News Archive for June 1999

Wednesday June 30th

Unimplemented Myth Features { cyril }

Forrest has assembled another page to the relics for us to enjoy. This time he discribes features that just didn't make the final release. Also highlighted are the differences in the story between the different pre release versions.

Tuesday June 29th

Remember Those Copyrights. { cyril }

The Mill has a very important reminder, for all the map makers out there, about copyrights. So be sure to stop by and read it.

On a related note, visit our forum The Forge, with all your map making questions.

Monday June 28th

Chat with Loki { cyril } has alerted us to the fact that Loki, the company porting Myth II to Linux, is going to praticipate in a live chat. It is set to take place tomorrow (Tuesday) night at 8:00 BST (CST). To get all the specifics visit Loki's web page.

Sunday June 27th

Worlds Collide { cyril }

The Mill has a new Plugin, Worlds Collide, for you to enjoy. Worlds Collide is a net map with a science fiction theme. It includes 7 new units and a few new scenery objects.

Legends and Lore Updates { cyril }

Forrest has been and is going through the Legends and Lore section and updating and fleshing out the pages that need to be. He is going to tell us what paged have been updated in the Asylum. So be sure to check back regularly.

Friday June 25th

New Mill Poll { cyril }

The Mill is running a new poll asking what is more fun to kill. Among the choices is an old favorite from Marathon, Bob, and a few others from Myth. So head on over and vote for the poor old Bob that you left laying on the ground. =)

Names of the Fallen { cyril }

Forrest has added a page devoted to the names of the Fallen Lords, to our Delusions section. If you have any connections that you would like to make, then please share them with us in the Asylum.

Thursday June 24th

Community Page Updated { cyril }

Bungie has updated their Community page. All the links actually work now. =) There are alot of good sites listed there so take your time to review them. But make sure to come back here. ;)

New Unit for Map Makers { cyril }

Model Makers of Muirthemne has released a new unit based on a pig and a peasant. Tt is a cavalry unit, but instead of a horse you got a pig. This unit doesn't replace any old one, and is only useful for people who are making a new map and who would like to include something new on their map. You can download this unit from the Model Makers of Muirthemne site.

Wednesday June 23rd

Keep Across the River { cyril }

Mormith just released his map Keep Across the River, available at the Mill. It is a remake of the same map he made for Myth 1. A couple of weeks ago Dark Angel wrote an interesting article about the map that was posted on the Mill. Take a look at it here if you have any doubts about the quality of the map.

Tuesday June 22nd

Greetings { cyril }

As the new maintainer of the Myth site, I would like to introduce myself. My real name is Michael Milvich, but on the internet I am simply know as Cyril (that is my name too). Currently I am a Junior enrolled in Computer Science at Montana State University (CS is a code word for slacker =). I am looking forward to my job as maintainer. Hopefully I will meet a few of you on =)


Santa's Head is still hard at work { cyril }

Santa's Head is at it again, but this time he has tanks. Yes that is right Tanks. There are two previews of his new plugin up at Clanplaid's Townhall and at I for one cannot wait to test out his new plugin when it becomes available. Also take a look at IMG's news post about the avaliablity of this plugin.

National Macintosh Gaming Championship { cyril }

It is almost time for the 1999 National Macintosh Gaming Championship, which will take place July 21-23 at the MacWorld Expo in New York City. During this championship there will be over two dozen tournaments, including 4 centered around our favorite game developer, Bungie. There is a Myth II, Myth II Team, Marathon, and Marathon Team tournaments. The games will be played on a couple of screaming fast 450 mhz G3 Towers with BSG Laboratories Intensor Sensory Chairs. Now prizes. You just can't have a Championship with out them, and this one is no different. The grand prize in this Championship is a new G3 Tower, a 17" monitor, one of those spiffy Intensor Sensory Chairs with a subwoofer, and an all-expenses paid trip to MacWorld San Francisco in 2000. Thats enough to make me want to visit New York this summer. Best of all entry is free provided that you are a registered attendee of MacWorld New York. For more information and to resistor visit

First Myth II Linux Fan Site { cyril }

The first fan site for the Linux version of Myth II has popped up here. They even have a screenshot of the beta for your viewing pleasure.

Monday June 21st

News Sector 39-f<35.952.193.5> { Pie-rat }


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I am being a~*ssimilated.

(Don't worry, I'm still alive.)

Sunday June 13th

Summer Vacation, Dude! { Pie-rat }


I'm leaving on a six-week vacation to Europe and Africa, and I don't think I'll have net I can't run this site for that time.

Anyway, I just want to say that I can't answer any e-mails you send to my address,, or Sorry!

Don't worry, I'll be back. There should be a replacement coming...if you have any questions, please contact Steve (midwest). For more news, check out The Townhall,, and Mythology (when they finish their site redesign, or whatever they're doing behind that curtain).

See you all later!


Saturday June 12th { Pie-rat }

Tahoe Released For PC { Pie-rat }

A beta version of Tahoe, a Myth II collection editor for PC, has been released.

Pythos, the program's creator, stresses that Tahoe is still in early beta form...proceed at your own risk.

Creation Needs Colormaps { Pie-rat }

Ares of the Creation map-making team is looking for colormap editors for Creation's project, Coming of the Dark.

You gotta be good. Think you got what it takes, boi? Check out the Creation site then mail Ares and tell him. (But make sure you tell him before Tuesday the 15th...he's leaving the country.)

Wednesday June 9th

Mill Passes 30000 Hits { Pie-rat }

FrigidMan passes on to us that The Mill has passed 30k hits.

At this rate, The Mill has the possibility of becoming one of the most widely-accessed Myth sites of all time!

El Bastard Calls It Quits { Pie-rat }

The Townhall reports that El Bastards is announcing his resignation from the Myth map least for now.

Check out a list of newly released, one-more-for-the-road El Bastard maps at The Townhall. Highlights include ISOYG v1.1 and add-ons for it.

Tuesday June 8th

MacCentral Myth II Hands-On { Pie-rat }

TomeOne points out that MacCentral has run a hands-on "review" of Myth II. Yes, you have the date right...June 8, 1999.

Anyway, it's a good review, so you can check out "Hands On With Bungie Software's Myth II: Soulblighter" here.

Monday June 7th

Sinister Minister's Map Brothel { Pie-rat }

Check out this PR from Sinister Minister:

With a collective gasp of delight (and a few boos), Sinister Minister has unveiled his Map House of Pain, "Sinister Minister's Map Brothel" There you will find his maps, previews, and other thins.
Visit his site here. Have fun!

Saturday June 5th Password Scam { Pie-rat }

Making its way around the Myth community is an e-mail asking for one's Login and Password. The e-mail claims it is from Bungie and the password is needed due to an error.

This is NOT real.

If you get an e-mail from a account requesting your password, DO NOT GIVE IT TO THE SENDER. If you have already given the sender your password by accident, go to the Website and change your password immediately.

If your password has already been changed, report it to Bungie.

Thanks to The Townhall for spotting this.

Friday June 4th

Marathon-Myth Connections? { Pie-rat }

If you have been reading our Delusions section, you may have noticed a small page about possible Marathon-Myth connections. Recent threads on agm and agm2 have given arise to a new set of theories.

Do you have an idea about a Marathon-Myth connection? If so, please mail them to me...I am planning on co-authoring a page of possible connections with Forrest and Hamish.

Thursday June 3rd

"Beyond Death" Announced { Pie-rat }

Sir Lister of Smeg announces that he has completed his map, Beyond Death, and will post it to The Mill.

An interesting twist to this map is that it is the first to employ ghost units -- you know, those freaky blue glowing units used in levels such as The Ibis Crown.

Coming of the Dark Screenshots { Pie-rat }

Ares passes on to us that he has posted some new screenshots for Creation - Coming of the Dark.

Check out the new shots here. Kickass!