Thursday July 29th 1999

Scoring Changes at { claude }

This is straight cut and paste from, by way of Freewill:
Scoring Changes [7/29]
As of Monday, August 2 there will be some changes to the way bungie.nethandles scoring. First, the 1.3 update will be required for games to score.You will still be able to play with v1.2 but these games will not counttowards your score. Second, there will be a non-host drop penalty in theranked rooms. This penalty will affect the score of any player who drops outof a game, in much the same manner as the host drop penalty. Finally, as aresult of these changes, there will be a full reset of all player and orderscores. Rolling resets will resume in September. Thank you. Have a nice day.
A more recent announcement is that the server will be down tomorrow. Here is the word, straight from the horse's mouth: Down Tomorrow Morning [7/30] will be down tomorrow from 8 AM CST til about noon. Use this time to get a haircut–impress all your friends with your clean-shaven good looks!
Looks like you're headed for a searing re-entry into reality.