server, nor shall it ever become one. Those folks who come inasking for warez (especially pirated copies of Myth/M2) will be kickbannedimmediately.
Drop on in and say hi to Integrity, and all the other CoV members. Remember, the address is Have fun!

IMG Interviews Santa's Head { Pie-rat }

Inside Mac Games, a leading Mac gaming magazine, has interviewed Santa's Head (the creator of the immensely popular WW2: Recon) about Myth 2 maps and plugins.

You can check Blacknight's article about Myth 2 maps here, and his interview with Santa's Head here.

Thanks to The Townhall and Ancrick for spotting this.

"The Wild West" Alive and Kicking { Pie-rat }

The Wild West, a new Myth 2 plug-in under development by the Bar 7 Group (which includes's own cyril and FrigidMan of The Mill) is well underway.

Fm reports that an update to its website is coming this weekend...check it out here.

Thursday July 29th

Scoring Changes at { claude }

This is straight cut and paste from, by way of Freewill:

Scoring Changes [7/29]
As of Monday, August 2 there will be some changes to the way bungie.nethandles scoring. First, the 1.3 update will be required for games to score.You will still be able to play with v1.2 but these games will not counttowards your score. Second, there will be a non-host drop penalty in theranked rooms. This penalty will affect the score of any player who drops outof a game, in much the same manner as the host drop penalty. Finally, as aresult of these changes, there will be a full reset of all player and orderscores. Rolling resets will resume in September. Thank you. Have a nice day.
A more recent announcement is that the server will be down tomorrow. Here is the word, straight from the horse's mouth: Down Tomorrow Morning [7/30] will be down tomorrow from 8 AM CST til about noon. Use this time to get a haircut–impress all your friends with your clean-shaven good looks!
Looks like you're headed for a searing re-entry into reality.

My Modem Is A Net Admin! { Pie-rat }

My Modem Is On Fire, the very same one that whupped all your asses in many tourneys, is the new Network Administrator at Bungie.

You might find him on Say hi, then unpolitely demand more network features.

Right. Congratulations!

Tuesday July 27th

They Got Another One { Pie-rat }

Thanks to clever sleuthing by the good ol' folks at The Townhall, it has been determined that the position of Network Engineer at Bungie has been filled.

This is good. Now you will be slaughtered on with more efficiency and less errors!

Myth II Add-On Announced { Pie-rat }

In Bungie's new game, the Mac Action Sack, a press release for a new Myth II "scenario pack" can be found. Now this "scenario pack" will be installed on the "moon" and shot at the "earth."

No! Wait! This scenario pack is, uh, a pack of scenarios for Myth II. It's called Chimera, and I have a feeling it's going to be very cool. Stay tooned!

Freewill Does It Again { Pie-rat }

Freewill (aka Miguel Chavez) had a chance to interview Jason Jones at the Macworld Expo...nice!

Next time you want to download a 60 meg video or its 20 meg kid brother, check out The Jones Tapes here at the Story page or at

I'm Back { Pie-rat }

Hey. I'm back from my trip, and it was nice, thank you very much. Anyway, since I'm kinda out of the loop here, I can only regurgitate Townhall posts for the time being...but bear with us, we'll get on top of things very shortly.

Anyway, here are some very interesting news tidbits...I wish I was there when they happened. Right now I've got some research to do. (What's this damn "halo" I keep hearing about?)

Saturday July 24th

Myth II for Linux Update { cyril }

According to the Myth II for Linux website, they are nearing the final testing stage, and to be on the lookout for game in stores sometime soon. They also asking for some help in updateing their news section. Poll { cyril } has a new poll up. This time they are asking if you know what Blam is. Now you should be able to answer this one correctly, but go ahead and give it your best shot.

Myth II Scoring FAQ { cyril }

Ever wonder how scores a game? Ever been confused by its complexity? If you are among that group then take a look at Soon™'s article "Scoring Secrets Revealed - The Reasons Behind the Madness". While you are there, take the time to explore the rest of their site. It is quite hilarious. =)

Website for a Full Reset { cyril }

Apparently some people over at are arguing for a full reset of the ranks. The have some good points so go read the site and then make your opinion heard.

Myth II Haiku { cyril }

The guys over at the Myth Townhall have set up a page of reader submitted haikus. You can find the page here.

Halo { cyril }

For those of you how are blind and deaf, Bungie annonced during the Macworld Expo keynote speech their new game, Halo. For more information please visit our Halo site at

Tuesday July 20th

Myth II Handbook Review { cyril }

Fm over at The Mill has written a short but glowing review of DeathWhore's Myth II Handbook. You can view the review from here.

Sunday July 18th

Boil and Bubble Trouble { cyril }

It looks like some people have had some trouble with the new Boil and Bubble map from Bungie. If you are one of those people there is a really simple fix. Just make sure the name of the plug-in is "Boil and Bubble" and all your problems should go away.

Thursday July 15th Poll { cyril } has another poll up. This time they are asking what resolution you keep your main monitor at.

The Mote in God's Eye { cyril }

I found this in the newsgroup. So for those of you interested in helping out please send an email to the address below.

Yet another total conversion for Myth 2 is in the process of starting up. This one, based on Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle's "The Mote in God's Eye", is going to boast all new units, all new maps, and all new sounds. Basically, all new everything. It really hasen't started up yet, but I already have a Fear person. What I need is this: several _skilled_ 3D modelers/animators, a nice sounds person, and several Myth 2 map makers. Anyone interested should e-mail me at ''.
The Mediator

Tuesday July 13th

Boil and Bubble, Toil and Trouble { cyril }

In addition to the new updater for Myth II, Bungie has also released two maps today. The dark one even has a new unit to play with. =) You can download this map here.

Myth II Updated to 1.3 { cyril }

Bungie has released the Myth II 1.3 updater! You can go ahead and download it from here. This update is suppost to reduce the chat and option screen lag, keep the password settings constant, provide truly random multiplayer starting locations, and finally it has a new game option, Deathmatch.

Monday July 12th

The Belly of The Beast { cyril }

The Badlands released a new map over the weekend called The Belly of The Beast. An interesting feature of the map is its lava. So make sure to watch your step!

Friday July 9th

New Plugin { cyril }

Leadfeather was nice enough to drop me a PR about his new map that was just released.

Leadfeather announces the release of his latest map Shuffle off this Mortal Coil. It is a 2 team multiplayer night map. Shuffle has a wall/river combination similar to Creep on the Borderlands, however unlike Creep's walls, Shuffle's walls are climbable. As an added bonus if you play Shuffle on legendary you will be able to summon reinforcements. Stop by Leadfeather's site for screenshots and download information.

Thursday July 8th

YAConversion { cyril }

It looks like you will soon have yet another conversion to play with in Myth II. A page has sprung up describing what looks to be a very fun and original 3rd party conversion. Mitch is also looking for people to help him out on this project. So if you have the skills, the time, and the desire, then go ahead and give him an email.

Wednesday July 7th

Score Reset { cyril }

For those of you who missed it. Bungie reset the scores yesterday on for Stampede, Last Man on the Hill, Captures, and Hunting.

Jinn { cyril }

Today I would like herd everyone over to Jinn. Jinn is another conversion for Myth 2, due sometime before Oni ships.

Monday July 5th

The Wild West { cyril }

In an act of self promotion I would like to introduce a Myth II conversion called, The Wild West. This conversion is being created by the Bar 7 group, of which both myself and Frigidman from The Mill are founding members. As the name suggests this conversion is going takes place in the old west with gun carrying Bandits and Outlaws. It will feature all new units, a new mesh, professional new sounds, new effects, and excellent game play. This new conversion has not yet been released, so you will have to settle for some screen shots for now.

Saturday July 3rd

Sprite Splicer { cyril }

The final version of Sprite Splicer for Myth II has been released to the public! This utility, written by Nathan Hoot - a.k.a. Hooter #CP#Z - aids in the creation of custom sprites by splicing individual sprite files into a single sheet in the format required by Extractor or Amber. This program was originally written for Santa's Head #CP#Z to aid in his creation of the custom sprites used in the World War II plugins. The Mac version of this program is available for download at Clan Plaid Hotline and via ftp here. A PC version is a possibility--contact Hooter if you would like him to release one.

Friday July 2nd

Myth 2 Handbook { cyril }

J. Charles Holt otherwise know as DeathWhore has released The Myth 2 Handbook. This book also comes with a nifty CD that will defentally make modem users happy. =) Please drop by the site to learn about all the features of the book and CD.

Mac Action Sack { cyril }

Bungie has released almost all of their pre Myth games in one handy bag. Called the Mac Action Sack, it includes Minotaur, Pathways Into Darkness, Abuse, Marathon, Marathon 2: Durandal, and Marathon Infinity, all at one low price of $19.95.

Dropping PoLL { cyril }

The guys over at the Townhall are running a poll about the issue of dropping, and what should be done. So why don't you swing by and voice your opinions.

Thursday July 1th Offline { cyril }

It appears that is going to be offline for a couple of hours this afternoon. No reason is given but Bungie is most likely updating the server.